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51332CDFace To Face: Big Choice, Victory, D, 95, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
58774CDFace Tomorrow Face Tomorrow: The Close You Get, Digi, Reflections(RFL052), , 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80093CDFact: Same, FS-New, Vagrant Records(VRUK097cd), UK, 2009, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
90990CDFaith & Disease: Beneath the Trees, FS-New, Project(105), , 2000, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
50703CDgxFake Problems: How Far Our Bodies Go, vg+/m-, Gunner Records(ACT020CD), US, p1 p2 p3 10,00 Euro
945032CDFall: The Twenty-Seven Points'95, FS-New, Castle, EU, 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
92216CDFall, the: Part of America Therein, 1981,12 Tr, Sanctuary, EU,FS-New, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
988113CDFall, The: Psykick Dance Hall, Eagle(291-2), EU, 2000, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
55523CDFalsche Freunde: Liebt Uns...Oder Laßt Es Sein, ZYX, D, 1994, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80012CDFalse Icons: God Complex, Digi, FS-New, AFM(THP 010), EU, 2008, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51335CDFamily 5: Wege Zum Ruhm, Digi, Paul!(024), D, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99342CDFarewell to Freeway: Definitions, FS-New, Victory(VR416), US, 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80168CDFarewell to Freeway: Only Time Will Tell, FS-New, Victory(VR496), US, 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
62558CDFastball: The Harsh Light Of Day, Hollywood, US, co, 00, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
64856CDFat Truckers: For Sale, Digi, Intern.DJ Gigolo(113/EFA27813-2), , 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
62822CDFeatures, the: Exhibit a, Universal, , 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
81386CD5"Feeder: Feeling a Momen, 5Tr. EP, FS-New, Echo(113.0163.122), , 2005, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
50178CDFeeder: Polythene,13 Tr.,+video, Echo, EEC, 97, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
60908CDFeeder: Pushing the Senses, Echo, , 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
64584CD5"Feeder: Tumble and Fall *2+2+video, Echo(157), , 2005, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
978672CDFeeder: Yesterday Went Too Soon,Lim.Ed., Echo, UK, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
54973CDFeends: Freakshow, TOP, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68897CDFever: In the City of Sleep, Kemado, , 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80575CD5"Fever: Ladyfingers*2+1, Kemado(KEM012), , 2005, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
60793CDFictional: Fictious, ZothOmmog(cdzot219), D, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
66763CDField Music: Same, Memphis Industries, EC, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50658CDField Music: Write Your Own History, Memphis Industries/V2, EC, 2006, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
65859CDField,Peter: Keep the Fire Burning, Höllenfeuer, , 02, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96486CDFields Of Nephilim: Dawnrazor, Situation Two(SITL 18 CD), UK, 1986, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
81540CDFields Of Nephilim: Elizium, Rebel(084-30892), D, 1990, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
99267CDFields Of The Nephilim: From Gehenna To Here, Digi, Santeria(SAN015L), I, 2001, p1 p2 
• Burning The Fields 12"(85) / Returning To Gehenna 12"(86)
10,00 Euro
93578CDFiery Furnaces: Bitter Tea, RoughTrade, EU, 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
64195CDFiery Furnaces: Gallowsbird's Bark, RoughTrade, UK, 03, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
80526CD5"Fiery Furnaces: Single Again / Evergreen, RoughTrade(RTRADSCD190), , 2004, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
51280CDFight, the: Nothing New Since Rock 'n'Roll, Ashley Music(REPO01), , 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62519CDFinger,The: We are F*You/Punk's Dead Let's Fuck, One Little Indian(TPLP 337), UK, 2003, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
66816CDFink: Haiku Ambulanz, Digi,Promo, Trocadero(TR 20322), D, 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57749CDFischer-z: Red Skies Over Paradise, EMI, D, 1981, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
63964CDFishbone: Give A Monkey A Brain..., Columbia, A, 93, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96159CDFive O'Clock Heroes: Bend To The Breaks, co, FS-New, Glaze Records(449.3045.020), D, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
911973CDFlaming Lips - Acid: Finally t.Punk Rockers are talking, Restless, EU,83-88, 02, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
95743CDFlaming Lips,The: Hit To The Death In The Future Head, WB, D, 1992, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
844082CDFlaming Stars: London After Midnight(1995-2005), Ace(CDWKM2 259), D, FS-New, 2006, p1 p2 15,50 Euro
60765CDFlat Stanley: Here comes the dog, Ass-Card(ARC 009), D, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
92909CDFleshtones: Laboratory Of Sound, FS-New, Ichiban(D2-24861-2), US, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
55530CDFlick: The Perfect Kellulight, Sony, A, 98, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
51042CDFlicts: Cancoes De Batalha, True Rebel Rec.(TRR 002), D, 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97777CDFliehende Stürme: Hinter Masken, (Like New), Sturmhöhe(002), D, 99, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
62947CDFlossie and the Unicorns: L M N O P, Skin Graft, CDN, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99803CDFlowriders: Starcraft, FS-New, 4lux(003cd), , 2004, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
57651CDFlys Watter: Black And Blue, Chiller Lounge(20-2), D, 2000, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
61711CDFlyswatter: Repeat In Pattern, Chiller Lounge Records, D, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
94902CDFlyswatter: Repeat In Pattern, FS-New, Chiller Lounge(chill25-2), D, 2002, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
97230CDFoetus: Flow, Ectopic, EU, 01, p1 p2 p3 10,00 Euro
60830CDFog: 10th Avenue Freak Out, Digi, LEX, UK, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51395CDFol Chen: Part II: the New December, Digi, Asthmatic Kitty(AKR072), , 2010, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
57613CDForecast, the: Late Night Conversations, Victory(VR278), US, co, 2005, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
52752CDForeverafternothing: A.18, co, Victory, , 2003, p1 5,00 Euro
56627CDFormer Cell Mates: Hustle, Newest Indüstry(018), UK, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93146CDFortdax: Folly, Digi, FS-New, tugboat, UK, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
64417CD5"Fountains Of Wayne: Radiation Vibe+3, Atlantic, D, 96, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
66240CDFountains Of Wayne: Utopia Parkway, Atlantic, D, 99, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99189CDFour Letter Lie: What a Terrible Thing to Say,FS-New, Victory(VR410), US, 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50539CDFour Star Mary: Thrown To The Wolves, Spitfire(205), D, 99, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
97089CDFour Star Mary: Welcome Home, Spitfire(spitCD243), D, 02, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
59150CDFourth,The: Musica Cthulhiana-Horror Soundtrack, Totentanz(TOT 23004), D, 03, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80174CDFrancine: One Step Further, FS-New, Wolverine(WRR147), , 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
98959CDFrank and Walters: A Renewed Interested In Happy, fif Records(FICD003), , m / vg+, 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
942672CDFrank and Walters: Souveniers, Fresh Indie Frontal(FIcd0001), , 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
52176CDFrankie Goes To Hollywood: Liverpool, Island(7 90546-2), J/US, 1986, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
68594CDFrankie Goes To Hollywood: Liverpool, Isl., D, 1986, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93812CD5"Frankie Goes To Hollywood: The Power of Love*2+2, Warner, D, 1993, p1 4,00 Euro
54151CDFrankie Machine: One, Digi,Promo 11,Tr, Mammoth, , 99, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
62455CDFrantic Elevators: Singles(88), 6 Tr. + Interview, Castle, UK, 00, p1 7,50 Euro
96832CD5"Franz Ferdinand: Matinee,Radio Edit, 1Tr., Domino(RUG176CDP), EU, 2004, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
81345CD5"Franz Ferdinand: Michael+2, Domino(RUG 184CD2), EU, 04, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
81344CD5"Franz Ferdinand: Michael+2, Domino(RUG184CD1), EU, 04, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
94448CD5"Franz Ferdinand: The Fallen/L.Wells,4Tr.+video, Domino(RUG219cd), EU, 2006, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
80510CD5"Franz Ferdinand: This Fffire, 1Tr.+video, Digi, Domino, EU, 2004, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
92581CD5"Franz Ferdinand: Walk away*2, Promo, Domino(RUG215), EU, 2005, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
94234CD5"Franz Ferdinand: Walk away/Sexy Boy, Domino(RUG215cd), EU, 2005, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
94233CD5"Franz Ferdinand: Walk away/Sexy Boy, Digi, Domino(RUG215CDW), EU, 2005, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
50451CDFranz Ferdinand: You Could Have It So Much Better, Domino(WIGCD161), EU, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65182CDFred Adret: Nicht wie Du, Plattenmeister, D, 2000, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50070CDFreestylers: We Rock Hard, Jive, D, 1998, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80176CDFrei.Wild: Eines Tages, FS-New, Rookies & Kings(RK01), EU, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80178CDFrei.Wild: Gegen Alles,Gegen Nichts,FS-New, Rookies & Kings(RK003), EU, 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80177CDFrei.Wild: Mitten ins Herz, FS-New, Rookies & Kings(RK002), EU, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
60803CDFreie Garage(die): Hometown(HH Trash- Alabama Kino), Hightower, D, 93, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80083CDFreshmen 15: Throw Up Your Hands f.1Night Stands, Standby Rec(STB011), US,FS-New, 09, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
64452CDFront 242: 06:21:03:11 Up Evil, Play it ag(RRE 21CD), p1 p2 11,50 Euro
52856CDFront Line Assembly: Civilisation, SyntheticS, D, 04, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
54504CDFront Line Assembly: Epitaph, Co, Metropolis, US, 01, p1 11,50 Euro
55837CDFront Line Assembly: Hard Wired, Off Beat(085-22292), D, 1995, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
91765CDFront Line Assembly: Implode, Digi, FS-New, Zoth Ommog(ZOT 247), D, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
66821CDFrustkiller: Serum, Digi, Nix Gut(NG70), , 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
53688CDFucked Up: Hidden World, Jade Tree, US, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
97071CDFucking Champs: Greatest Hits, Matador, , 96, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98168CDFugazi: Red Medicine, Dischord(DIS90cd), UK, 1995, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
55580CDFullbliss, the: This Temple is haunted, Ulftone, , 02, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
54713CDFumes: Pure Bad Luck, Epitaph, , 98, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
52470CDFunbug: Spunkier, Gold, UK, 95, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
914612CDFunki Porcini: Hed Phone Sex, Ninja Tune(ZEN CD17B), UK, 1995, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
63099CDFunki Porcini: Hed Phone Sex, vg+/m-, Ninja Tune(ZenCD17), UK, 95, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51138CDFurillo: Break The Game, Wolverine, D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97061CD5"Fury In The Slaughterhouse: Angels & Saints*2+2, EMI, EU, 2002, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
56062CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: Brilliant Thieves, 15 Tr., SPV, D, 1997, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
915122CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: Brilliant Thieves,Lim Ed.Box, Slaughterhouse, D,NoNumber, 1997, p1 p2 p3 17,50 Euro
97063CD5"Fury In The Slaughterhouse: Cut Myself Into Peaces+3, SPV, D, 1991, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
53128CD5"Fury In The Slaughterhouse: Dancing In The Sunshine*2+3,Digi, SPV, D, 1995, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
99352CD5"Fury In The Slaughterhouse: Dead+Gone,6Tr.,Box+Video(VHS), SPV, D,+6*Foto, 1994, p1 p2 p3 20,00 Euro
66327CD5"Fury In The Slaughterhouse: Down There*2+2,Digi, BMG, D, 95, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
92847CD5"Fury In The Slaughterhouse: Every Its OwnDisease,Digi, SPV, D,Digi, 93, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
58831CD5"Fury In The Slaughterhouse: Everything I Did+2, SPV(055-29053), D, 1998, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
67439CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: Hook A Hey, vg+/m-, SPV, D, 1991, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
50914CD3"Fury In The Slaughterhouse: Kick It Out+3, 1st, A, 1989, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
62692CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: Mono, SPV(084-89042), D, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
56965CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: Nimby, DigiBook, Lim.Ed., SPV, D, 04, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
51821CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: Nowhere...Fast!, SPV, D, 1998, p1 7,50 Euro
60419CD5"Fury In The Slaughterhouse: One Way Dead End Street*2+3, SPV(055-29153), D, 1998, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
52049CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: Pure Live!, SPV, D, 92, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95187CD5"Fury In The Slaughterhouse: Rain Will Fall+3, SPV(055-88383), D, 1990, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
68523CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: Same, Peppermint Park Records(spv 84-5502), D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
606952CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: Super, BMG, D, 1998, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
98596CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: The Hearing & Sense Of Balace, SPV, D, 1995, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
52419CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: The Hearing & Sense Of Balance, RCA, US, 95, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
59848CDFury In The Slaughterhouse: The Hearing &Sense of Balace, SPV, D, Digi, 95, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
53685CDFutureheads,The: News and Tributes, 679 Recordings, EU, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
921712CDG.B.H.: Dead on Arrival-Punk Rock Anthology, Sanctuary, UK,FS-NEW, 2005, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
68605CDGallon Drunk: In The Long Still Night, City Slang(EFA 04982-2), D, 96, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
97064CD5"Garbage: Androgyny*3+1, Mushroom, EU, 01, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
90351CD5"Garbage: androgyny,1Tr.Promo,Digi, Mushroom, , 01, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
90114CDGarbage: Beautiful, rose-cover, Digi, Mushroom, EU, 2001, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
90048CD5"Garbage: Breaking Up The Girl+video,2Tr, Mushroom(Trash44), EU,Promo, 2001, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
98007CDGarbage: Same- signiert, Mushroom, EC, 1995, p1 p2 20,00 Euro
98008CD5"Garbage: Shut Your Mouth,Promo,1Tr.Digi, Mushroom(TRASH46), EU, 2001, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
59250CDGarbage: Version 2.0, Mushroom, EEC, 1998, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97647CDGarden Of Delight: Darkest Hour, Digi, FS-New, Soul Food, EU, 2007, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
992302CDGarden Of Delight: In Memoriam, FS-New, Trisol(Tri 337), EU, 2008, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
935552CDGarden Of Delight: Lutherion 2, Digi, FS-New, Soul Food, EU, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93291CDGarish: Wo die Nacht erzählt vom Tag, Pate, EU, FS-New, 2002, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
56124CDGarlic Boy: Death Match, Wolferine, D, 01, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
50400CDGarner,Sue: To run more smoothly, City Slang, D, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
91306CDGary: The Lonely Cnorve Machine, Jive, D, 2001, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68364CDGas Huffer: One Inch Masters, co, Epitaph, US, 94, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80060CDGathering, The: The West Pole, Digi, Psychonaut Records(PSYN 0011), , 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50761CDGay Dad: Leisure Noise, EW, D, 99, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57671CD5"Gay Dad: To Earth With Love(Edit)+2, London, D, 99, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
68664CDGC5: Kisses from Hanoi/Horseshoes&Hand.., Thick Rec., US, co, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
91888CDGD Luxxe: Submission, Breakin'Rec.(BRK 26), UK, 1999, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
94492CDGEM: Escapades, FS-New, Cargo, NL, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50331CDGEM: Tell Me What's New, Cargo, NL, 2004, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
90841CDGen X: Kiss me Deadly, Chrysalis(CCD1327), UK, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
93891CDGene Loves Jezebel: Exploding Girl, FS-New, Track Record, UK, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
66749CDGerling: Children of Telepathic Experiences, Play it ag, D, 00, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
50395CDGerm Attack: Bomb Party, Wolferine(WWR118), D, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68585CDGermano,Lisa: Lullaby for Liquid Pig, Lisa G., EU, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
60863CDGeschmeido: Zwischen den Mahlzeiten, Virgin, EEC, 1998, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
54461CDGhostigital: In Cod We Trust, Digi, Ipecac Recordings(IPC70), US, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99150CDGigantor: Magic Bozo Spin, Lost+Found(LF 074), D, 1994, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
68666CDGiles: Same, 9 Tr. 21min, Victory(VR273), US,co, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80822CDGinger: 10, Digi, FS-New, Cargo(ROUND019-2), p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80965CDGirl & the Robot: Silence * Borderline,EP,Digi,FS-New, Trisol(TRI 417cd), EU, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
80606CDGirl & the Robot: The Beauty of Decay, Digi, FS-New, Trisol(TRI 389), EU, 2010, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
67827CDGirls Against Boys: Nineties vs. Eighties, AdultSwim(SCR-034), F, 90, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96606CDGirls Under Glass: Darius, Digi, Dark Star(1315-2), D, 1992, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
52906CD5"Girls Under Glass: Die Zeit*2+2(Krupps Remix), Dark Star(1356-2), D, 1995, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
951202CDGirls Under Glass: Exitus, Dark Star(1354-2), D, 1995, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
98933CDGirls Under Glass: Minddiver, Digi, Aragon Rec.(009), , 2001, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99327CD5"Glam, the: Join the Spectres +3, FS-New, Königskinder, EU, 2008, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
90115CDGling-Glo (Björk): Same, One Little Indian(TPLP61CD), , 90, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
81217CDGluck,Jeremy: I Knew Buffalo Bill, Motor(MOTORcd1001), , 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
55995CDGnomes, the: Same, Crafty Rec., , 2005, p1 p2 p3 10,00 Euro
92427CDGo Faster Nuns: Under Neon Light, FS-New, Go Kart Rec., , 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95397CDGo-Betweens: Bright Yellow Bright Orange-FS-New, Clearspot, D, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
53479CDGoats: No Goats,no Glory, vg+/m-, Columb., , co, 94, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
61092CDGob: The World According to, Nettwerk, EU, 00, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
57892CDGob Squad: Far Beyond Control, Wolverine, , 2005, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
56544CDGod Awfuls, the: Next Stop,Armageddon, Kung Fu(78819-2), p1 p2 12,50 Euro
53152CDGodfathers: Unreal World, Epic, US, 1991, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
59833CDGoethes Erben: Der Eissturm*2+2+CD RomTrack, Zeitbombe, D, 01, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50763CD5"Goethes Erben: Marionetten*2+2, Zeitbombe, D, 1998, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
808582CDGoethes Erben: Zeitlupe, Digi, FS-New, Trisol(TRI 401), EU, 2010, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
51287CDGold Blade: Drop The Bomb!, Ultimate, , 1998, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68313CDGolden Beering: ...wieder zurück, 7 Tr., Lost Boyz Rec.(LBR CD001), D, 04, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
58949CDGolden Palominos: This Is How It Feels, Restless(7 72735-2), US, 1993, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96749CD5"Golden,Jacob: Come On Over+2, Digi, RoughTrade(RTRADEScd049), , 2002, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
52669CDGoldfinger: Open Your Eyes, MoJo Jive, EU, 02, p1 11,50 Euro
61530CDGoldfinger: Stomping Around, Mojo, US, 00, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
50832CD5"Goldfinger: Wasted,Promo 1Tr., Sony, US, 2004, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
60673CDGomm: Destroyed to Perfection, Digi, Association a Roulettes, , 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97694CDGonna Fall Hard: Everybody Is Gonna Fall Hard, Superhero(SWSH 006), , 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50934CDGoo Goo Dolls: Ego,Opinion,Art&Commerce, vg+/m-, Edel(0127112HWR), D, 2001, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
84331CDGoo Goo Dolls: Gutterflower, WB, , 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
92893CD/DVDGoo Goo Dolls: Live in Buffalo, Digi, FS-New, Warner Bros., EU, 2004, p1 p2 15,00 Euro
51656CDGood Charlotte: The Chronicles Of Life & Death, Epic(517685 9), EU, 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
52142CDGood Heart Boutique: Fantastic Fan, Staatsakt, D, 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
57614CDGore.,Martin L.: Counterfei 2, Mute, , 03, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
64729CD5"Gothminister: Angel *2+1, Tatra, p1 4,00 Euro
83093CDGoya Dress-Rooms: Same, nude, A, 1996, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
560102CDGrabke,Claus: Dead Hippies-Sad Robot, Nois-O-Lation(810572), EU, 2006, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
63550DVDGrandaddy: El Caminos In The West, V2(VVR8023669), EC, 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
53289CDGrandaddy: The Sophtware Slump, V2, EC, 2000, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
53396CDGreen Concorde: Ten Cities, Moon Unit Records(MURCD 001), D, 2007, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
96610CD/DVDGreen Day: American Idiot, Special Ed., Reprise, D, 2004, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
99094CD5"Green Day: Basket Case+3, Reprise, D, 1994, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
96784CD5"Green Day: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams+2, Reprise, D, 2004, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
58370CDGreen Day: Dookie, Reprise, D, 1994, p1 7,50 Euro
50205CDGreen Day: Insomniac, Reprise, D, 1995, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
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50373CDHothouse Flowers: Songs From The Rain, London, , 93, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
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62821CDIberian Spleen: Drama 'n' Base, Memento Materia(Memo051), , 2000, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
51786CD5"Icon Of Coil: Access And Amplify *4+1, Tatra, D, 2002, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
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62785CDIn Rags: A Brilliant Move, Indigo, D, 98, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
91926CDIn Strict Confidence: Angels Anger Overkill, FS-New, Minus(001), p1 p2 11,50 Euro
67974CDIn Strict Confidence: Collapse, 15 Tr., Minuswelt(minus 022), , 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
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90977CDIn Strict Confidence: Face The Fear, Digi, FS-New, ZothOmmog(zot 204), D, 1998, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
66439CDIn Strict Confidence: Face the Fear,15 Tr., Minuswelt, , 04, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
56033CDIn Strict Confidence: Holy, Minuswelt(010), D, 2004, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
90337CD+5"In Strict Confidence: Holy, DigiBox, FS-New, Minuswelt(010.2), EU, 2004, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
95592CDIn Strict Confidence: Holy[the hecqdestruxxion], Minuswelt, Lim.Ed.Box, 2004, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
90804CDIn Strict Confidence: Holy[the hecqdestruxxion], FS-New, Minuswelt(minus018), Lim.Ed.Box, 2004, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
80284CDIn Strict Confidence: Seven Lives, Digi, Minuswelt, D, 04, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
94483CDIn Strict Confidence: Where Sun and Moon Unite,Digi, Minuswelt, D, FS-New, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93432CDIn Strict Confidence: Zauberschloss/Kiss Your Shadow, ZothOmmog, D,FS-New, 2002, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
97770CDIn The Nursery: Deco, ITN(corp014), p1 p2 7,50 Euro
55393CDIn The Nursery: Exhibit - 1986-1998, ITN(corp 004), p1 p2 10,00 Euro
55598CDIn The Nursery: Groundloop, ITN(corp 22), p1 p2 10,00 Euro
555502CDIn The Nursery: Hindle Wakes, ITN(corp 023), p1 p2 11,50 Euro
55278CDIn The Nursery: Lingua, ITN(corp 019), p1 p2 10,00 Euro
55111CDIn The Nursery: Man With A Movie Camera, ITN(corp 021), UK, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
51105CDIn The Nursery: Praxis, vg+/m-, ITN, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
55164CDIn The Nursery: Scatter, ITN(corp 011), D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
55237CDIn The Nursery: The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, ITN(corp 015), p1 p2 10,00 Euro
55032CDIn The Nursery: Twins, ITN(corp 009), UK, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
60119CDIncense: On Tip of Wings we walk, Digi, Suburban, , 2003, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
65428CDInchtabokatables: Mitten im Krieg, Indigo, D, 01, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50341CDInsides=Euphoria: Same, 4AD, , 93, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
58535CD5"Inspiral Carpets: Generation+3, Digi, Mute(int 826.735), D, 1992, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
60728CDInterlace: Innuendo, Digi, Memento Materia(TYPCD3), , 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
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95095CDInternational Pony: We Love Music, Digi, Columbia(508842 2), A, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68650CDInvisible Limits: Can Sex be Sin, CenturyM., , 92, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
57782CDInvisible Limits: Violence, 9 Tr., SPV, D, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
54936CD5"Inxs: Beautiful Girl,1Tr.Promo,Digi, inxrc 22(INXRC 22), UK, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
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65533CDInxs: Full Moon,Dirty Hearts, Mercury, F, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
63422CDINXS: Kick, Mercury, F, 1987, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50798CDInxs: Listen Like Thieves, Mercury, D, 1989, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
81276CDInxs: Live Baby Live, Mercury(510 580-2), D, 1991, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
80285CD5"Inxs: The Strangest Party*2+2, Facts, Mercury, D, 94, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
67155CDInxs: Welcome To Wherever You Are, Mercury(512-507-2), D, 1992, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
65424CDIrrenoffensive: Volltreffer, Nix Gut(NG 73), , 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
57243CDJabberwocky: Same, OX Record, D, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99542CDJack: The End of the Way It's Always, Crepuscule(TWI 1121), EU, FS-New, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68857CDJack Adaptor: Road Rail River, Digi, Schnitzel Rec., , 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
59401CDJack Adaptor: Same, Schnitzel Rec., , 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
59095CDJack Off Jill: Humid Teenage Mediocrity, Cargo(LW010-2), EU, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51657CDJackals,The: Pheal, Idaho M., AUS, 92, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
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91952CDJackson Band,Joe: Volume 4 ,Limited Ed.Digi, FS-New, Ryko(RCD 10638), , 2003, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
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64352CDJacobites: Old Scarlett,Digi, Glitterhouse, D, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80659CDJaguar Love: Hologram Jams, FS-New, Fat Possum(FPI1209-2), UK, 2009, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
96297CDJai-Alai Savant: Flight of the Bass Delegate,Digi, City Slang, FS-New, 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65516CD5"James: 4 From Seven, 4 Tr.Promo, Fontana(4 FRM 7), UK, 92, p1 p2 p3 3,00 Euro
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93709CDJeffrey & Jack Lewis: City & Eastern Songs, FS-New, RTD, , 2005, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
83156CDJet Set Satellite: Blueprint, FS-New, Nettwerk, UK, 2001, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
66484CDJetplane Landing: Once Like a Spark, vg+/m-, Smalltown America(sta014), UK, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50558CDJimmy Eat World: Futures, Interscope, EU, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50167CDJoe Leila: Black Dog White Dog, Digi, Sameway Music, EU, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99635CDJohnny Rocket: Pain is her Game, FS-New, Wolverine(WRR 142), D, 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
63493CDJonas: Sorry, I´m Sorry, Sorry, Lado, D, 1999, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
99186CDJones,Danko: We Sweat Blood,12 Tr., FS-New, Bad Taste(BTR73), EU, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
92915CD5"Jonny L: This Time, 7 Tr. EP, XL Rec.(XL EP 118 CD), UK, 1996, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
97839CDJUD: Chasing California, Noisolutio, D, 1997, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
63719CDJudson Clemmons,David: Life in the Kingdom of Agreeme, Village Slut, , 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
58456CD/DVDJunior Varsity: The Great Compromise, Victory(VR313), US, co, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
65768CDJunior Varsity: Wide Eyed, co, Victory(VR245), US, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62454CDJuniper Moon: El Resto de Mi Vida, Digi, Elefant Rec., EU, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80127CDJust Left: Think Fast, FS-New, Standby, , 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
64407CDK-Line: How you Gonna Scare Us Now ?, BossTunea, UK, 03, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
98717CDKaiser Chiefs: Yours Truly,Angry Mob, B-Unique, EU, 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
81069CDKaizers Orchestra: Ompa til du dor, BroilerF.(BFCD9810Y), N, 2001, p1 p2 15,00 Euro
91276CDKante: Redirections, Stewardess, D, 01, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
94506CDKaos & Sal P.: Collectors Series PT.2, FS-New, Faith, , 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80141CDKeeping Secrets: The Rescue, FS-New, Torque Rec.(TRC068), CDN, 2008, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
52020CDKemuri: Senka Senru, Roadrunner, D, 2000, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51639CDKen: Have A Nice Day, WEA, D, 02, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80749CDKendolls: Jerking Class Era, Digi, FS-New, Alleycat(ALC023), , 2010, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97665CDKenotia: You've dug your grave,now lie in it, Sumerian Records, , 2007, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
502212CDKhmer Rouge: New York-London 1981-1985, Hip Piest, UK, 2004, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
61652CDKiesgroup: Dativ Boys, Paul!, D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
63792CDKilburn & The High.Roads: Handsome (Ian Dury),18 Tr., Sanctuary, EU, 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
91559CDKiller Barbies: Sin Is In, FS-New, Drakkar(041), EU, 2003, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
63622CD5"Killer Barbies feat. Bela B.: Candy*2+2, Digi, Drakkar, EU, 2002, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
80615CD5"Killing Joke: In Excelsis ,5 Tr., FS-New, Spinefarm Rec.(SPI370cd), EU, 2010, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
98787CD5"Killing Joke: The Panaemonium Single,5 Tr., Butterfly(159.1929.3 16), UK, 1994, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
92911CDKillrays: Dependence Day, FS-New, Still Smiling(SM 69), D, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
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52400CDKills(the): No Wow, Domino(WIGCD149), EU, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99296CDKillwhitneydead: Nothing Less Nothing More, FS-New, Tribunal Rec.(SWCR 024), , 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
54958CDKimono: Arctic Death Ship, Smekkleysa, , 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
95726CDKing Of Woolworths: Mink Star, Digi, Mantra, , 01, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
64038CDKing Prawn: First Offence, Moon Ska Europe, UK, 01, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
56273CDKing Prawn: Fried in London, Words of Warning Communi(wowCD54), UK, 98, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
56881CDKing Prawn: Surrender to the Blender, Spitfire, EC, 00, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97650CDKirlian Camera: Coroner's sun, FS-New, Trisol, EU, 2007, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
53277CD5"Kissing Chaos: Enter with a Bullet, Digi, 5Tr., Fueled By Ramen(FBR 058), , 03, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
57944CDKJU:: Setting Sun, Treasure Tapes(TT 001), D, 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61259CD5"KLF: 3:A.M.Eternal*3, Blow Up(825.797), D, 1991, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
63200CD5"KLF: America- What Time Is Love*4, Blow Up(825.927), , 1991, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
98452CD3"KLF: What Time Is Love*3, Blow Up(825.789), D, 1990, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
91265CDKLF - Das Handbuch: gelesen von Bela B.,Promo,Digi, D.Gr.Univ., D, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96608CDKlimt 1918: Dopoguerra, Prophecy(PRO74), EU, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
67316CDKlover: Feel Lucky Punk, Mercury, D, 95, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96129CDKMFDM: Don't Blow Your Top,FS-New, Metropolis(MET 440), USSA, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96128CDKMFDM: What do you know,Deutschland,FS-New, Metropolis(MET 439), USSA, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
52891CDKMFDM f. PIG: Sturm & Drang Tour (Live), Metropolis, , 02, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
97276CDKnucklebone Oscar: Back From The Jungle, Bluelight(BLR 33139-2), EU, 2007, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80110CDKoalas Desperados: Same, Rootdown Records(RDM 13064-2), D, 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
92337CD/DVDKochalka Superstar, James: Our Most Beloved, FS-New, Ryko, US, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
64097CDKolossale Jugend: Leopard 2, L'Age D'Or(11007), D, 90, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
61203CDKramer,Wayne: Citizen Wayne, Epitaph(86488-2), EU, 1997, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
52819CDKrunch: Were Back...But We're Evil, vg+/m-, Massproduk, S, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
97030CDKrupps: Odyssey Of The Mind, Holo-Jewel, Our Choice, D, 1995, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
90095CDKrupps: The Final Remixes, Digi, FS-New, Our Choice, D, 94, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
976162CDKrupps: Too Much History, Digi, FS-New, AFM, EU, 2007, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
97656CDKrupps: Too Much History,Vol1,Digi, FS-New, AFM(PRE 015), EU, 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
55854CDKuepper,Ed: The Blue House, Hot(1071), AUS, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
54651CDKungfu: Glaskugelsammelbehälterkasten, RCA, EU, 99, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
66385CDKungfu: Same, Island(586 487-2), EU, 02, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61836CDKungfu: Same, Digi, 15 Tr., Island, EU, 02, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
84421CDKünstler Treu: My Scetckbook Of Whack, FS-New, Eleganz 20, EU, Digi, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83173CDKünstler Treu: My Sketckbook of Whack, Digi, Eleganz(020), EU, 2001, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
96369CDKweller,Ben: Same, FS-New, ATO Rec., , 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99678CDKweller,Ben: Sha Sha, FS-New, Evangeline, US, 2008, p1 p2 12,50 Euro

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