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58358CD10 Minutes Warning: Same, Sub Pop, US, co, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
90410CD5"10.000 Maniacs: Candy Everybody Wants+3,Facts, Elektra, D, 93, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
90463CD10.000 Maniacs: mtv unplugged, vg+/vg+, Digi, Elektra, D, 93, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50407CD12 Rounds: My Big Hero, Interscope, EEC, 98, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
55957CD12 Rounds: Pleasant smell, nothing, US, 98, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
59768CD16-17: Gyatso, Pathologic(PATH 12), UK, 1994, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
63806CD18 Wheeler: Formanka, Creation, UK, 95, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
52237CD20 Miles: I'm A Lucky Guy, Digi, Epitaph, , 1998, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
68090CD22 Pisterpirkko: Bare Bone Nest, Clearspot, EEC, 1998, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57049CD22 Pisterpirkko: Rally Of Love, Clearspot, D, 01, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
678362CD22 Pisterpirkko: The Nature of.1985-2002, BareBone, , 02, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
55186CD5"28days: Here we go (5Tr.), Sputnik, , 00, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
96759CD5"28days: Rip it Up +2 live, FS-New, MUSH(019512), , 2003, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
58908CD28days: Upstyledown, Sputnik, AUS, 00, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99103CD/ROM28days: Upstyledown.Lim.Ed., Sputnik(MUSH332805), AUS, 2000, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
64277CD30 Amp Fuse: Saturday Night a.t. Atomic Speedway, Dedicated, EU, 97, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
58383CD3000 Y: Humanoid Ha Ha, Vince Lombardi's, D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96466CD5"3rd And The Mortal: Nightswan, 4 Tr., Voice of Wonder(VOW 047), EU, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
68310CD5"4.Og: Tobsucht*3+2, Lasso Music(1005), D, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
64060CD7 Seconds: Soulforce Revolution, Restless, D, 89, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
56015CD88 Fingers Louie: 88 Fingers Up Your Ass, Hopeless(HR619-2), US, co, 1997, p1 7,50 Euro
64448CD98 Mute: After The Fall, Epitaph, NL, 02, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
51801CDA: Exit Stage Right, 8Tr., London, UK, 2000, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57819CDA: How Ace Are Buildings, London, D, 1997, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98207CDA: Teen Dance Ordinance, London, EU, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51466CDA: vs Monkey Kong, London, UK, 99, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51009CDA Day to Remember: For Those Who Have Heart, Promo, Victory,vg+/m-(VR337), US, co, 2007, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
80149CDA Day to Remember: Homesick, FS-New, Victory(VR541), US, 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80897CDA Day to Remember: What Separates Me from You, FS-New, Victory(VR603), , 2010, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68041CD5"A Split Second: Flesh Remix*6, SPV, D, 91, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
55024CDA Split Second: Kiss of Fury, Animalized, D, 1990, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61352CDA-R-E-Weapons: Same, RoughTrade, UK, 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
56673CDA.O.K.: Nothing Core, Metal Enterprises(ME 582), D, 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
59099CDAbstürzende Brieftauben: Im Zeichen Des Blöden, EMI, D, 89, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
60750CDAbstürzende Brieftauben: Krieg und Spiele, vg+/m-, MCA(MCD 30631), D, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97354CDAbwärts: Herzlich Willkommen Im Irrenhaus, Harvest(7 81355 2), NL, 1993, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97548CDAbwärts: Rom, Promo, Digi, Cargo(CARcd081), D, 2007, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
59697CDAbwärts: Same, Normal(NORMAL 70), D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
53474CDAccidents, the: All Time High, Digi, Rockallian(ROCKA001), , 04, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
63948CDAcetone: Same, Vapor, EEC, 97, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
674492CDAcross The Border: Was Bleibt:Best 1991-2002, Wolverine, D, 02, p1 p2 15,00 Euro
913402CDAcross The Border: Was Bleibt:Best 1991-2002, FS-New, Wolverine(WRR 101), D, 02, p1 p2 20,00 Euro
81007CDAction Action: Don't cut your fabric to this...,co, Victory,Promo, US,FS-New, 2004, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
55637CDAdventures: The Sea Of Love, Elektra(960 722-2), D, 1988, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62853CDAe: Bootleg,PromoStamp,17 Tr., Sonig(sonig 28 CD), EU, 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57855CDAelters: Ardchilds'Com.undo,Promo,Digi, Sonig(29cd), D,vg+/m-, 03, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
61328CDAelters: Mixitch Mjeuga Djisc, Digi, Sonig(51cd), D, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
59212CDAfghan Whigs: Congregation, WB(28/183), D, 1992, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
54350CDAFI: Decemberunderground, Interscope, EU, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
62941CDAge of Orange: Atlantic, Goldene Zeiten, , 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
92488CDAghast View: Carcinopest, Connected(zot 230), D, 1998, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97641CDAhead to the Sea: Treffer, Versenkt!, FS-New, Wolverine(WRR 135), , 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80868CD/DVDAiden: Evil, Digi, FS-New, Victory(VR572), US, 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80104CDAiden: Knives, Victory, , 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61339CDAin't: Shit, Wolverine(007), D, 1993, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96413CDAkita,Masami & Russel Haswell: Satanstornade, Digi, Warp 666(226.4072.2), UK, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
59476CDAl Comet: Europ Pirat Tour(Young Gods), 150 BPM Rec.(39317), , 97, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51479CDAlansky,Jay: Les Yeux Creves, Digi, F Communic, , 02, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
53799CDAlarm,The: Raw, IRS, NL, 1991, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50906CDAlaska: Happiness, Digi, Doggerbank(dogger 2), , 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96329CDAlbum Leaf: Into the Blue Again, FS-New, City Slang, , 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
98357CDAlhoholics Unanimous: 20 Years Of -->Taked<-- Up Tunes, Steel Cage(SCR-085), US, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
53812CDAlice Donut: Bucketfulls Of Sickness & Horror In, Alternative Tentacles(VIRUS 73CD), CH, 1989, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97449CDAlien Ant Farm: Anthology, Dreamworks, EU, 2001, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98953CDAlien Sex Fiend: Flashbacks(Live 1995-1998), Almafame(YEAAH 52), UK, 2000, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
64989CDAlien Sex Fiend: Same, Anagram(GRAM25), UK, 1986, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
98771CD3"Alison Ate: Suave+3, Snoop Record(SR#C17), , 1993, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
57640CDALL: Pummel, Interscope, D, 1995, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51228CDAll About Eve: Cinemasonic, Jamtart(aaevp8), UK, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65056CD5"All Systems Go: Fascination Unknown*2+1, Bad Taste, EU, 2002, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
60631CDAll Systems Go: Mon Chi Chi, Digi, Bad Taste, EU, 02, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
97043CD5"All Systems Go: Tell Vicky+3, Bad Taste, EU, 02, p1 3,00 Euro
80181CDAll Time Low: Nothing Personal, Hopeless(HR 710-2), , co, 2009, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
65666CDAll Time Low: Put Up Or Shut Up, 7Tr., Hopeless, US, co, 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
69281CDAllister: Before the Blackout, Drive-Thru Rec., EU, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
64426CDAltered Images: The Best Of, 17Tr., Connoisseur, UK, 1992, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
64358CDAlternative Allstars: Rock On, Supersonic, EU, 99, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
91413CDAmabarchi,Oren: Grapes from the Estade,Digi, FS-New, Touch To:(61), UK, 2004, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
68132CDAmateur Night in the Big Top: introducing Shaun William Ryder, OWS(POWS1), AUS, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50541CDAmber Pacific: Truth in Sincerity, co, Hopeless, US, 2007, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80694CDAmber Pacific: Virtues, FS-New, Victory(VR565), US, 2010, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
61803CDAmber Smith: Reprint, Kalinkalan(KAL 22), D, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97603CDAmbitions: Stranger, Digi, Bridge Nine Rec.(B9R86), , 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
56036CD5"American Hi-Fi: Flavor of the weak*2, Promo, Digi, Isl., EU, 01, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
59419CDAmerican Hi-Fi: Same, Digi, Isl., EU, 01, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
59836CDAmerican Ruse (the): Break it Dowm, Helter Skelter(HS92CD14), I, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
64508CDAmon Tobin: Chaos Theory-Splinter Cell 3, Ninja Tune(ZENcd100), UK, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93151CDAmpersand: Boredom and Identity, FS-New, Rakete(RKT013), D, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80625CDAnarbor: The Words You Don't Swallow, Digi, Hopeless(HR714-2), , 2010, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
95634CDAnd One: Flop!, Machinery(MA 17-2), D, 1992, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99181CDAnderson,Laurie: Big Science, WB(257 002), D, 1982, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99177CDAnderson,Laurie: Mister Heartbreak, WB(9 25077-2), D, 1984, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50913CDAndthewinneris: The Punch and Judy Show, Enginer(IGN086), US, 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50405CDAngefahrenen Schulkinder: Konfirmiert, PogoPop(11924-2), D, 1993, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
91189CDAngefahrenen Schulkinder: Osnabrück, PogoPop, D, 1992, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61631CDAngelfish: Same, Radioactiv, D, 93, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
62505CD5"Angelika Express: Nimm mich mit+2, Columbia, D, 2004, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
58903CDAnimals on Wheels: Nuvol i Cadira, ntone(cd 36), UK, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
59059CDAnnalise: Versus Everything, BossTuneag, UK, 01, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80578CD5"Anthony and the Johnsons: Hope there's someone+2+video, RoughTrade(RTRADSCD229), p1 p2 5,00 Euro
65393CDAntidote: My Life, 1997-99, DirtyFaces(DF87), D, 01, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
60087CDAntifreeze: The Search for Something More, Kung Fu(78818-2), US, Co, 2003, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
60062CDAntwort, die: '1', WEA, D, 1991, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
68831CDApes: Baba's Mountain, Birdman, US, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
590222CDApollo Four Forty: Dude Descending a Staircase, Sony, UK, 03, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
63530CDApollo Fourfourty: Electro Glide In Blue, Stealth, UK, 97, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97627CDApoptygma Berzerk: Harmonizer,deluxe Ed.,Digi, FS-New, Hard Drive, , 2007, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
97629CDApoptygma Berzerk: Live 2000,APBL,deluxe, Digi, FS-New, Hard:Drive, , 2007, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
96487CDApoptygma Berzerk: Soli Deo Gloria, Tatra(TATcd018), D, 1993, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97630CDApoptygma Berzerk: Soli Deo Gloria,deluxe,Digi, FS-New, Hard:Drive(2006Rec009), , 2007, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
976572CDApoptygma Berzerk: The Single Collection, Digi,FS-New, Hard:Drive, D, deluxe, 2007, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
95436CDApoptygma Berzerk: You And Me Against The World, Gun, EU FS-New, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80516CDArcade Fire: Same, Digi, FS-New, RTD(RTRADCD248), EU, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
58267CDArcher,Ian: Flood the Tanks, BrightStar, , 03, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93700CDArchie Bronson Outfit: Der Dang Der Dang, Digi, FS-New, Domino(WIGCD 164), EU, 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
80505CDArchie Bronson Outfit: Fur, Promo, 10 Tr., Domino(WIGCD143P), EU, 2004, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
96336CD5"Arctic Monkeys: Favourite Worst Nightmare, FS-New, Domino(WIGcd188), EU,Digi, 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
55103CDArea-7: Bitter & Twisted, Zomba, EU, 00, p1 7,50 Euro
99146CDArkam Asylum: Learn To Love Your Cancer, Wasp Factory(WASPFA008), UK, 2001, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50871CDArmageddon Dildos: Morgengrauen, electricBlue, F, 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
55364CDAroma Gold: Merci Beaucoup, Vielklang, D, 97, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
68817CDArrivals,The: Exsenator Orange, co, Thick Rec., US, 2003, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
50504CDArrivals,The: Marvels Of Industry, Recess Records(#102), US, co, 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50990CDArt by Machinery: Deus ex Machina, LSKRBK 02, D, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
98034CD5"Art Of Noise: Moments In Love*2+2, Digi, Island/ZTT(651 757), D, 1984, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65624CDArt Of Noise: The Seduction Of Claude Debussy, ZTT, UK, 99, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
54555CDArt Of Noise: Who's Afraid Of?, ZTT, D, 1984, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
951272CDArtwork: Ergo Vivamus, Lim.Ed.+CD5", Dark Star(1348-2), D, 1994, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95124CDArtwork: Madremonio, Dark Star(1371-2), D, 1996, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
97392CDgxÄrzte: Runter mit den Spendierhosen,.., HotA.(549 252-2), D, 00, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
93179CDAsh: 1977 ,sp.Ed.+Live at the Wireless, Facedown, D, 1996, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
953632CDAsh: Intergalactic Sonic 7"s, Infec120, , 02, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
97258CDASH: Twilight of the Innocents, Infectious Rec., EU, 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65073CDAsh,Daniel: Coming Down, RCA, D, 91, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
800332CDAsp: A Koasma-Horror Vacui Live, FS-New, Trisol(TRI 354 CD), EU, Digi, 2009, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
993052CDASP: Horror Vacui, Digi, FS-New, Trisol, EU, 2008, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
99828CD5"Asp: Ich bin ein wahrer Satan,Digi,Teil1, Trisol(TRI284CD), EU,FS-New, 2006, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
99829CD5"Asp: Ich bin ein wahrer Satan,Digi,Teil2, Trisol(TRI285CD), EU,FS-New, 2006, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
99830CD5"Asp: Ich bin ein wahrer Satan,Digi,Teil3, Trisol(TRI286CD), EU,FS-New, 2006, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
99831CD5"Asp: Ich bin ein wahrer Satan,Digi,Teil4, Trisol(TRI287CD), EU,FS-New, 2006, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
998322CDAsp: Requiembryo, Digibook, FS-New, Trisol, EU, 2007, p1 p2 p3 25,00 Euro
960892CDASP: Requiembryo, FS-New, Trisol(TRI 297 cd), EU, 2007, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
50741CDAssembly Line People Program: Subdivision of Being,Digi, vg+/m-, Transcopic Records, UK, 1998, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
941672CDAston,Jay & Gene Loves Jezebel: The Anthology, FS-New, Jezebel Recordings(JEZREC 1), , 2005, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
55421CDAstra Kid: Planet der Affen, Tonhaus, , 00, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
56535CDAstra Kid: Stereo, V2, EU, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96158CDAtaris,The: Welcome The Night, FS-New, Isola Records(SEOcd006), EU, 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
63161CDAtomic: The Big Issue, Atomic, D, 00, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51718CDAtomic: Wonderland Boulevard, Atomic, D, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51402CDAttack in Black: Years(by 1000 Fingertips), Digi, Dine Alone(DA018), vg+/m, 2009, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
59423CDAttaque77: Cana!, Wolverine, D, 01, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
61227CD5"Auburnlane/Sometree: Same, 6Tr. EP, Swell Creek(SWCR 005), D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
60791CDAudio Karate: Lady Melody, Kung Fu, , 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
66018CDAudition, the: Controversy Loves Company, Victory(248), US, co, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80660CDAudition, the: Great Danger, FS-New, Victory(VR 561), US, 2010, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80147CDAudition, the: Self-Titled Album, Victory(VR486), US, 2009, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50675CDAuge Gottes(das): Same, Epic, D, 1994, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
63124CDAuthority Zero: A Passage in Time, Lava, US, 02, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
58692CDAutumnblaze: Mute Boy Sad Girl, Prophecy, D, 2002, p1 7,50 Euro
53629CDAutumnblaze: The Mute Session, Digi, Prophecy, D, 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96473CDAztec Camera: Retrospect, Promo, 12 Tr., Sire/Reprise(PRO-CD-5927), US, 1993, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
58283CDBaby Bird: Ugly Beautiful, Echo, EEC, 96, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
61423CDBaby Chaos: Safe Sex Designer Drugs & The Death, EW, D, 94, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62985CDBaby Snufkin: Pokey In The Bobo, Hey Day, US, co, 98, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
99262CDBad Religion: Against The Grain, Epitaph(E-86409-2), US, 1990, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61483CDBad Reputation: Rubber Girl, Bloody Baron Records(BBR), p1 p2 14,00 Euro
83853CDBadger,Mike &Friends: Lo-Fi Acoustic Excursions, Generator(Gen9), UK, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96753CD5"Badly Drawn Boy: Once Around The Block*3+2,Digi, XL Rec.(TNXL 009cde), UK, 2000, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
96255CDBadly Drawn Boy: The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast, XL Rec.(133), UK, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
94569CDBajo Presion: Lapolla Records, FS-New, Grita, US, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
94521CDBalk,Justin: Golden, FS-New, V2, D, 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
58932CDBardo Pond: Dilate, Matador, US, 01, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50430CDBarrett,Syd: Opel, Harvest, UK, 1993, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
52546CDBarse: They said it couldn'thappen here..., Hell'sTone(HTR002), UK, 02, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
61230CDBates: 2nd Ski, Virgin, EU, 00, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97038CD5"Bates: Billie Jean+3, Virgin, NL, 95, p1 p2 1,50 Euro
97040CD5"Bates: I'm Alright+4(3xlive), Virgin, NL, 94, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
50479CD5"Bates: Independent Love Song+3, Virgin, NL, 1997, p1 p2 1,50 Euro
61048CDBates: Kicks'n'Chicks, Virgin, EEC, 1996, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
58080CDBates: Pleasure+Pain, Virgin, NL, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50358CDBates: Right Here!Right Now!, Virgin, EEC, 1999, p1 7,50 Euro
53227CDBates: Same, Virgin, NL, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
64484CDBates: Shake!, BlackFanta, NL, 90, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
99624CD/DVDBayside: The Walking Wounded, FS-New, Victory(VR455), , 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
94087CDBear Suit: Team Ping Pong, Digi, FS-New, Fantastic Plastic(FPcd011), , 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97676CDBeat the Waves: Kids on the Street, FS-New, Def-Riff(Def070514), , 2007, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80030CDBeaten Awake: Thunderstroke, Digi, FS-New, Fat Possum(FP 1185-2), , 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65766CDBeautiful New Born Children: Hey People,Promo,9Tr., Domino, UK, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
58337CDBeautiful South: Choke, GO!, D, 1990, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
63749CD5"Beautiful South: Good As Gold+2, GO!, D, 94, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
96508CD5"Beautiful South: How Long's A Tear Take To Dry?+3, Mercury(563 447-2), EU, co, 1998, p1 p2 2,00 Euro
53073CDBeautiful South: Quench, vg+/m-, Go!(538 166-2), D, 1998, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
90187CD5"Beautiful South: Song For Whoever,1Tr Promo, GO!(GPCD 1), D, 89, p1 3,00 Euro
94973CDBeautiful South: Welcome To, GO!(842 080-2), D, 1989, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62562CDBeborn Beton: Nightfall, Strange Ways, D, 1996, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
55783CDBeborn Beton: Truth, Strange Ways(1261-2), D, 1997, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
56462CDBeige GT: Cue, Digi, L'Age D'Or, EU, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50204CDBeige GT: Jukebox Heroes,Digi, L'Age D'Or(17084-2), EU, 2001, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98679CDBelew,Adrian: Side Two, FS-New, Sanctuary(SANCD386), EU, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97054CDBellatrix: It's All True, Fierce Panda(nong14), UK, 2000, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
81177CD5"Belle & Sebastian: I'm a Cuckoo*2+2,video,Digi, FS-New, RoughTrade(RTRADSCD157), , 2004, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
92108CD5"Belle & Sebastian: I'm Walking Up To Us+2, Jeepster(JPRcd 023), UK, 2001, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
96318CDBelle & Sebastian: LateNightTales, FS-New, Azuli(ALNcd14), , 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
90729CD5"*3Belle & Sebastian: Lazy Line Painter Jane, Box, Jeepster, UK, 97, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
94206CD5"*3Belle & Sebastian: Lazy Line Painter Jane, Box, FS-New, Jeepster, UK, 1997, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
80557CD5"Belle & Sebastian: present Books, 2Tr. Promo, Digi, RoughTrade(RTRADSCDP180C), EU, 2004, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
80101CDBelle & Sebastian: The BBC Sessions, Jeepster(JPRcd018), , Ri,1996, 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
52880CDBelly: King, 4AD, D, 1995, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
67028CDBelly: Star, 15 Tr., 4AD, UK, 93, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96183CDBen Folds: Supersunnyspeedgraphic,the lp, Epic, EU FS-New, 2006, p1 10,00 Euro
80695CDBeneath the Sky: In Loving Memory, FS-New, Victory(VR562), US, 2009, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
66116CDBenson,Brendan: The Alternative To Love, V2, , 2005, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
80893CDBenuts: Best of ...Live !, FS-New, Wolverine(WRR128), , 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
84316CDBerry,Heidi: Love, 4AD, D, 1994, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
53199CDBetter Than Ezra: Deluxe, Elektra, D, 95, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98710CDBetter Than Ezra: Friction,Baby, Elektra, D, 1996, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99804CDBettie Serveert: Attagirl, Digi, FS-New, Palomine(437.001 2 020), , 2004, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
53866CDBettie Serveert: Dust Bunnies, BBQ, UK, 1997, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
65867CDBettie Serveert: Lamprey, Digi, BBQ, UK, 94, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
93369CDBettie Serveert: Log 22, FS-New, Palomine, , 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
92212CDBevis Frond, the: Hit Squad, FS-New, Woronzow(56), UK, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
56091CDBiff Bang Pow!: Waterbomb, Cherry Red(CR REV 28), UK, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99639CDBig Arm: Radiator, FS-New, Le Maquis(LM54113), p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57677CDBig Balls & Great White Idiot: In Search for Love, Balls Rec., D, 99, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
55528CDBig Balls & Great White Idiot: The Big Waltz, Facts, Balls Rec., D, 96, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
60526CDBig Catholic Guilt: Judgement, 6 Tr., co, m-/vg+, CherryDisc(22890-2), US, 1993, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
66234CDBig In Japan: Destroy The New Rock, Honest Don, US, 2001, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
59637CD5"Big Jim: Waiting For The End, 5Tr. Digi, f.a.m.e, , 02, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
51937CDBikini Atoll: Liar's Exit, Bella Union, UK, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
64987CDBirmingham 6: Mixed Judgements, ZothOmmog(ZOT 229), D, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
67757CDBis: Social Dancing, Wiija(wijcd 1088), D, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50793CDBit's: Home-Run, Fünfundvierzig(131), D, 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
61690CDBizibox: Never Catch Us Down, Digi, Tumbleweed, EU, 05, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80536CDBlack Keys: Magic Potion, Promo, Digi, 11Tr., V2, UK, 2006, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
55908CDBlack Maria: Lead Us The Reason, Victory(VR 238), Promo, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
52777CDBlack Tape for a Blue Girl: The Scavenger Bride, Projekt(130), , 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50461CDBlack Tie Revue: Code Fun, co, Gearhead Rec.(RPM074), US, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97233CD5"Black,Frank & Catholics: All my Ghosts / Solid Gold, Digi, Play it ag, , 98, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
99063CDBlackmail: Aerial View, City Slang, , 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80834CDBlackmail: Anima Now!, Blackmail(FFR001CDS), EU, 2011, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
54720CD5"Blainbieter: Same,5 Tr., Digi, Buback, EU, 2002, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
96023CDBlake Babies: Slow Learner, Line, D, 1989, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
901502CDBleachin': Everyone Loves You Everythings Free, BMG, EU, 2000, p1 p2 
• Strictly Limited Editon Double CD, FS-New
7,50 Euro
64304CDBlender: Welcome to Blenderland, Digi, Dolores, S, 94, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
62950CDBlind Passengers: Neosapiens, Nugget 045, EU, 01, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
53280CDBlink 182: Enema Of The State, MCA, D, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
59788CDBlink 182: Same, MCA, EU, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
572132CDBlockhead: Music By Cavelight, Lim Ed., Ninja Tune(ZEN CD 88), UK, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
59464CD5"Blondie: Maria*4, Beyond, EU, 99, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
51082CDBlondie: No Exit, Beyond, EEC, 1999, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
97042CD5"Blondie: No Exit*3, Beyond, EU, 99, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
83783CDBlondie: Paralell Lines(78), 12Tr., Chrysalis, US, 1985, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
60462CDBlondie: The Curse Of, Boxed, Epic, EU, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96301CDBlood Brothers: Young Machetes, SheridanSq(WEBB132cd), EU, 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
99093CD5"Bloodhound Gang: Along Comes Mary+3+video, Geffen, D, 1999, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
52386CD5"Bloodhound Gang: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo*4, Geffen, EU, 2005, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
83714CD5"Bloodhound Gang: I wish I was Queer..4Tr., Geffen(GEF 22274), EU, 1997, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
51060CDBlue Aeroplanes: Rough Music, BBQ, D, 94, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68821CDBlue Meanies: The Post Wave, Thick Rec.(THK-071), US, co, 2001, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80908CDBluekilla: Never was a Ska Band, Digi, FS-New, Blue Esquire(esq1007), , 2011, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68850CDBlueskins: World of Mouth, Domino, EU, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
53094CDBlumentopferde: Kassette Deluxe, Digi, vg+/m-, Nix Gut(NG118), D, 2006, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
90060CDBlur: 13. , Digibox, Lim.Ed. No.008668, EMI(499 1290), EU, 99, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
95243CD5"Blur: Beetlebum,1 Tr.Promo, Food, NL, 1997, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
62667CD5"Blur: Country House+2, Food, NL, 95, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
60248CDBoa,Ph.+Voodooclub: Boaphenia, Polydor, D, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62955CD5"Boa,Phillip: Kiss My Soul+3(2 nonalb.), Motor, D, 1998, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
51492CDBoa,Phillip: Lord Garbage, Motor, D, 1998, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97041CD5"Boa,Phillip & the Voodooclub: Rome in the Rain(7Tr.), RCA, EU, 00, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
97933CD5"Boa,Phillip & Voodoo Club: 20 Years of Indie Cult EP, Digi, L'Age D'Or(LADO 17159-3), , 2005, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
81176CD5"Boa,Phillip & Voodoo Club: Deep In Velvet*2+2, Motor(577243-2), D, 1995, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
61570CDBoa,Phillip & Voodoo Club: Hair, Polydor, D, 1989, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
98554CDBoa,Phillip & Voodoo Club: Hair(89), +7 Bonus Tr., Polydor, D, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
98778CD5"Boa,Phillip & Voodooclub: Atlantic Claire+3, Motor(855 533-2), D, 1994, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
56240CDBoa,Phillip & Voodooclub: Singles Collect.-Fine Art Of Silver, Motor(533 913-2), D, 1996, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95674CDBoa,Phillip & Voodooclub: The Red, BMG, EU, 2001, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
52560CD5"Boa,Phillip+Voodooclub: Bells of Sweetness, Motor, D, 1996, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
66401CDBoa,Phillip+Voodooclub: Boa God,12 Tr. Lim.Ed., Motor, D, 1994, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97036CDBody Jar: Plastic Skies, EMI, EU, 02, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95358CDBoikottz: The Dwarf Behind the Mask, Boikottz(CD 667), D, 1994, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
92259CDBollock Brothers: Dancin' Masters, Sound Solutions, D,FS-new, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
52734CDBollock Brothers: Mythology, SoundS., D, 95, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
62597CDBollock Brothers: Prophecies Of Nostradamus, MBC(732), UK, 2001, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
62538CDBollock Brothers: The Bible(the Alpha and t.Omega), SoundS., D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
64656CDBollock Brothers: The Prophecies Of Nostradamus(87), Sound Solution(2140011), D, 1995, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
97055CDBollock Brothers(Famous): The Dead Sea Scrolls, SPV, D, 91, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
54839CDBolzplatz Heroes: Same, Digi, Universal, EU, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57700CDBonham,Tracy: The Burdens of being upright, Island, , 96, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80246CDBoobie Trap: Hidden Agenda, Bad Dog(BD 26), D, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96018CDBoomtown Rats: Same,14Tr., Mercury, D, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96001CDBoomtown Rats: The Fine Art of Surfacing,15Tr., Mercury, D, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
58766CDBoots & Braces: Live '93, Metal Enterprises(ME 576 CD), D, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93058CDBoots & Braces: Schön War Die Zeit, Metal Enterprises(ME 562), D, 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
54018CDBorderlands of Harmony: My House, Rockwerk, , 1996, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98152CDBorderpaki: Kein Platz für Poesie, FS-New, Good Night White Pride(BP-01-2), , 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57652CDBoss Martians: The Set-Up, India Records, , 2005, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
99450CDBotnledja: Douglas Dakota, Spik ehf(Spikcd01), , 2000, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51404CDBoudoir: Curreny of the Soul, Stichting Xymox Control, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
52511CDBowling for Soup: The Great Burrito Extortion.., co, Zomba, , 2007, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
54087CDBoxhamsters: Tupperparty, Bad Moon(BAD 022), D, 1996, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
93039CDBoxing: Way Down East, Boxing(BMI)(rbc009), , 2003, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
82682CDBoy from Brazil: Pointless Shoes, Transsolar(SOL024), , 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
52950CDBoy Kill Boy: Civilian, Mercury Rec, , 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93230CDBoys Night Out: Trainwreck, FS-New, Ferret Music(F055), US, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
93206CDBragg,Billy: Back to Basics, CookVinyl(COOK CD 060), UK, 1993, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
93205CDBragg,Billy: Talking with t.Taxman about Poetry, Line(LICD 9.00237 0), D, 1986, p1 11,50 Euro
93209CDBragg,Billy: Victim of Geography,Compilation, CookVinyl(Cook CD 061), UK,22Tr., 1994, p1 p2 20,00 Euro
55470CDBrain Donor: Love Peace & Fuck, Impresario(IMPODDCD001), p1 p2 10,00 Euro
81347CD5"Brakes: Pick up the phone+2, Tugboat(TUGSCD033), EU, 2004, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
53215CDBrand New Jersey: Fireworks, tfr, D, 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97856CDBrand New Unit: Empty Use-Less Air, 5 Tr., Burning H.(BHR 090), , 1999, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
55408CDBrandos: Contribution-Best Of 85-99,Digi, SPV, D, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61914CDBrandos: Honor Among Thieves, SPV(076-93872), D, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98363CDBrandos: The Light Of Day, SPV(084-96062), D, 1994, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
55124CDBrassy: Got it Made, Wiiija(WIJcd 1111), UK, 2000, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62044CDBrave Captain: Advertisments for Myself, WichitaRec, EC, 02, p1 p2 p3 7,50 Euro
97104CDBreeders: Title TK, 4AD, , 2002, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
66981CDBrigade Laupheim: Same, Digi, Chaos, D, 02, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
55402CDBrigade S: Aso-Pack, Teenage Rebel Rec.(TR cd 103), D, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99695CD5"Brings,Andy: Wildes Mädchen *3, FS-New, W-Prod., , 2008, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
50042CDBroken.Heart.Collector: Same, Digi, woc, Discorporate Rec.(DISREC18), EU, 2011, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
54206CDBrüllen: Schatzitude, Buback(BTT 047), D, 1997, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97037CD5"Buend: The Race is run+3, volcom, , 00, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
81006CDBuffalo Daughter: I, EmperorN.(EMN7051), , co, 2001, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
65115CDBuffalo Daughter: Pshychic, V2, EC, 03, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
54642CDBuffalo Tom: Sleepy Eyed, BBQ(177), UK, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
52781CDBuffalo Tom: Smitten, vg+/m-, BBQ, D, 98, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
64562CD5"Buffalo Tom: Summer, Digi, BBQ(49cd), UK, 1995, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
97545CDBuilt To Spill: Perfect From Now On, City Slang, D, 1997, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
91695CDBuilt To Spill: There's Nothing Wrong With Love, City Slang(EfA 04963-2), D, 1994, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
61498CDBulldoser: Bullshot, Stay Free Underground Re(sfur-05), SF, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
59471CDBullocks: Ready Steady Cash!, Wolverine(WRR 107CD), D, 03, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95942CDBunbury: Pequeno,Digi, Chrys., EU, 1999, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
59229CDBurma Shave: Stash, Sqatt, NL, 93, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
55634CDBurma Shave: Zeal, SQT, NL, 95, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68665CDBurning Bridges: Fall of the Plastic Empire, V2, , 2002, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
61814CDBurning Heads: Be One With The Flames,Digi, Epitaph, NL, 98, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
54051CDBush: Deconstructed, Interscope, EEC, 1997, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
67493CDBUSH: Sixteen Stone, 13 Tr., Trauma, D, 1994, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
53267CDBush: The Science Of Things, Trauma, EEC, 99, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
56302CDButterglory: Are You Building A Temple in Heaven, Konkurrel, , 96, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
93363CDButthole Surfers: Electric Larryland, Capitol, NL, 1996, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
55556CDButthole Surfers: Weird Revolution, Hollywood, EU, 2001, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
60644CDByron: Same, Swell Cree, D, 02, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
66862CDC.Hauser: Filter, Indigo(tick 008), D, 1998, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
83404CDC.O.E.M.: Wizzel Wo , Digi, Burning Dog, D, 2000, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
80710CDCable: The Failed Convict, FS-New, The End Rec.(TER138), US, 2009, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
84318CDCampag Velocet: Bon Chic Bon Genre, PIAS, , 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
950032CDCamper Van Beethoven: Tusk, Cooking Vinyl(COOKCD 252), UK, 2003, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
50546CDCandy Spooky Theater: Living Dead Spooky Doll's.., Digi, Trisol, EU, 2007, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96082CDCandy Spooky Theater: Living Dead Spooky Doll's.., FS-New, Trisol, EU, 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61254CDCandyskins: Death Of A Minor TV Celebrity, Intercord, EEC, 98, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62761CDCapitol Years: Jewelry Store, 6 Tr., Feel Records(FF02), US, 2002, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
60853CDCapricorn: My Own Fairground, vg+/m-, GoldeneZ., D, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99614CD5"Caracho: In Hamburg Sagt Man Ja Ja *3+1, OEC(00208), FS-New, 2008, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
55153CDCarpe Wade: Odd Man Out, West Side, D, 97, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
53489CDCars: Panorama, Elektra, D, 80, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
84215CDCars: Shake It Up, Elektra, D, 1981, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
56183CDCascades,The: Spells And Ceremonies, Rabazco, EU, 04, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50031CDCasey's Orbit: Splashbeat, Enola, D, 00, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
81442CDCassandra Complex: Cyberpunk, Play It Again Sam(BIAS 148 CD), A, 1989, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
59864CDCato Salsa Experince: Experience, Garralda, N, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
90084CD5"Cave,Nick & Bad Seeds: Do you love me*2+2, Promo NoBooklet, Mute(int 892.933), D, 94, p1 7,50 Euro
54099CDCaves,The: Sue, Dark Star(1359-2), D, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
55694CDCela Nr 3: Miasto, Pasazer, PL, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61660CDCell: Living Room, City Slang(04933-2), D, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98358CDCephalgy: Finde Deinen Dämon, Digi, Out Of Line(OUT 207), D, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
98359CDCephalgy: Moment Der Stille, Out Of Line(OUT 241), D, 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
92912CDCerebros Exprimidos: Demencia, FS-New, Grita!(60002-2), US, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61970CDChallenger Crew: Start In Den Tod, 10 Tr., Smash Hit(SMR 5), A, 1993, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
82229CDChamberlin Complex,Jimmy: Life Begins Again(SmashingPumpkins), Sanctuary, EU, 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
82160CDChampion: Time Slips Away, FS-New, JTTP(#24), , 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
92834CDChargers, The: Hypercharged!, FS-New, Stumble(CHCD 2), D, 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
59474CDChewy: Somanydynamos,Digi, B-Track, D, 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
58689CDChica and the Folder: 42 Mädchen, Digi, Monika36, D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51995CD5"China Drum: Fiction Of Life+3, Digi, Mantra(MNT 21CD2), p1 p2 2,50 Euro
95547CDChina Drum: Self Made Maniac, Mantra, B, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
53466CDChinkees,the: Plea for Peace, the Best of the.., KungFu, EU, 03, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98923CDChk Chk Chk: Louden Up Now, Warp, UK, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96165CDChk Chk Chk: Myth Takes, Warp(WarpCD154), UK, 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99989CDChooglin': Sweet Time, Digi, FS-New, Big Legal Mess(BLM0241), EU, 2009, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
52480CDChristians: Colour, Island, D, 90, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
995452CDChumbawamba: 'SHHHLAP!', FS-New, Mutt Rec.(MUTTcd 002), , 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50425CDChumbawamba: Readymades, Mutt Records Ltd.(001), EU, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
92918CDChumbawamba: Revengers Tragedy, FS-New, Mutt Rec.(MUTTCD003), , 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99128CDChumbawamba: Swingin'With Raymond, Virgin(841246 2), NL, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51852CDChumbawamba: Tubthumper, 13 Tr., EMI(4 95238 2), NL, 1998, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
67314CDChurch: Forget Yourself ,Dual Disc, Silverline, US, co, 2005, p1 10,00 Euro
94194CDChurch: Forget Yourself ,Dual Disc, FS-New, Silverline, US, 2005, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
90800CDCiccone Youth: The White Album, Torso(059), D, 1988, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
97625CDCinema Strange: Quatorze Exemples Authentiques,Digi, Trisol, EU,FS-New, 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80045CDClan Of Xymox: In Love we Trust, Digi, FS-New, Trisol(TRI 366 cd), EU.Lim.Ed, 2009, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
511962CDClan Of Xymox: Remixes From The Underground, Pandaim.(Pan-22), UK, 1986, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
95455CDClap Your Hands Say Yeah: Some Loud Thunder, FS-New, Wichita(WEBB117CD), , 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50321CDClark,Anne: Joined Up Writing/The Sitting Room, Virgin, A, 1990, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
98726CDClark,Anne: The Nineties - A Fine Collection, SPV(085-44632), D, 1996, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
933563CDClash: Same/London Calling/Combat Rock, Columbia, A, FS-New, 2002, p1 p2 20,00 Euro
98236CDClash: The Singles(93), Columbia(495353 2), A, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61425CDClearlake: Cedars, Domino(117), UK, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
66965CDCleen: Second Path, ZothOmmog(cdzot236), D, 99, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
68582CDClerks: Planet Orange, Wolverine, A, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96269CDClerks f. Wasabi Sute: Antenne Offbeat, FS-New, Wolverine(WRR 132), A, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80495CD5"Clinic: Circle of Fifths+2, Domino(RUG182CD), EU, 2004, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
80490CD5"Clinic: Circle of Fifths+2,Promo, Domino(RUG182CDP), EU, 2004, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
80528CD5"Clinic: The Magician,Promo,1Tr., Domino(RUG179CDP), , 2004, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
62341CDCloset Monster: Killed the Radio Star, JTTP(#19), CDN, 01, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50564CDClutch: Full Fathom Five, Digi, vg+/m-, WeathermakerM.(WM001), , 2008, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
97431CDClutch: Pure Rock Fury, Atlantic, D, 2001, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
56914CDCocoon: Zoë in Exile, Single Malt Rec, , 2003, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
59600CDCoctails: Peel, Moll, D, 95, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68757CDCode Industry: Young Men Coming To Power, vg+/m-, Antler Subway Records(AS 5073), , 1992, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
932822CDCombichrist: Everybody Hates You, Digi, Out Of Line, D, 2005, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
80886CDComeback Kid: Symptoms + Cures, Victory(VR490), , 2010, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80121CD/DVDComeback Kid: Through the Noise, FS-New, Victory(VR435), , 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
82230CDConcrete Blonde: Bloodletting, I.R.S.(24 1059 2), D, 1990, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
68542CDCondition: Against All Odds, Grapes of Wrath, D, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
55191CD5"Condition One: Feignedly,5Tr., Calyx, D, 00, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
99651CDCongregation: Same, Digi, FS-New, Bronzerat(BR10), , 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
66435CDConic: Searching for a Parallel, Digi, Consolidate Rec., EU, 2005, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
925902CDConnelly,Chris: Initials C.C., FS-New, Invisible, US, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
64076CDConsolidated: Tikkun Survivor Demos,Digi, Orchard, D, 99, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
67290CDControlled Bleeding: Knees & Bones, Dossier(DCD 9084), D, 97, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
90692CDControlled Bleeding: Knees & Bones, FS-New, Dossier(9084), D, 97, p1 p2 20,00 Euro
91274CDControlled Bleeding: Songs from the Vault, RTD, D, 94, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
60071CDConvent: Tales From The Frozen Forest, Strange Ways Records(1162-2), D, 1994, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
68709CDCooper: Makes Tomorrow Alright, Kung Fu, EU, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96167CDCooper Temple Clause,The: Make This Your Own, FS-New, Morning(SEQcd001), EU, 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
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95365CDCornwell,Hugh: Hi Fi, (Stranglers), FS-New, Koch, A, 2001, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57401CDCorrigan: How To Hang From A Rope, BrightStar, D, 2002, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
58287CDCosmic Ballroom: Stoned, Broke and Ready to Rum, PND, D, 04, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
56364CDCosmic Ballroom: Your Drug of Choice, Roasting House, D, 2005, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
66872CDCosmic Casino: Boy in a Band T-Shirt, 7 Tr., Blickpunkt(024), p1 p2 5,00 Euro
90103CDCostello,Elvis: All This Useless Beauty,12Tr..Promo, WB, D, 96, p1 10,00 Euro
59298CDCostello,Elvis: Brutal Youth, co, WB, US, 1994, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65771CDCostello,Elvis: Mighty Like A Rose, WB, D, 1991, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95567CDCostello,Elvis: When I Was Cruel, Island(586 775-2), EU, 2002, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
97087CDCount The Stars: Never Be Taken Alive, co, Victory, US, 2003, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
52063CDCracker: Forever, Cooking Vinyl(COOKCD 231), UK, 2001, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
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50821CDCramps: Off The Bone, Zonophone(93837 2), EU, 1987, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
91412CDCranes: Future Songs, FS-New, DADAphonic(001), UK, 01, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
97609CDCreature Feature: The Greatest Show Unearthed, FS-New, Sumerian Rec., , 2007, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51047CDCreatures: Anima Animus, Sioux Rec., EU, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95669CDCreetins: 4 Seconds to Get Over It, FS-New, Vitaminpillen(VP3), , 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
94198CDCrewe,Sally & The Sudden Moves: Shortly After Take-Off, FS-New, 12XU, , 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97262CDCribs, the: Men's needs,Women' need,Whatever, Warner, , 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80020CDCrocodiles: Summer Of Hate, Digi, FS-New, Fat Possum(FP1133-2), UK, 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
951162CDCrooks,The: Just Released, Boxed, FS-New, Sanctuary(CMDDD 603), UK, 2002, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
67463CDCrossover: Cryptic and Dire Sallow Faced Hood, International DJ Gigolo, , Digi, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
58593CD5"Crowded House: It's Only Natural+4,Digi, EMI, AUS, 91, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
95464CDCrowded House: Recurring Dream-Very Best, Capitol, UK, 1996, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
84321CDCrowded House: Same, Capitol, UK, 1987, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
59787CDCruiserweight: Sweet Weaponry, Soulseller Rec.(001), , 2006, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
50481CDCrumbs: Last Exit, TKO Rec.(124), US, 2004, p1 7,50 Euro
56279CDCrush my Calm: Lies make Life Easier, Strange Fruit(015), D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80001CDCryptacize: Mythomania, Digi, Asthmatic Kitty(AKR 048), , 2009, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
65802CDCult: Beyond Good And Evil, Lava Atl., D, 2001, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
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98781CD5"Cure: Close To Me+2 ,Closer Mix, ficcd36, Fiction(879 147-2), D, 1990, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
99166CDCure: Disintigration, Fiction(839 353-2), D, 1989, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
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50319CDCure: Faith, Fiction(827 687-2), D, 1981, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
95908CD5"Cure: Lovesong*2+2, Fiction(30), D, 1989, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
98733CDCure: Mixed Up, Fiction(847 099-2), D, 1990, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98859CD5"Cure: Never Enough+2, Fiction(877 899-2), D, 1990, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
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91700CD5"Cure: Songs from a new Album,mixed up,4Tr, Fiction(cure pro cd1), Promo, 1990, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
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95042CD5"Cure: The 13Th*2+1, Fiction(576 469-2), D, 96, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
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97088CDCutting Crew: The Scattering, Siren, D, 89, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
56234CDCyan kills E.Coli: Do Not Open!, Gymnastic, D, 95, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
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59658CDDada: Same, IRS, US, 98, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
53862CDDada(Ante Portas): Bound For Nowhere, Warner, D, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
50601CDDAF: Fünfzehn Neue Lieder, Superstar(0670602), , 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
64930CDDaily Terror: Gnadenlos...Live, Impact, D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
90686CDDaily Terror: Lebenswut, FS-New, Whiteline(06267-2), , 02, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
53777CDDaisy Chainsaw: Eleventeen, RoughTrade(130.1386.2), D, 1992, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
66238CDDalis Car: The Waking Hour, vg+/m-, BBQ(BBL52), UK, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
53557CDDamned,The: Alternative Chartbusters, vg+/m-, AOK 101(AOK 101), , 91, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
999003CDDamned,The: Neat Neat Neat, altern.Anthology, Sanctuary(SMETD128), EU, 2004, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
99996CDDance Gavin Dance: Happiness, FS-New, Rise Recording, , 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50076CDDangerous Summer: If you could only keep me alive, Hopeless, , 2007, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
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50354CDDanzig: Thrall-Demonseatlive, 7Tr., Def American, EU, 1993, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
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50551CDDas Ich: Staub, Danse Macabre, D, 1994, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96078CDDatarock: Same, FS-New, Nettwerk, EU, 2007, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80559CDDatsuns: Outta Sight/Outta Mind,12Tr.Promo, V2(VVR1026942P), Digi, 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97025CDDatsuns: Smoke & Mirrors, FS-New, V2(VVR104), , 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80611CDDax Riggs: Say Goodnight to the World,Digi, Fat Possum(FPI 220-2), , 2010, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
92731CDDax,Danielle: Blast The Human Flower, WB/Sire(7599-26126-2), D, 1990, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
51980CDDaybreak Boys: Drunk, Deaf And Disorderly, Digi, I Used To Fuck People Li(PRISON 006-2), D, 1999, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99655CDDBS: Only Dbs Is Pure Bodybilly, FS-New, Trisol(TRI 343 CD), EU, 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
54356CDde Babalon,Christoph: If You're Not Into It, I'm Out Of I, DHR(DHR cd 8), UK, 1997, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
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95930CDDe/Vision: Fairylive!, Digi, Strange Ways Records(Way 152), D, 1997, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65994CDDe/Vision: Monosex, WEA, D, 1998, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
95929CD5"De/Vision: Strange Affection*3+1 Remixes, WEA, D, 1998, p1 4,00 Euro
95933CD5"De/Vision: Sweet Life*3+1, Strange Ways Records(1233-2), D, 1996, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
80600CD5"De/Vision: Twisted Story+3, FS-New, Popgefahr Rec.(POP008-5), D, 2011, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
95931CDDe/Vision: Universed In Love, Strange Ways Records(1192-2), D, 1995, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
53561CDDe/Vision: Void, WEA, D, 1999, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
95928CD5"De/Vision: We Fly...Tonight Remixes*4, WEA, D, 1998, p1 4,00 Euro
66727CD5"De/Vision: We Fly...Tonight*2+2, WEA, D, 1998, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
96594CDDe/Vision: World Without End, Strange Ways(1158-2), D, 1993, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95147CDDe/Vision: Zehn, Strange Ways(8357-2), D, 1998, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99081CDDead Can Dance: A Passage In Time, 4AD(RTD 120.1236.2), D, 1991, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99080CDDead Can Dance: Into The Labyrinth, 4AD(RTD 120.1993.2), D, 1993, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
62715CDDead Fucking Last: Proud To Be,Co, Epitaph, US, 95, p1 11,50 Euro
54941CDDead Playboys: Last Call For Alcohol, Deaf&Dumb(FBRCD023), S, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
63084CDDead Sheriff: Rockapolyptica, Dionysus, US, co, 02, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
81149CDDead Zone Boys: Jookabox, Digi, Asthmatic Kitty(AKR062/JNR40), US, 2009, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97503CDDeadfly Ensemble: A Seed Catalog for Extinct Annuals, Trisol, EU,FS-New, 2007, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
66124CD5"Deadline: 7 thousand miles, 5 Tr., WEA, D, 2002, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
53999CDDeadline: Goodlife, 13 Tr. Digi, WEA, D, 03, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
93702CDDeadstar Assembly: Unsaved, FS-New, The A Label(AL 0013.2), EU, 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
96319CDDears: Gang of Losers, FS-New, Bella Union(DEARScd121), , 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
55859CDDears: Gang of Losers, Promo, Digi, Bella Union, , 2006, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
60094CDDeborah Harry: Def,Dumb & Blond, Chrysalis, D, 89, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
63564CDDeborah Harry: Most of all , The Best of, Chrysalis, D, 99, p1 p2 p3 11,50 Euro
53941CDDeckard: Stereodreamscene, Reprise, D, 2000, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
60359CDDeelix: Drive,Digi, Familystyl(FS03), D, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
90760CDDeep Jones: Return to Caramba, CBS, A, 1990, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
61826CDDeerhoof: Milk Man, Digi, ATP/Recordings(ATPRcd 9), UK, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
56679CDDefenestration: Ray Zero, Dreamcatcher(CRIDE57), , 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51319CDDeine Lakaien: Dark Star, Gymnastic(GYM 601), D, 1991, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
63443CDDeine Lakaien: Forest Enter Exit, Gymnastic(GYM 616), D, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
56927CD5"Deine Lakaien: Generators*2+2+Video, Digi, Columb., A, 2001, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
98235CD5"Deine Lakaien: In the Chains of, 5Tr. CD1,Digi, Chrom, D, FS-New, 2002, p1 4,00 Euro
96722CDDeine Lakaien: Kasmodiah, Columbia(494203 2), A, 1999, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97517CD5"Deine Lakaien: Where you are*6,remixed,Promo, Sony, No Booklet, 2002, p1 4,00 Euro
97365CDDelgados: Hate, Mantra(MNT CD1031), UK, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
63811CDDeltahead: Same, Digi, V2(WR1036468), EC, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61501CDDem Brooklyn Bums: The Working Class Grind, Bat Pack, , 02, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
821432CDDepeche Mode: 101, Mute(724384177621), NL, 1989, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57070CD5"Depeche Mode: Barrel Of A Gun*2+1, Mute(LCDBong25), NL, 1997, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
97197CD5"Depeche Mode: Barrel Of A Gun*3+1, Mute(CD BONG 25), NL, 97, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
82109CD5"Depeche Mode: Behind The Wheel*4+3 Remix (1987), Mute Bong 15(INT 826.993), D, 1992, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
82096CD5"Depeche Mode: Condemnation+3, Digi, Mute LCD bong 23(INT 826.766), D, 1993, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82105CDDepeche Mode: Construction Time Again, digt.rem, Mute(724384180324), NL, 1989, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
82085CD5"Depeche Mode: Dream On*1+2, Digi, VenusNote(724389753523), EU, 01, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
82113CD5"Depeche Mode: Dream On*4, Digi, VenusNote(724389753622), EU, 2001, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
82127CD5"Depeche Mode: Enjoy The Silence / Halo, Venusnote CD Bong 34(724386753625), EU, 2004, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
82128CD5"Depeche Mode: Enjoy The Silence*2+1, Venusnote LCD Bong 34(724386754523), EU, 2004, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
82129CD5"Depeche Mode: Enjoy The Silence*2+2, Venusnote XLCD Bong 34(724386762122), EU, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
90938CD5"Depeche Mode: Everything Counts*2+2,largerAmount, Mute(CDBong3), D, 91, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
82103CD5"Depeche Mode: Everything Counts*3+4, Mute Bong 16(INT 826.994), D, 1992, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
82101CD5"Depeche Mode: Freelove*3,Digi, Venusnote CD Bong 32(5016025930326), EU, 2001, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
82084CD5"Depeche Mode: Freelove/Zensation*2,Digi, Venusnote CD Bong 22(5016025630325), EU, 01, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
82119CD5"Depeche Mode: Get The Balance Right*2+2, Mute Bong 2(INT 826.810), D, 1988, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
82086CD5"Depeche Mode: Goodnight Lovers*2+2, Digi, Venusnote Bong 33(5016025630332), D, 2002, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82146CD5"Depeche Mode: Home*2(mix+remix)+2(live), Mute(8 84198 2), NL, 1997, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
82130CD5"Depeche Mode: Home*2+2 ,(golf,LFO..), Mute cd bong 27(INT 8 84197 2), , 1997, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82112CD5"Depeche Mode: I Feel Loved*2/Dirt, Digi, Venusnote Bong 31(724389780024), EU, 2001, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82094CD5"Depeche Mode: I Feel Loved*3, Digi, Venusnote Bong 31(724389780123), EU, 2001, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82114CD5"Depeche Mode: I Feel You 3x+1,Digi, Mute CD Bong 21(INT 826.750), D, 1993, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
82131CD5"Depeche Mode: It's No Good*3/Slowblow, Mute LCD Bong 26(INT 8 83829 2), NL, 1997, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82110CD5"Depeche Mode: John the Revelator*5, Venusnote Bong 38(094636687322), EU, 2006, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82093CD5"Depeche Mode: John the Revelator/Lilian, Venusnote,Bong 38(094636687124), EU, 2006, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
90939CD5"Depeche Mode: Just Can't Get Enough*2+2, Mute 16, D, 91, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
82118CD5"Depeche Mode: Leave in Silence*3+1'82, Mute Bong 1(INT 826.807), D, 1988, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
82102CD5"Depeche Mode: Little 15+2, Mute(INT 826.880), D, 1988, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
82078CD5"Depeche Mode: Love In Itself*3+1, Mute CD Bong 4(INT 826.816), D, 1988, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82106CDDepeche Mode: Martyr*2, Venusnote cdBong 39(094637508626), EU, 2006, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
82124CDDepeche Mode: Martyr*2+1 (mx/rmx), Venusnote cdBong 39(094637508725), EU, 2006, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82080CD5"Depeche Mode: Master and servant x3/Set Me Free, Mute CD Bong 6(INT 826.824), D, 1988, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82082CD5"Depeche Mode: Never Let Me Down Again*2+2, Mute(INT 826.868), D, 1987, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82089CD5"Depeche Mode: Only When I Loose Myself*2+3, Mute CD Bong29(INT 8 86143-2), EU, 1998, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
82148CD5"Depeche Mode: Only when I lose myself*2+1, Mute LCD Bong(724388604123), NL, 1998, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82079CD5"Depeche Mode: People Are People*2+1, Mute CD Bong 5(826.820), D, 1988, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
95946CDDepeche Mode: Playing The Angel, Venusnote(cdstumm260), EU, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
82132CD5"Depeche Mode: Precious*2, Venusnote INT CD Bong 35(094634207904), EU, 2005, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82123CD5"Depeche Mode: See You*2(ex+7")/Now This Is Fun, Mute 18(INT826.802), D, 1988, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
82133CD5"Depeche Mode: Shake the Disease*3+3(remix ext.), Sire(9 40314-2), US,Digi, 1985, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96706CDDepeche Mode: Some Great Reward, Mute(INT 836.808), D, 1984, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
82147CDDepeche Mode: Songs Of Faith And Devotion, Mute(724384180225), NL, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
82100CD5"Depeche Mode: Stripped (highland mix) +4, Mute Bong 10(INT 826.835), D, 1986, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
82090CD5"Depeche Mode: Suffer Well*6, Venusnote(094636034928), EU, 2006, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
82083CD5"Depeche Mode: The Meaning of Love*2+1, Mute 22(INT 826.805), D, 1988, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82095CD5"Depeche Mode: Useless *3, Mute, Bong 28(724388470322), NL, 1997, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
82107CD5"Depeche Mode: World In My Eyes*5+5, Mute/Alfa(90*11*28)(ALCB-159), J, 1990, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
82149CD5"Depeche Mode: Wrong +, Digi, Venusnote CD Bong 40(5099969651724), EU, 2009, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
90602CDDEPP JONES: AT 2012 A.D., FS-New, Dragnet, D, 92, p1 p2 14,00 Euro
68314CDDerita Sisters: Dead Punks Live, 36 Tr., Kotumba(K 107), US, 03, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
57502CDDerozer: Di Nuovo in Marcia, Derotten(MBR084), I, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
95974CDDeveros: Same, 12 Tr., Kortumba, US, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
57771CDDevils: Dark Circles, Digi, Universal, , 02, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
61618CDDickies: Live in London(91), Sanctuary(CMRCD 489), UK, 2002, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
68623CDDie Art: Adnama, 9Tr., Digi, Our Choice, D, 97, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
92325CDDie Art: Das Schiff, RTD, D, 1995, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
69328CDDie Familie: Ohne Alles, Amigos de la Opera, , 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65992CDDie Form: H/Stories, Vol.2, Trinity, D, 98, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
55589CDDie Form: In Human, Trisol, D, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
90987CDDie Form: Inhuman ,Box-Set, No.274, FS-New, MatrixCube, A, 04, p1 p2 15,00 Euro
93372CDDie Form: Rain of Blood ,6Tr.,Digi, FS-New, MatrixCube(10649-2), A, 99, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
69154CDDie Happy: The Weight of the Circumstances, BMG, EU, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
98941CD5"Die Mannequin: How to Kill EP , 4 Tr., How To Kill Music, EU, 2006, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
62662CDDie Warzau: Big Electric Metal Bass Face, Fiction FIXcd 22(511 988-2), , 1992, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
60057CDDied Pretty: Every Brilliant Eye, Rebel, D, 1990, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51365CDDied Pretty: Trace, Columbia, , 93, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
58740CDDied Pretty: Using My Gills As A Roadmap, Citadel, , 1998, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
54761CDDijf Sanders: To Be a Bob, Dub Recordings(dub cd 012), , 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68710CDDimple Minds: Drunk on Arrival, Semaphore(38226), , 1997, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
61885CDDink: Same, Capitol, NL, 94, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
51862CDDionysos: Haiku, Lado, A, 00, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
60474CDDirty Three: Cinder, Bella Union(103), UK, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97572CDDirty Three: Horse Stories, Big Cat(131.3156.2), EU, 1996, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
93371CDDirty Three: Sad & Dangerous, Big Cat(ABB 107), A, 1996, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
55625CDDirty Three: Same, Big Cat, EU, 1996, p1 10,00 Euro
62512CDDirty Three: She Has No Strings Apollo,PromoWoc, Bella Union(44), UK, 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
93010CDDischarge: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothin, Sanctuary, UK, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93011CDDischarge: Why(80), Sanctuary, UK, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93887CDDiskaholics Anonymous Trio: Weapons of Ass Destruction, FS-New, SmaltownSuperJazz, , 2006, p1 12,50 Euro
63825CDDistefano,Peter: Gratitude, Sanctuary, EU, 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99198CDDj Food: Kaleidoscope, Digi, Ninja Tune(zen 47), UK, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51188CDDjwhal Khul: Schächtungskind,Digi, Apollyon, , 95, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
92428CDDKay.Com: Deeper into t.Heart of Dysfunction, RTD, FS-New, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
65008CDDödelhaie: Schätzchen, ich habe d.Land befreit, Impact, D, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
67475CDDodoos, the: Specium Sommer, Sound Pollution(Pollute 073), US, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
80478CD5"Dogs Die in Hot Cars: I Love You 'Cause I Have to+1+video, V2, EU, 2004, p1 p2 1,50 Euro
92395CDDolly: Same, EastWest France, D, 1998, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
53437CDDon't: Teenage Days, ScrapRecords, D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65938CDDonots: Amplify The Good Times,17 Tr., Gun, EU, 02, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65337CDDonots: Better Days Not Included, Supersonic(034), EU, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
64833CD/DVDDonots: Got the Noise, Lim.Ed., Gun, EU, 04, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
52266CDDonots: Pocketrock, vg+/vg+, GUN, EU, 01, p1 7,50 Euro
50122CDDoris Klie: Halbschlaf, Noiseworks(NW 263), D, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80148CDDot Dot Curve: Your Ears Will Bleeping Bleed, Standby Rec.(STB025), US, FS-New, 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80145CDDot Dot Curve :): Till the Wheels Fall Off, FS-New, Standby(STB013), US, 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
65693CDDoughboys: Crush, AM, EU, 93, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
96199CDDown By Law: Same, Epitaph(E-86411-2), US, 1991, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
60871CDDownpilot: Leaving On Arrival, Tapete Records(0157036RAU), D, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68741CDDr Pepper Family: Taco & Red Beans, Kinky Star, , 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
68242CDDreadful Shadows: Buried Again(96), Rabazco, EU, 03, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
53858CD5"Dreadful Shadows: Futility*2+1, Oblivion, D, 99, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
51655CDDreadful Shadows: The Cycle, Oblivion, D, 99, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
97662CDDream City Film Club: In The Cold Light Of Morn, BBQ(BBQCD 207), D, 1998, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
63938CDDream City Film Club: Same, BBQ(CD 191), UK, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
56472CDDreamside: Spin Moon Magic, DFD, US, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80825CDDritte Wahl: 20 Jahre 20 Songs,Live,Digi, FS-New, DritteWahlRec.(DWcd 015), EU,23 Tr., 2009, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
808762CDDritte Wahl: Gib Acht!, Digi, DritteWahl(DW 016), EU, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80291CDDritte Wahl: Halt mich Fest, Digi, FS-New, Dröönland(011), D, 01, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
66101CDDritte Wahl: Mehr Roggen Roll, Soulfood, EU, 03, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
66338CDDritte Wahl: Roggen Roll, Digi, EFA(012), p1 p2 10,00 Euro
90611CDDritte Wahl: Roggen Roll, Digi, FS-New, EFA, p1 p2 15,00 Euro
51010CDDritte Wahl: Tooth For Tooth, Digi, DritteWahl(06), EU, 2004, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
90384CDDritte Wahl: Tooth For Tooth, Digi, DritteWahl(06), EU, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51491CDDrugstore: Whire Magic For Lovers, Go!, , 98, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
66194CDDry Halleys: Crash-Landing Chemistry, Dark Star, D, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
60445CDDuboniks: 2 Blind Mice, Delancey Street, UK, 1997, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
68015CDDuesenjaeger: Las Palmas o.k., Go Kart Rec.(gke 001), EU, 2004, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
902212CDDury,Ian: Reasons to be Cheerful, Box,Booklet, Repertoire(REP 4592-WO), D, 96, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
55884CDDury,Ian & Blockheads: Laughter, CNR, EC, 98, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
811412CDDust of Basement: Meridian,Digi-book, ,FS-New, Trisol(TRI 258), EU, 05, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
68139CDDuster 69: Ride The Silver Horses, Daredevil, EU, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
92418CDDuster 69: Ride The Silver Horses, FS-New, Daredevil, EU, 2004, p1 p2 15,00 Euro
623732CDDyade: Sherman // Brooklyn, Digi, Big Store, , 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99206CDE: A Man Called (E), Polydor(314 511 570-2), US, 1992, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
93431CDE-Craft: Electrocution, FS-New, Ausfahrt(AUS 3023-2), D, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
93413CDE-Craft: Forge the Steel, FS-New, Ausfahrt(3022-2), D, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
54831CDE\Craft: Faradayscher Käfig, 8 Tr., Ausfahrt, D, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
53618CDEaraches: Time on Fire, Steel Cage Rec., US, 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
80290CD5"Earlimart: The Avenues E.P., Digi, FS-New, Palm, US, 03, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80484CD5"Eastern Lane: I Said Pig on Friday,1TrPromo,Digi, RTD(RTRADSCDP199), EU, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
66381CDEat: Sell Me A God, Fiction, , 89, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99502CDEaten By Sheiks: Bold, Digi, FS-New, Ragaprong Records(ASR 020), EU, 2008, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
55942CDEaten by Sheiks: Our Last First Record,Promo,14Tr., Marvin Rec., , 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
55679CDEcho & The Bunnymen: Flowers, 11 Tr. Promo, CookVinyl, UK, 01, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
56096CDEcho & The Bunnymen: What Are You Going To Do with..., London, D, 99, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
61012CDEchobelly: ON, RhythmKing, A, 95, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
64421CDEchoboy: Giraffe, Mute, EU, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
68185CDEchoboy: Volume 2, 9Tr., Mute, UK, 00, p1 p2 p3 7,50 Euro
67721CDEchoboy: Volume 2, 9Tr.PromoDigi, Mute, UK, 00, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
65890CDEdison Rocket Train: Yes! Yes!! Yes!!, Steel Cage Rec., US, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
54940CDEgo: Vom Keller In Die Umlaufbahn, funonline, D, 01, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
54611CD5"Egoexpress: Here Comes The Night*4+2,Digi, Lado, D, 00, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
96838CDEinstürzende Neubauten: Ende Neu, 8 Tr. Promo, No Bookl.VG+, RTD(195.3330.2), playable, 1996, p1 5,00 Euro
50027CDEisblume: Same(Dark Pop), Christine Westphal, D, 2004, p1 p2 
• Sphärisch und verspielt, poppig und experimentell.Je nach Song weckt sie mit dieser Stimme Assoziationen zu begnadeten Künstlerinnen wie Björg, Tori Amos oder Kate Bush.
12,50 Euro
93510CDEl Guapo: Fake French, FS-New, Dischord(DIS 134), F, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83806CDElectric: Same, Modular, , 2000, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50388CDElectric Eel Shock: Go Europe !, ElectricES, D, 04, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
80289CD5"Electric Six: Danger! High Voltage, FS-New, XL Rec.(XLs 151), UK, 02, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
53971CDElectric Soft Parade, The: Hole in the Wall, db records(db002cdlp), EU, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
67189CDElectronicat: 21th Century Toy, Disco B, EU, 03, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97261CDElement Of Crime: Mittelpunkt der Welt, FS-New, Universal, EU, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
81267CDElement Of Crime: Psycho, Motor, D, 1999, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80288CDElias,Hanin: No Game No Fun, Digi, Fatal(CD 1), EU, 03, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
90666CDElias,Hanin: No Game No Fun, Digi, FS-New, Fatal(Fatal CD 1), EU, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
58298CDElse Admire & Breitengüssbach Dolls: The Very best of, TugRec, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
52576CDEmanuel: Soundtrack to a Headrush, Digi, Vagrant, UK, 2005, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
62108CDEmbrace: Drawn From Memory, Virgin, EU, 00, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51767CDEmbrace: The Good Will Out, Virgin, EEC, 98, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
90501CDEmpire,Alec: Generation Star Wars, FS-NEW, Mille Plat(MP cd 11), , 1994, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
92272CD5"Empire,Alec: Gotta Get Out!,3Tr., FS-New, DHR(Mcd43ER), UK, 2005, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
56262CDEmpire,Alec: Les Etoiles Des Filles Mortes, Mille Plateaux(MP cd 30), , 96, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
90503CDEmpire,Alec: Les Etoiles Des Filles Mortes.-NEW, Mille Plateaux(MP cd 30), , 96, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
90502CDEmpire,Alec: Limited Edition 1990-94, FS-NEW, Geist Ltd.(008), UK, 2000, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
68786CDEmpire,Alec: Low on Ice(the Iceland Sessions), Mille Plateaux(18), p1 p2 11,50 Euro
93660CDEmscherkurve 77/Hudson Falcons: One Size Slits All, Digi, Knock Out(KOCD168), D, 2003, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
62205CDEndpoint: Catharis, vg+/m-, Doghouse/Cargo, UK, 92, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50480CDEndstand: Spark, Combat Rock Industry(CRI 050), SF, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
65524CDEngerica: There Are No Happy Endings, Sanctuary, , 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
53255CDEnsign: Love the Music hate the Kids, JTTP, , 03, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51123CDEpo 555: Dexter Fox, Crunchy Frog, D, 2004, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
66739CDEpo 555: Mafia, Crunchy Frog(FROG 045-2), D, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
91895CD5"Erben der Schöpfung: Elis*4, Digi, FS-New, Nova(MOS 050 MCD), , 2001, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
91510CDErben der Schöpfung: Twilight, Digi, FS-New, Nova(MOS 052), , 2001, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97946CDEscape With Romeo: Come Here White Light, FS-New, Radar, , 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
66104CDEskimos & Egypt: Perfect Disease, ZYX, D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
64187CDEskimos Egypt: Kamikaze, Motor, D, 97, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
93438CDEternal Afflict: Black Heritage, FS-New, Scanner(SCAN 042), , 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50643CD5"Eternal Afflict: Childhood+2, Digi, Gymnastic, D, 94, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
97058CD5"Eurythmics: 17 Again+2+video, BMG, EU, 00, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
97236CDEurythmics: Be Yourself Tonight, RCA, D, 85, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57915CD5"Eurythmics: I Saved The World Today*2+1, BMG, EEC, 99, p1 4,00 Euro
938403CDEurythmics: Live'83-89, BMG, UK, 1993, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
65628CDEurythmics: Peace, RCA, EEC, 1999, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
53736CDEurythmics: We Too Are One, RCA(PD 74251), D, 1989, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
63590CDEVE 6: Horrorscope, RCA, US, 00, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
50372CDEver We Fall: We Are But Human, Hopeless, , 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62395CD5"Everclear: AM Radio +2, Capitol, EU, 01, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
57773CDEverclear: Slow Motion Daydream, Capitol, EU, 03, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
63007CDEverclear: Songs From An American Movie,Digi, Capitol, EU, 2000, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62230CDEverest: The Road Less Traveled, JTTP, D, 02, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97692CDEvery Time I die: The Big Dirty, FS-New, Ferret Music, , 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68699CDEverything But The Girl: Amplified Heart, Warner, D, 94, p1 10,00 Euro
68771CDEverything But The Girl: The Language of life, Blanco y Negro, D, 1990, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
52864CDExovedate: Seduced By Illusions, Fetish, D, 00, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
52649CDExperimental Pop Band(the): Homesick, City Slang, D, 99, p1 7,50 Euro
65794CDExpertus: Borderline Red, Upart-Prod., , 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62737CDExploding White Mice: Same, Normal, F, 89, p1 4,00 Euro
50522CDExploited: Death Before Dishonour, vg+/m-, Rough(just 6), F, 90, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
63231CDExpretus: Electro.Technic, Digi, Lichtbringer, D, 2002, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
80603CD5"Extize: Gothic Pussy EP,Lim.Ed.Digi, Trisol(TRI 400), EU, FS-New, 2010, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
809662CDExtize: Paradize 2069,LimEd., Digi, FS-New, Trisol(TRI412), EU, 2011, p1 p2 10,00 Euro

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