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Nr.TypInterpret:Titel, Label(Nr), Land, Ej, Infobild p1 p2...Preis
83879CDAstor,Tom: Diesel Country, vg+/m-, EMI, D, 1996, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
95016CDAstor,Tom: Sturm Und Drang, FS-New, Electrola(7 89382 2), D, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
95001CDAstor,Tom: Voll Aus dem Leben, FS-New, Electrola, D, 1991, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83860CDBare,Bobby: The Moon was Blue, Dualtone Music, US, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80781CDBlaze Foley: The Dawg Years, Digi, FS-New, Fat Possum(FPI 1223-2), , 2010, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83886CDBoggs, the: We Are the Boggs, Arena Rock, EU, 2001, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83868CDBolles,David: All my Heroes Played Guitars, Playback, US, 1993, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
96306CDBonnie "Prince" Billy sings: The Letting go, Digi, FS-New, Domino, EU, 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
83907CDBoxcar Willie & Friends: Gentlemen of Country, Javelin(HADcd177), UK, 1994, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
98350CDBrooks,Garth: The Hits, Liberty(8 32081 2), D, 1994, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
93314CDCampbell,Kate: Songs From The Levee, Compass(FIENDcd780), UK, 1996, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
95757CDCarpenter,Mary-Chapin: Come On Come On, FS-New, Columbia(471898 2), D, 1992, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
93971CDCarter Cash,June: Ring of Fire, the Best of, Dualtone, US, 2005, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
97864CDCase,Neko: Blacklisted, Matador, EU, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
90183CDR5"Cash,Johnny: Hurt, 1Tr. Promo, CDR, Universal, D, p1 3,00 Euro
81679CDCash,Johnny: Live, LaserLight(12 888), D, 1997, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
961132CDCash,Johnny: Personal File, Columbia/Legacy, EU, 2006, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
80258CDCash,Johnny: The Fabulous J.C/Songs of the Soil, Columbia(494896 2), UK,2on1, 1999, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83894CDCline,Patsy: A Star is Born-live, 17 Tr., Yeaah!(48), UK, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
99194CDCornett,Jimmy: Rhythm of Hell, Angels History,Digi, J.C./M.A.T.(231686), D, 2007, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
84319CDCowboys On Dope: Black Money, Bex Records, EU, 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97762CDCyrus,Billy Ray: Some Gave All, Mercury(510 635-2), EU, 1992, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
83898CDDagmar: Bitte noch einmal, Koch, D, 1998, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
82066CDDagmar: Gelbe Rosen-The Lady of Country, Koch(322 576), A, 1991, p1 p2 15,00 Euro
83909CDDagmar: Laß mich blos in Ruhe, Koch(399 899), D, 1996, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83908CDDagmar: Mit Herz und Gefühl, vg+/m-, Koch, D, 1997, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
81296CDDe Lange,Ilse: World Of Hurt, WB, D, 1998, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
98580CDDelevantes: Long About That Time, Rounder, NL, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
950092CDDenver,John: Seine Größten Erfolge,Lim.Ed., RCA, EC, 1995, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
93529CDDickson,Barbara: Collection, FS-New, UnionSq., UK, 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83890CDDudley,Dave: Six Days on the Road, 16Tr., LaserLight(32 404), D, 2004, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
93296CDFireballs: Torquay/Campusology, FS-New, ACE, D, 2006, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
99532CDFlo Fernandez: Prärie d'Amour, Digi, FS-New, Dian(313-8003-2), D, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
98649CDFloyd Band,Gary: Broken Angels, Digi, FS-New, Glitterh., D, 1995, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95014CDGarrison: On The Road To Memphis, FS-New, Castle, UK, 1996, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
83889CDGood Sons: Angels In The End, Watermelon(1068), US, 1998, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83874CDGood Sons: Wines,Lines And Valentines, Glitterhouse(GRCD 427), D, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83913CDGreencards: Movin' On, Dualtone, US, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
84267CDGriffith,Nancy: Other Voices Other Rooms, Elektra, D, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83910CDHaggard,Merle: Roots, Vol.1, Anti, , 2001, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83871CDHancock,Butch: Own And Own, Demon, UK, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83861CDHayes,Wade: Old Enough To Know Better, DKC, A, 1994, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83878CDHill,Faith: Breathe, WB, D, 1999, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
83873CDHutchens,The: Knock Knock, Atlantic, US, 1995, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
83858CDJones,George: Cold Hard Truth, Asylum, D, 1999, p1 p2 p3 10,00 Euro
98544CDJudd,Wynonna: Tell Me Why, Curb, D, 93, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
80259CDKeith,Toby: Greatest Hits 2, DreamWork(B0002323-2), , 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83896CDKennedy Rose: Walk the Line, vg+/m-, Pangeae, , 1994, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
92512CDKernagham,Tania: Dancing on Water, EMI, AUS, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83864CDKinleys,The: Just Between You And Me, Epic, A, 1997, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83892CDLammers Meyer,Hermann: Aus dem Leben, FS-New, ZYX(CR 30004-2), D, 2006, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
83893CDLammers Meyer,Hermann: The Good Old Days, Desert Kid Record(DK 2004-16), p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99067CDLang,K.D.: Drag, WB, D, 1997, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96690CDLang,K.D.: Even Cowgirls Got The Blues, Sire, D, 1993, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
84339CDLang,K.D.: Ingenue, Sire, D, 1992, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83897CDLang,K.D. and the Reclines: Absolute Torch And Twang, Sire, D, 1989, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96971CDLawson,Tim: Please no Talking, Timberholm, D, 01, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
83865CDLonesome Strangers: Same, Hightone(HCD 8016), , 1989, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97461CDLucky 7: One Way Track, 14 Tr., Gee-Dee(271070), D, 1994, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83902CDLyng,Bob & Friends: The Wedding Bootleg, vg+/m-, IRS, NL, 1994, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
98961CDMavericks: The Best Of, Merc., EEC, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83903CDMc Entire,Reba: Greatest Hits, MCA, US, 1987, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83866CDMcCaslin,Mary: Old Friends, Rounder, CDN, 1996, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
99562CDMeisel,Kevin: Coal and Diamonds, Thursday Rec.(OMC0019), US, 1998, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95259CDNail,Jimmy: Growing Up In Public, FS-New, EW, D, 1992, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83876CDNeil Cleary: Numbers Add Up, Spit & Polish, , 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
90352CD5"Nelson,Willie: Mendocino Country Line,1Tr.Promo, UMG/L.Mole, EU,Digi, 02, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
91218CDNitty Gritty Dirt Band: Acoustic, WB, US, 94, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83881CDNoonan Band,Carol: Noonan Building and Wrecking, Rounder(PH 1196), NL, 1997, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
83882CDNoonan Band,Carol: The Only Witness, Rounder(PH 1209), US, 1996, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
83862CDOak Ridge Boys: Gypsy Boy, Nashville Clan, D, 1999, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
83887CDPerry,Al & Dan Stuart: Retronuevo, vg+/m-, Normal, D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
83904CDPeterson,Michael: Being Human, Reprise, D, 1999, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83899CDPettis,Pierce: Everything Matters, Compass(7 4252 2), US, co, 1998, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83900CDRainravens: One Last Saturday Night, Blue Rose(0239), D, 2001, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
96636CDRaitt,Bonnie: Takin My Time(73), WB, D, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83880CDRay,Will: Invisible Birds, vg+/m-, Country Town Music(DFGCD 8449), F, 1996, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
97436CD5"Rimes,Le Ann: I Need You+3, Curb, EU, 00, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
83905CDRimes,LeAnn: The Best Of, Curb, EU, 2004, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83884CD5"Rimes,LeAnn: This Love,1Tr.Promo, Curb, EU, 2003, p1 p2 3,00 Euro
83883CDRimes,LeAnn: Twisted Angel, Curb, D, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
90177CDRimes,LeAnn: Twisted Angel, 13 Tr. Promo, Curb(5281), D, 2002, p1 7,50 Euro
96692CDRimes,LeAnn: Unchained Melody/EarlyYears, Curb, NL, 1997, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
92990CDRogers,Kenny: Back To The Well, FS-New, Dreamcatcher, UK, 2003, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
929522CDRogers,Kenny: Back To The Well, Lim.Ed., FS-New, Dreamcatcher(SANDD129), UK, 2003, p1 p2 9,00 Euro
81582CDRogers,Kenny: Country Classics, 20 Tr., EMI(8 56029 2 4), EU, 1997, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
83870CDRogers,Kenny: If only my Heart had a voice, Sanctuary, EU, 2003, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
84363CDRogers,Kenny: Ruby, 12 Tr., SMS(SMS 05), D, 1999, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
83901CDRogers,Kenny: They Don't Make Them Like they..., Dreamcatcher/Castle, EU, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
98582CDSawyer Brown: This Thing called wantin' and h..., Curb, D, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83875CDSharp,Kevin: Love Is, Asylum, US, co, 1998, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
94941CDSorrels,Rosalie: Borderline Heart, FS-New, GreenLinne, US, 95, p1 p2 12,50 Euro
81081CDStevens,Ray: Osama - Yo Mama The Album, Curb, D, 2002, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83888CDTruck Stop: Immer geradeaus, vg+/m-, Sony(82876 72591-2), , 2006, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
83891CDTruck Stop: Same, Karussell(835 525-2), D, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83867CDTwain,Shania: Come On Over, Mercury(170 081-2), EU, 1998, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
83885CDTwain,Shania: For The Love Of Him(89), Universe, D, 1999, p1 p2 6,00 Euro
83872CDTwain,Shania: On The Way, NMC(Pilot 54), UK, 1999, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
90528CDTwain,Shania: On The Way, FS-New, NMC(Pilot 54), UK, 99, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83911CDTwain,Shania: Same, Merc., D, 1993, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
96689CDTwain,Shania: The Woman In Me, 12 Tr., Mercury, D, 1995, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
954602CDTwain,Shania: Up!, Mercury, EU, 2002, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
83869CDUnleashed Live: Robinson, Ingram ,Robison, Sony, EU, 2000, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
84432CDV.A.Apalachian Stomp: Bluegrass Classics, Rhino(R2 71870), US, 1995, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
952952CDV.A.Classic Country 1975-79: 30 Tr., FS-New, TimeLife(TL 626/01), EU, 1999, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
93295CDV.A.Country & West Coast: The Birth of County Rock, FS-New, ACE, D, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
967873CDV.A.Country & Western: Songs of the Road, Box, Ganser & Hanke, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
97069CDV.A.Country Outlaws: George Jones...Freddy Weller,20 Tr., MCR(2631062), NL, 1990, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
838592CDV.A.Elko!: A Cowboy Gathering, Westen Jubilee, US, 2005, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
97800CDV.A.He'll Have To Go: 24 Golden Country Hits, Yesterdays Gold(CD YDG 74610), P, 1987, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
9227110CDV.A.Mega Country: 200 Mega Hits, Box-Set, Americana Masters, D, 1997, p1 p2 p3 10,00 Euro
903764CDV.A.Pure Country Moods: Country & Western Tearjerking Moods, Beechwood, UK-Box, 04, p1 p2 p3 7,50 Euro
83877CD5"Village-Boys: It's Country Time,4 Tr., H.Kurze, D, p1 p2 5,00 Euro
80619CDWebb,Jimmy: Just Across the River, FS-New, E1(E1E-cd-2068), US, 2010, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
92243CDWebb,Jimmy: Twilight of the Renegades, FS-New, Sanctuary, EU, 2005, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
95370CDWilliams Jr.,Hank: Almeria Club, Curb, D, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95292CDWilliams,Hank: Legendary Country Singers, 12 Tr., Time Life(C26300GG53), EU FS-New, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
95369CDWilliams,Hank III: Lovesick, Broke & Driftin', Curb, D, 2002, p1 p2 10,00 Euro
83906CDWreckers,The: Stand Still-Look Pretty, Maverick, EU, 2006, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
95298CDYellow Moon: Across the Border, FS-New, Moon Sound, , 2003, p1 p2 11,50 Euro
83912CDYoakam,Dwight: Guitars,Cadillacs,etc.,etc., Reprise, D, 1986, p1 p2 7,50 Euro
81596CDYoung,Faron: Hello Walls, TIM(204821-205), D, 1999, p1 p2 5,50 Euro
94937CDYoung,Roger Dean & The Tin Cup: Casa, FS-New, Loose, UK, 2006, p1 p2 10,00 Euro

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