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56142CDBackbeat: 12 Tr. By Backbeat Band, Virgin, NL, 94,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X1803LPBuckley Set,Sean: Hit House Hits, m-/VG-, hit house(249 980), D, 1968,  p1 p2120,00 Euro
S83937"Cuff Links: When Julie Comes Around/Sally Ann, MCA(MCS 1602), D,  p1 p25,00 Euro
96542CDDave Dee Dozy,Beaky,Mich & Tich: Fresh Ear, Digi, FS-New, Repertoire(REPUK 1054), UK, 2006,  p1 p211,50 Euro
X2046LPDave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Tich: Attention! Vol.2, Fontana Special(6438 203), D,  p1 p25,50 Euro
T9497"Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Tich: Save Me/Shame, vg+, NoCover, Star Club(148 575 STF), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X4037LPDutronc,Jacques: Same, Profile Serie, Vogue(6.24273), D, 1970,  p1 p26,00 Euro
965412CDEasybeats,The: The Definitive Anthology,Box FS-New, Repertoire(REP 4505-WO), D, 1996,  p1 p212,50 Euro
954112CDEasybeats,The: The Singles As & Bs, Digi, FS-New, Repertoire(REP 5039), D, 2005,  p1 p214,00 Euro
X1877LPFats & the Cats: Rock 'n' Roll with,Starclub, m-/vg+, CBS(S 53 253), NL, Ri, 1975,  p1 p245,00 Euro
X8169LPGenesis: In The Beginning, London(LC 50006), US, 1977,  p1 p215,50 Euro
820632CDHamburgs Swingings Sixties Musical: Let's Twist, Neues Theater, D, HH, 1998,  p1 p215,00 Euro
T28157"Head,Roy / Equals: Treat Her Right / Baby Come Back,Ri, Classic, LC,Mono(TM - P 3020), Canada,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X606LPLarry & the Movers: The Best Of, Line(6.24592 AP), D, 1981,  p1 p25,50 Euro
T53767"Les Baroques: Troubles/I'll send you. VG-/NoCover, Hansa(19 234), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
93140CDNelson,Sandy: Big Sixties Beat Party'24Tr, FS-New, ACE, UK, 2005,  p1 p211,50 Euro
X5229LPPop Spots: Beating the Beat, vg+/m-, Weltmelodie(WM 025), D,  p1 p29,00 Euro
X2377LPRattles: Attention!, Fontana(6434 162), D,  p1 p212,50 Euro
20100DVD-VRattles: Beat Made In Germany, FS-New, Aviator/ZDF, D, 2005,  p1 p215,00 Euro
X4181LPShannon,Del: 10th Anniversary Album, Sunset(SLS 50 211 XAT), D, 1977,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X1546LPSt.Peters,Chrispian: Yesterday's Pop Scene, vg+/vg+, Decca Musik für Alle(ND 689), D,  p1 p210,00 Euro
T4007CoverSt.Peters,Crispian: You were on my Mind,Only Cover, Decca(Beat for Beaters)(DL 25 230), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
T33237"Tremeloes: Silence Is Golden/Here ComesMyBaby, Epic, LC(15-2265), US, Ri,  p1 p22,50 Euro
96013CDV.A.Beat Generation: 54321,Swinging Blue...Peter Noone, Disky, EU,16Tr., 2001,  p1 p25,00 Euro
96012CDV.A.Beat Generation: Gary & Pacemakers...Scaffold,16Tr., Disky, EU, 2001,  p1 p25,00 Euro
91051CDV.A.Bits & Pieces: Lost & Found, Star Club, D,  p1 p212,50 Euro
91046CDV.A.The Star Club: Singles Complete Vol.11, Star Club, D,  p1 p212,50 Euro
91038CDV.A.The Star Club: Singles Complete Vol.3, Star Club, D,  p1 p212,50 Euro
91043CDV.A.The Star Club: Singles Complete Vol.8, Star Club, D,  p1 p212,50 Euro
Y1967LPV.A.The Star Club Anthology Vol.5: Wayne Fontana&M... Ian & Zodiacs, Star Club(6499 483), D, 12Tr., 1983,  p1 p2 p312,50 Euro
X7061LPV.A.The Streak: Bobby Wineo...Johnny Adams, Power Pak(SA 243), US,  p1 p29,00 Euro

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