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67148CDAdams,Johnny: Sings Doc Pomus: the Real Me, Zensor(ZS 119), D, 1991, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80254CDB.B. and the Blues Shacks: Unique Taste, Digi, Crosscut(ccd 11096), D, 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99738CDBaker,Kenny & his Half Dozen: Dixie Christmas, FS-New, Pastels, , 1997, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
97557CDBall,Kenny and the Jazzmen: The Very Best Of, Timeless(TTD 598), NL, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51011CDBarber,Chris: Concert '80, Vol.2, Jeton(JET 60 010), D, 1999, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
51014CDBarber,Chris: Jazzband and All American Ramblers, Jazz Colours/Da musik(874722-2), p1 p2 5,00 Euro
50995CDBarber,Chris: The Essential, Kaz Rec.(KAZcd13), UK, 1990, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
68876CDBartlett,Wayne: Tokyo Blues, Laika, D, 2000, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
94882CDBecker,David & Joe Diorio: The Color Of Sound,FS-New, Acoustic Music(319.1262.2), D, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
98532CDBell Band,Eric: A Blues Night in Dublin, FS-New, Voiceprint(VP247CD), UK, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51321CDBlackriders Orchestra: Red Light Blues Night, cinedisc(2014US), D, 2000, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
56687CDBleiming,Christian: Mx Blue Boogie Style, Acoustic Music(319.1351.2), D, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
99585CDBlue Note Juniors: Saturday Night Function, FS-New, Pastels, , 1995, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
99593CDBlue Roseland Orchestra: Easy Money, FS-New, Pastels(20.1638), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
50529CDBlue Roseland Orchestra: Six or Seven Times, Pastels(20.1639), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
93168CDBlues Band: These Kind Of Blues, FS-New, BGO(BGOcd664), UK, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
66307CDBlues Company: Live'89, INAK(9002), D, 1989, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80884CDBlues Masters: Same, f.Mickey Thomas, FS-New, Hypertension(HYP11277), EU, 2011, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97947CDBocephus King: The Blues Sickness, Blue Rose, D, 00, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
62871CDBrooks Brothers: Same, dos Rec.(dos 7011), US, co, 1994, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
93256CDBrooks,Ronnie Baker: Take Me Witcha, Watchdog(337-02), , 2001, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
57148CDBuick 6: Cypress Grove, Taxim(TX 1003-2), D, 1992, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
81102CD5"Buick 6: Foolin' with this Heart*2+3, Taxim(TX9001-2TM), D, 1997, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
57149CDBuick 6: Juice Machine, Taxim(TX 1014-2), D, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
937172CDCanned Heat: Eternal Boogie, FS-New, Musik Avenue, EU, 2004, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
51859CDCanned Heat: Same, 10 Tr., ONN 51, F, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
54153CDCanned Heat Blues Band: Same, Seagull, N, 00, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
55479CDCarroll,Corky: A Surfer For President, Taxim, D, 00, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
55513CDChas & Dave: One Fing 'n' Anuvver, 19 Tr., Castle(CMRcd779), UK, 03, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
52446CDChicken Legs Weaver: Nowhere, Riverside(RRUKcd13), , 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
953822CDClimax Blues Band: 25 Years, Box, Booklet, FS-New, Repertoire(REP 4310-WO), D, 1994, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95305CDClimax Blues Band: Climax Chicago Blues Band(69), Repertoire(RR 4078-WZ), D FS-New, 1990, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
52021CDClimax Blues Band: Gold Plated(76), Repertoire(REP 4142-WY), D, 1991, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
95304CDClimax Blues Band: Tightly Knit(71), FS-New, Repertoire(RR 4079-WZ), D, 1990, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80028CDCochran,Stevie: Live at Montreaux, Digi, FS-New, Music Avenue(250250), EU, 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
92875CDColeman,Gary B.B.: Retrospectives, FS-New, Ichiban(1514-2), US, 1988, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
81335CDCollie,Max & Rhythm Aces: Stomp of, Let's go, Pastels(20.1608), D, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
94785CDCorre / Exerjean: Le Group de Six, piano duet, Pierre Verany, F, 1989, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
50278CDCray Band,Robert: Don't Be Afraid Of Dark, Mercury(834 823-2), D, 1988, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
57126CDDarrow,Chris: Same(73), Taxim(TX 2061-2), D, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
57020CDDarrow,Chris: Under My Own Disguise(74), Taxim(TX 2063-2), D, 2002, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
95763CDDiddley,Bo: A Man Amongst Men, EW(0630-14817-2), D, 1996, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
52533CD5"Diddley,Bo: Hey Baby/ crazy,Promo,Facts, EW, D, 1996, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
997522CDDoctor Dixie Jazz Band: 1952-92-The Jubilee Concert, Pastels(20.1646-307), D, FS-New, 1999, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
50626CDDoctor Dixie Jazz Band: Flying Home Vol.3, Pastels(20.1758-PA), EEC, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
50877CDDoctor Dixie Jazz Band: Flying Home Vol.3, Pastels(20.1758-206), D, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
50881CDDoctor Dixie Jazz Band: In A Sentimental Mood Vol.2, Pastels, EEC, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
50864CDDoctor Dixie Jazz Band: Moonglow, Vol.1, Pastels, D, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
95694CDDownliners Sect: The Country Sect, Digi, FS-New, Repertoire(REP 5036), D, 2005, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
95699CDDownliners Sect: The Rock Sect's In, Digi, FS-New, Repertoire(REP 5037), D, 2005, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
820522CDDr.Dixie Jazzband: The Jubilee Concert, Pastels(20.1646-307), D, 1999, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
50494CDDreamland Orchestra: meets Peter Petrel, Pastels(20.1618), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
56361CDDrovers,The: Beyond the Blue '89, Taxim, D, 1997, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
59346CDDupree,Cornell: Can't Get Through, Amazing, US, 1991, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
50352CDDutch Swing College Band: 40 Years, + 4Tr., Philips, D, 85, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
56145CDDutch Swing College Band: Same, Philips, D, 87, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
99699CDDutch Swing College Band: The Joint Is Jumpin'!, Timeless, D, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80494CDEmmanuel,Tommy: Endless Road, Digi, Favored Nations(FNA5070-2), , 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80398CDErickson,Craig: Two Sides Of The Blues, Blues Bureau, , 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
81957CDFirehouse Five plus 2: Crashes a Party!, ZYX(GTJCD-10038-2), D, 2000, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
989903CDFirehouse Five plus 2: Story Vol.1-3, Box Set, ZYX(7701-2), D, 1990, p1 p2 p3 12,50 Euro
53687CDFirehouse Five plus 2: Story Vol.3 - CD 3, ZYX(7701-2 CD 3), D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
54062CDFirehouse Five plus Two: Story Vol.1 - CD 1, ZYX(7701-2), D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
50338CDFirehouse Five plus Two: Story Vol.1 - CD 3, ZYX(7701-2 CD 3), D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
53993CDFirehouse Five plus Two: Story Vol.2 - CD 2, ZYX(7701-2 CD 2), D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
99589CDFranc,Rene & Bootleggers: Blues in the Air, FS-New, Pastels(20.1650), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
50267CDFranc,Rene & Bootleggers: Summertime, Pastels(20.1649), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
57081CDGonzalez,Memo & the Buescasters: Let's all, Stumble, D, 1996, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
81024CDHamburg Blues Band: Live-On The Edge Of A Knife, FS-New, Handmade(HH 4511), D, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50160CDHank Bullock and the Dean Martins: Blues is a Woman, Gingertone, D, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
95176CDHank Bullock and the Dean Martins: Blues is a Woman, Gingertone, D, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95454CDHerrmann,Biber: Rainbow Walker, Digi, FS-New, Wonderland(WR-9043), D, 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95022CDHines,Earl & J.Rushing: Blues & Things(67), New World Records(80465-2), US, 1996, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
56460CDHold Outs, the: Moon over Bolinas, Taxim, D, 96, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
92889CDHooker,Earl: Sweet Black Angel, One Way(22120), US, 1970, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
54124CDHooker,John Lee: Boogie Man, Orbis 1(BLU NC 001), EU, 1994, p1 p2 2,50 Euro
50704CDHooker,John Lee: House Of The Blues, 12 Tr., Chess, EEC, 1989, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
50767CDHooker,John Lee: plays & sings the Blues, Chess(CDCHESS 1008), EEC, 1989, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
99123CDHooker,John Lee by V.A.: From Clarksdale To Heaven, Eagle(EAGCD228), D, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99526CDHope,Lynn / Clifford Scott: Juicy!, Charly(280), , 1997, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
61561CDHot Lips Page: Play the Blues in 'B', Archive Of Jazz, NL, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
50224CDHot Owls: Harlem Nights, Pastels(20.1634), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
50299CDHot Temperance Seven: That Certain Party, Pastels(20.1648), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
50595CDHübner,Abbi & His Low Down Wizards: Swing That Music, 30 Jahre, Pastels(20.1645-211), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
99552CDHutch,Willie: Try It You Ll Like It, Best of, Expansion Record(EXCL 5), UK,FS-New, 2003, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
60426CDIngala,Egidio Juke: Nite Life Boogie, Stumble, D, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
55273CDInk Spots: Swing High,Swing Low, Nostalgia Naxos, EC, 01, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
68908CDInkspots: Same, 12 Tr., Cedar, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
50576CDJazz Fiddlers: Midnight Stomp, Pastels(20.1647), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
50363CDJazz Track: Sigi Busch-Experience, FS-New, Pastels(20.1620), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
50376CDJazz Track: Wake Up, Pastels(20.1614), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
99319CDJett,Alvin & the Phat Noiz BluesB.: How Long, Digi, FS-New, Blues Boulevard Rec., EU, 2007, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
53887CDJing Chi: Jing Chi Live, Tone Center(TC 4026 2), , 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93022CDJohnny A.: Get Inside, Digi, FS-New, Favored, , 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
92876CDJohnson,Luther "Houserocker": Retrospectives, FS-New, Ichiban(1513-2), US, 1998, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
92274CDJohnson,Robert: Inspiring Eric, FS-New, Smith & Co, , 2004, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
50952CDJohnson,Robert: Red Hot Blues, Orbis 6(BLU GNC 006), EU, 1993, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
50440CDJones,Al: Bittersweet, Acoustic Music(319.1340.2), D, 2005, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
67251CDJoplin,Scott: The Entertainer, 20 Tr., Cedar, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
50951CDJordan,Louis: Caldonia, Orbis 28(BLU GNC 028), p1 p2 4,00 Euro
99968CDJZ James & the Memphis Turnaround: Same, FS-New, Moon Sound Rec(1315-1514-27), , 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
92887CDKeim,Paul: Cuesta Grade, Taxim(TX 1046-2), D, 1999, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
50777CDKing Oliver: The Best Of, 17 Tr.,, TIM(221408-205), EU, 2003, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
992374CDKing,B.B.: King Of The Blues,1949-1991,Box Set, MCA D4(10677), US, p1 p2 p3 p4 20,00 Euro
50961CDKing,B.B.: The King Of The Blues, Orbis 2(BLU NC 002G), EU, 1994, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
99750CDKirkland,Eddie: Some Like It Raw, Live, Gee-Dee(270108-2), D, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
59456CDKramer,Brian & the Couch Lizards: No Regrets, Armadillo, , 2004, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
65597CDLane,Ernest: The Blues is Back, Acoustic Music, D, 2004, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
67011CDLawton,Tim: Still payin' my Blues.., Hypertension(HYP), D, 00, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
69374CDLe Clou: Live ( Cajun ), Moustache(MR 1080), D, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
69375CDLe Clou: Oh! La La!, Moustache(MR 1070), D, 1991, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
55766CDLead Belly: The Tradition Masters, Ryko(TCD 1086), EU, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97126CDLee,Albert & Hogan's Heroes: Tear It Up, Heroic, , 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
54403CDLee,Alvin: Zoom, Castle, , 92, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
50389CDLightfoot,Terry & his Band: Stomp off, Let's go, Pastels(20.1624), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
80637CDLister,Aynsley: Tower Sessions, Digi, FS-New, Manhaton Rec.(HATMAN 2025), , 2010, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51488CDLuter,Claude: Les Oignons, Intense(231083-205), p1 p2 4,00 Euro
92907CDLynn,Trudy: Retrospectives, FS-New, Ichiban(ICH 1515-2), US, 1998, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
99590CDLyttelton,Humphrey and his Band: Georgia Mae, FS-New, Pastels(20.1623), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
92836CDManx,Harry: Wise And Otherwise, FS-New, Northernblues Music(NBM0008), US, 2001, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
97794CDMärkisches Jazzkränzchen Iserlohn: Up To Dixieland, MJI(94122C), D, 1994, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99591CDMason Band,Rod: High Society, FS-New, Pastels(20.1653), EEC, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
99592CDMason,Rod / Ian Wheeler Band: The Entertainer, FS-New, Pastels(20.1620), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
97569CDMayall,John: Blues From Laurel Canyon(68), Deram(820 539-2), D, 1989, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97565CDMayall,John: Crusade(67), London(820 537-2), D, 1987, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
66376CDMayall,John: Lost and Gone, 9 Tr., Yeaah!(47), UK, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
97805CDMayall,John: The Blues Alone, Deram(820 535-2), UK, 1967, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
68440CDMayall,John: The Turning Point, Polydor, D, 1969, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
96172CDMayall,John & Bluesbreakers: A Hard Road(67), London(820 474-2), D, 1987, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97813CDMayall,John & Bluesbreakers: Bare Wires, Rebound(314 520 206-2), US, 1994, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
92877CDMc Cain,Jerry: Retrospectives, FS-New, Ichiban(1516-2), US, 1998, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
815792CDMc Kinney's CottonPickers/Armstrong: Stop Kidding, woc, History(20.3024-HI), p1 p2 5,00 Euro
922842CDMc Phee,Tony & the Groundhogs: High on the Hog, Sanctuary, EU, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
52435CDMemphis Minnie: Let's Go To Town, m-/vg+, Orbis(BLU GNC 054), UK, 1996, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
972132CDMeyer,Peter"Banjo": 40 Years On Stage, Happy Bird, D, 1998, p1 p2 p3 10,00 Euro
50964CDMeyer,Peter"Banjo" & European Jazz: Jazzy Birthday'96, Pastels, D, 1996, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
50659CDMeyer,Peter"Banjo" & European Jazz: Jazzy Birthday'98,Live.., Pastels(20.1659-PA), D, 1998, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
65727CDMiles,Buddy: The Mighty Rhytm Tribe/Vibe, Lakeside(2020), D, 93, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
67151CDMillns,Paul: Simply Blue, songs 73-90, Hypertension(Hycd 200 131), D, 1993, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
62644CDMontgomery Band,James: The Oven Is On, Tone-Cool(CD 1145), US, 1991, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50332CDMonty Sunshine: Running Wild, Pastels(20.1611), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
99698CDMonty Sunshine's Jazz Band: Just A Closer Walk With Thee, Timeless(TTD 592), NL, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
54997CDMoore,Gary: Ballads & Blues 1982-1994, Virgin(8 40054 2), NL, 1994, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99098CDMoore,Gary: Still Got The Blues, Virgin, NL, 1990, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
53184CDMorton,Jelly Roll: The Best Of, TIM(221406-205), EU, 2003, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
50928CDMr.Acker Bilk: Same, LaserLight, D, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
60158CDMusselwhite,Charlie: Stand Back! Here comes '67, Vanguard, , 1967, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
67919CDNardini,Norman: This Old Train, 99 Rec., D, 92, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
94889CDNaßler & Schneider: Plan B, Digi, FS-New, Acoustic Music(319.1356.2), D, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
59171CDNaßler & Schneider: Triloge f. Jörg Ritter, Acoustic Music(319.1137.2), D, 1997, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
99781CDNew Orleans Feetwarmers: Eccentric, Starfish Music(00402-6), D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97215CDNew Orleans Rhythm Kings: Vol.1, Jazz Archives No.4(Mono), Village, D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68693CDNew Orleans Rhythm Kings: Vol.2, Jazz Archives No.13, Village, D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
93059CDNewland,Rens: Freedom Street Parade, FS-New, Jive, , 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
52797CDNightporters: Feelin' Good, Indigo Records(IGOXCD 542), UK, 2001, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
50311CDPapa Bue's Viking Jazzband: Down By The Riverside, Storyville, DK, 1996, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
94076CDPeebles,Ann: Brand New Classics, FS-New, Track Record, UK, 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51714CDPeterson,Lucky: Lifetime, Gitanes(527 771-2), F, 1995, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
80915CDPeterson,Lucky: You Can Always Turn Around, Dreyfus(FDM46050 369672), , 2010, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95969CDPhonus Balonus: Wild Woman, Crosscut Records(PHB 290396), D, 1996, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
98411CDPittman,Shawn: Something's Gotta Give, Cannonball(CBD 29111), US, co, 1999, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
94560CDPrecious Bryant: Fool Me Good, Digi, FS-New, Terminus, EU, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
58433CDRapallo,Calo: Rock den Blues, Stormy Monday Rec., D, 99, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
67066CDRedding,Noel: West Work Tuning, 16 Tr., Yeaah!(20), UK, 1998, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
50963CDReed,Jimmy: You Don't Have To Go, Orbis 18(BLUGNC 018), , 1994, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
97188CDRobicheaux,Coco: Louisiana Medicine Man,10Tr., Gee-Dee(270141), D, 1997, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
51022CDRobicheaux,Coco: Spiritland, 10 Tr., Gee-Dee(270118-2), D, 95, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
68044CDSaffire: Uppity Blues Women, Alligator(ALCD 4811), US, 90, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
98242CDSalomon,Willie: Country Blues & More, FS-New, Acoustic Music(319.1344.2), D, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51548CDSamson,Paul: The Blues Nights, Mystic, UK, 03, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99318CDScheips Band,Pete: Back on the Blues Train, Blues Boulevard Rec., EU, 2008, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
93781CDSchofield,Matt: The Trio Live, FS-New, Nugene Rec.(NUG cd401), UK, 2004, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
51051CDScobey's Frisco Band,Bob: The Jazz Masters,com Clancy Hayes, Folio Collection(EF 20081), , 1997, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
66119CDScreamin'Jay Hawkins: Move Me (Funky), Yeaah!(30), UK, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
63769CDShaka,Tom: Bless my Soul, Acoustic Music, D, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
54471CDSmith,Bessie: Dixie Flyer Blues, 19 Tr., SelectedS., CH, 93, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
66283CDSmith,Bessie: Nobody's Blues But Mine, PastPerf., CZ, 00, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
57264CDSmith,Willie"The Lion": 1944-1949, Classics, F, 02, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
99702CDSpanier,Muggsy: Jazz Me Blues, FS-New, TIM, CZ, 2001, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
99743CDSpanier,Muggsy: Memphis Blues, FS-New, TIM, CZ, 2002, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
62416CDSpanier,Muggsy: Weary Blues, Past Perfect, CZ, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
51907CDSpanier,Muggsy,Tesch&Chicagoans: Vol.2, Jazz Archives No.14, Village(Vilcd014-2), D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
67911CDSteppin Out: Tomorrow Today, Acoustic Music, D, 2003, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
62069CDSunshine's Jazz Band,Monty: You Are My Sunshine, Timeless, NL, 96, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
50572CDT And Masson: Smoke My Blues, Digi, Ausfahrt, A, 2006, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
93547CDT And Masson: Smoke My Blues, FS-New, Ausfahrt, A, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
63996CDTaj Mahal: Evolution(the Most Recent), WEA, D, 78, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
57107CDTaj Mahal: TAJ, Gramavision, J, 86, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
62832CDTarbox Ramblers: Same, Digi, Rounder(RRCD 9051), NL, 2000, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
57971CDThe Word: Same,Digi, ropeadope, US, co, 2001, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
90649CDThee Shams: Please Yourself, FS-New, Fat Possum(1012-2), UK, 2004, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
62921CDThomas,Guthrie: Buffalo (1983), Taxim(TX 3015-2), D, 2001, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
50165CDThomsen,Ingeburg: Love Me Or Leave Me, Pastels(20.1657), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
57649CDTitan Hot Five: The Jean Wright Session, Titan(THF2), , 97, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
53535CDTraditional Old Merry Tale JazzBand: Greatest Hits of Dixie - Hamburg, BMG, D, 98, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
94197CDUlmer,James Blood: Birthright, Digi, FS-New, Hyena, , 2005, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
95679CDUptown Horns: Revue, 10 Tr., Gee-Dee(270114-2), D, 1995, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
61734CDV.A.American Roots Music: Ricky Skaggs...Flaco Jimenez,19 Tr., Palm(2074-2), US, 2001, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
56475CDV.A.Apalachian Stomp: Bluegrass Classics, Rhino(R2 71870), US, 1995, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
610792CDV.A.Blues After Midnight/For Lovers: Gary Moore...Eric Burdon, 20 Tr., MXA, EEC, 92, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
63594CDV.A.Blues Brother-Soul Sister: John Lee Hooker...Ben E.King,20 Tr., Dino, D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
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99053CDV.A.Dixie Party - the Hottest: Happy Bird Shuffle, Pastels(20.1603), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
99052CDV.A.Dixie Party - the Hottest: Sentimental Journey, Pastels(20.1604), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
99050CDV.A.Dixie Party - the Hottest: Tiger Rag, Pastels(20.1606), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
99054CDV.A.Dixie Party - the Hottest: What a Wonderful World, Pastels(20.1607), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
50930CDV.A.Dixieland: Kenny Ball,Dukes Of Dixieland,.16Tr, LaserLight(12 461), D, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
69265CDV.A.Dixieland: Riverboat-Shuffle, CD 1, Bella Musica, D, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
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59405CDV.A.Dixieland Favourites: 14 Tr., ONN 72, UK, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
9130210CDV.A.Dixieland Jazz: This was the Jazz Age,Box, FS-New, Membran, D, 2005, p1 p2 p3 12,50 Euro
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615812CDV.A.Living the Blues: Blues Greats, Time Life(TL 365/03), EU, 1997, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
632842CDV.A.Living the Blues: Blues Masters, Time Life(TL 365/02), EU, 1997, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
634832CDV.A.Living the Blues: Blues Rock, 30 Tr., Time Life(TL 635/17), EU, 2001, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
609062CDV.A.Living the Blues: Singin' Blues , 30 Tr., Time Life(TL 635/20), EU, 2001, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
655882CDV.A.Living the Blues: Whiter Shade of Pale, 30 Tr., Time Life(TL 635/15), EU, 2000, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
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55150CDV.A.New Orleans Dixie: 18 Tr., It's Music, D, 92, p1 p2 4,00 Euro
60101CDV.A.Not the Same Old Blues Crap 2: 13 Tr., Fat Possum, , 01, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
64768CDV.A.Original Blues: Big Joe Williams...Lead Belly, Ryko, , 2003, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
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96834CDV.A.Rotring Jazz: Chris Reynolds Dixie Seven, Selected Sound(0040), D, 1988, p1 p2 
• New Orleans Footwarmers.
5,00 Euro
51756CDV.A.Rumble & Scratch: Capitol BluesCollection,Digi, Capitol, US,Promo, 95, p1 p2 p3 6,00 Euro
99724CDV.A.Swinging Hamburg - 50 Jahre: Jazzszene Hamburg - Vol.2, Happy Bird, D, 1999, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
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99024CDV.A.The Best of Dixieland: Kid Ory..Humphrey Lyttelton, Verve, D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
931083CDV.A.The Ultimate Blues Collection: Volume Two, CMA(11002/5/8), D, 1992, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
939614CDV.A.The Ultimate Jazz Archive: 10-Blues, Membran(222766), , 2005, p1 p2 
• Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Mississippi John Hurt, Tampa Red.
7,50 Euro
997554CDV.A.The Ultimate Jazz Archive: 17-Boogie Woogie, FS-New, Membran(222773), , 2005, p1 p2 
• Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, Pete Johnson, Big Band Boogie Woogie.
7,50 Euro
811702CDV.A.White Boys Blues: The Bluesman Play,Box, FS-New, Smith&Co(SCCD 1081), EU, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
50943CDV.A.Wonderful Dixieland: Vol.2-Rod Mason,A.Elsdon Band.., DA Music(77269), D, 1996, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
67579CDVaughan,Stevie Ray+D.T.: Couldn't stand the Weather, Epic, A, 84, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
52692CDVause,Louis: Pianophernalia, Digi, Transcopic Records, UK, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
57493CDVigarino,Nick: Victims Of Cool, Merrimack(990267), , 1996, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97432CDVintage Beausoleil: Same, FS-New ( Cajun ), Music o.W.(CDC-213), US, 1995, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
99728CDWalker Jazz Band: Big Band History Vol.2, Pierre Verany(PV785093), F, 1985, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98667CDWalker,Joe Louis: New Directions, Provogue(PRD 7148 2), , 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
95487CDWalsh Acoustic Quartet,Matt: Under Suspicion, Acoustic Music, D, 2006, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
64689CDWashington,Walter Wolfman: Blue Moon Rising, Artelier(Art 9017.2), D, 1997, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
97210CDWelch,Monster Mike: These Blues Are Mine, Tone-Cool, NL, 1996, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
90941CDWest,David+Dead Strings: Cast YourEyes t.t.Mountain, FS-New, Taxim,Digi, D,Vol.2, 2000, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
94475CDWilliams,Jerry Lynn: Peacemaker, FS-New, Black Mark(1002), D, 1998, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
67135CDWilliams,Jimmy Lee: Hoot Your Belly, Digi, Fat Possum(1009-2), , 03, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
53017CDWilliams,Ron & The Bluesnight Band: Gotta do Right Thing, Acoustic Music(319.1348.2), D, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
95970CDWilliamson,Sonny Boy: Vol.2 1940/1942, Blues Collection(158102), UK, 2000, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
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62751CDWinter,Edgar & Rick Derringer: Live In Japan, CTE, D, 90, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
95418CDWinter,Johnny: Second Winter, Digi, FS-New, Repertoire(REPUK 1090), D, 2007, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
91309CDWinter,Johnny: The Progressive Blues, Repertoire(4866), D, FS-New, 2000, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
80138CDWolfe,Todd & Under The Radar: Borrowed Time, Hypertension(HYP 9266), EU, 2009, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
51769CDWood,Charlie: Southbound, Go Jazz, , 1997, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
93138CDWrencher,Big John: Big John's Boogie Plus, FS-New, Sanctuary(CMRcd 649), UK, 2003, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
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50294CDYeti's Skiffle Men: Over in the Gloryland, Pastels(20.1634), EEC, 1995, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
57709CDZwingenberger,Axel & Big Joe Turner: Let's Boogie Woogie All Night Long, Vagabond(VRCD 8.79012), D, 1991, p1 p2 11,50 Euro

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