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E583912"L'NA: Urgent*2, Club Culture(5050466-15-16-0), D, 2002,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F304112"L.A.Mix: Check This Out*4, BCM(B.C.12-2114-40), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H431112"L.L.Cool J: Going Back To Cali/Jack theRipper+1, Def Jam(DEF 651346 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E251712"L.L.Cool J: I'm Bad +2, Def Jam(650856 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C589712"L.L.Cool J: Strictly Business*4, Uptown(12-54246), US, 1991,  p15,00 Euro
E378812"L.L.Cool J: Take It Off*3/Back Where I Belong*3, Def Jam(DEFF 15143-1), US Promo, 2000,  p13,00 Euro
E984212"L.L.Cool J: You And Me*3/Fuhgidabowdit*3, Def Jam(DEFR 15167-1), US, Promo, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E378712"L.L.Cool J: You And Me*4,Promo, f.Kelly Price, Def Jam(COOLVP1), EU, 2000,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E832012"L.L.Cool J & Spax: Blink Blink*6,  p15,00 Euro
A70012"La Belle: DeepDubHouse-Wasted Time,(4Tr.), BMG(74321 39160-1), EC,0014, 96,  p14,00 Euro
E12612"La Company Creole: Soca Party On The Beach, Carrere(CAR 6.20618 AE), D, 1986,  p11,50 Euro
B915912"Lady Luck: R.U.S.H.*3+3,Flc,Promo, Def Jam(DEFR 15207-1), US, 01,  p14,00 Euro
E295112"Lage,Klaus: Die Liebe bleibt+2, Musikant(1 47402 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F40012"Lake: Alright!*3, Polydor(883 330-1), D, 1985,  p13,00 Euro
F909512"Lake: In The Midnight*2+1 (sp.version), Polydor(885 310-1), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F519712"Lakeside: Outrageous*2, remix/party7:34+1,LC, Solar(TSR 320401), US,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H520212"Lakeside: Relationship*2 inst., Solar/Promo, FLC(SPRO79006), US, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A186412"Lamb,Annabel: African Affair+1, RCA(PT40858), D, 1986,  p14,00 Euro
B191612"Lamb,Annabel: The Flame+2, AM(AMX 182), UK, 1984,  p12,50 Euro
X17612"Lamb,Annabel: When Angels Travel+1, RCA(PT 40662), D, 1986,  p1 p22,00 Euro
B87892*12"Lambda: Hold On Tight*5, AlphabetCi(6975), D, 03,  p15,00 Euro
C905712"Landers,Audrey: Jim,Jeff+Johnny/Hideawayh, Ariola(601 931-213), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H522912"Landers,Audrey: Manuel Goodbye / Shot Down, Ariola(600 853-213), D, m-/vg+, 1983,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E130012"Landon,Neil: Hurricane/1 2 3 Freunde, Mercury(880 028-1 Q), D, 1984,  p13,00 Euro
B917512"Lange feat.Syke: Drifting Away*2,LC, ClubCultur, D,  p13,00 Euro
B895212"Lange feat.The Morrighan: Follow Me*4,Flc, AlphabetCi, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
F877912"Langenhagen: Moinsen!, Kontor(217), D, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E757012"Lasalle,Denise: My Toot Toot/Give me the most str.., Epic(A12-6334), NL, 1985,  p13,00 Euro
X210412"Laser Cowboys: Ultrawarp*2- Death/Chase Mix, Italoheat(ITH 001), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X231812"Latino,Vicio: Sabes Que Hora es?(disco/casual), Epic(A-12-4425), NL, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X261712"Lattisaw,Stacy: Nail it to the Wall *3, Motown(ZT 40886), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F984012"Lauper,Cindy: What's Going On*3+1, Portrait(CYN T 1), UK, 1986,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C811612"Laurens,Rose: Mamy Yoko / Magic and Music, WEA(24-9680-0), D, 1983,  p14,00 Euro
C7948LP/12"Lavilliers,Bernard: Voleur De Feu, Messidor(15967), D, 1987,  p1 p212,50 Euro
H973412"Law,Joanna: Song For Theo/ Warm Love, Recreation, , 2001,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A615912"Le Mar,Gabriel: Why?*2+1, SpiritZone, D, 99,  p14,00 Euro
E211712"Le Rosbifs: BSE Mon Ami+3, Push(PuSH 008), UK, 1997,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X523612"Ledernacken: Boogaloo +2, m-/vg+, Strike Back(SBR 121), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H968712"Ledernacken: Let Yourself Go*2, Yellow(31), , 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X265212"Lee,Angela: Why can't we live *2, m-/vg+, Rush Rec.(RR 12024), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B370312"Lemon Shot: Philadelphia Star Break*2,blueVinyl, Tribe(DA 455 064), D, 83,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F983812"Lennox,Annie & Al Green: Put A Little Love In Your Heart*3, AM(390 382-1), D, 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H802712"Les Enfants: Slipaway +2, Chrysalis(601 671), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F221212"Les Tambours du Bronx: Stereo Stress, Remixes, FS-New, Naive(AD 026), F, 2003,  p17,50 Euro
H445312"Level 42: Hotwater(10:21)+1, Polydor(881 262-1), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A874112"Level 42: Leaving Me Now+2, Polydor(883 570), D, 85,  p12,50 Euro
E402612"Levert-Sweat-Gill: Curious*6, EW(7559-63841-0), D, 1998,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
F255112"Levin,Georg: Heaven EP, FS-New, Sonar Kollektiv(SK053), D, 2003,  p1 p27,50 Euro
E499512"Lewis,Carl: Goin' for the Gold*3, NIKE Cover, RCA(PC 69236), D, 1984,  p1 p27,50 Euro
A202312"Lewis,Charles D.: Soca Dance*2+1, Metron., D, 1990,  p13,00 Euro
A556712"Lewis,Huey & The News: I Want A New Drug+2, Chrys.(601 194-213), D, 83,  p12,50 Euro
X554612"Lewis,Huey & The News: The Power Of Love+2, Chrysalis(601 949-213), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H519012"Lewis,Huey & The News: Walking On A Thin Line, Chrysalis(601 494), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C908412"Lewis,Linda: You Rurnes My Bitter Into*2+1, Ariola(601 453-213), D, 1984,  p13,00 Euro
B871012"Libra presents Taylor: Anomally-Calling Your Name*4,Flc, ClubCultur, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
B944712"Lichtenfels: Sounds Like A Melody Remix*3, ClubCultur, D, 03,  p14,00 Euro
B880012"Lichtenfels: Sounds Like A Melody*2, ClubCultur, D, 03,  p14,00 Euro
X697812"Neuzugang 1/3 
Lieb,Oliver / Mousse T./ Catania: Antakarana*3, RCA(74321 32404 1), EC, 1995,  p1 p2
7,50 Euro
C981712"Liebrand,Ben: I Wish+1, f.Nasty Chat, Epic(656175 6), NL, 1990,  p1 p21,50 Euro
C593412"Liebrand,Ben f.Tony Scott: Move To The Bigband*3, Epic(656176 6), NL, 1990,  p13,00 Euro
B633312"Lieutenant Stitche: Old Time Teaching*2, LC, Atlantic(0-86562), , 88,  p16,00 Euro
A2730Do12"Lighthouse Family: (I Wish I Knew How It Would...,Foc, Polyd., EU Promo, 01,  p17,50 Euro
X84312"Lil Louis: French Kiss 10:02+1, ffrr, FX 115(886 675-1), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B918112"Lil Louis vs Hydrogen Rockers: Blackout*3,Flc, ffrr, UK, 01,  p14,00 Euro
B908812"Lil'Johnny: I Got You*3,Promo, WB(PRO-A-100609), US, 2001,  p11,00 Euro
F299712"Lil'Kim feat. Phil Collins: In The Air Tonite *3, WEA, D, 2001,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B806012"Lil'Kim feat. Phil Collins: In The Air Tonite *5, WEA, D, 2001,  p14,00 Euro
B917412"Lil'Zane: Callin'Me*3,LC,Promo, Priority, US, 00,  p13,00 Euro
F140812"Limahl: Only For Love*2+1,12"Mix, EMI(1078146), EEC, 1983,  p12,50 Euro
F386612"Lime Spiders: Weirdo Libido+5, Zinger(ZINGIT 1), UK, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C43712"*2Limerick,Alison: Gettin'it Right*3+ 12", Arista(GETT1), , 92,  p14,00 Euro
B769412"Lindenberg,Udo: Der Generalsekretär*2+1, Polydor(885 884-1), D, 87,  p1 p26,00 Euro
H859312"Lindenberg,Udo: Find' ich gut (Ede Ödelmann)*3, Polydor(885 393-1), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C259212"Lindsey,Pat: Another Day+2, Kanzleramt(940201), D,  p12,50 Euro
F247412"Lindstrom: I Feel Space , Remixes, Playhouse(Play 121), D, 2006,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X687912"Lipps Inc. / Giorgio Moroder: Funkytown(7:18)/ The Chase(13:06), Casablanca(874 123-1), US, Ri, 1990,  p1 p29,00 Euro
A763312"Liquid: Time To Get Up*2+2, XL(INT 127.904), D, 93,  p14,00 Euro
H388412"Liquid Gold: Dance Yourself Dizzy*2, Creole(6.20067 AE), D, 1980,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B590912"Liquid Metal: Hasta La Vista Baby !*2+1, BMG(4007196152793), D, 92,  p14,00 Euro
C791712"Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam: All Cried Out / Behind my Eyes, CBS(A 12.7268), NL, 1985,  p14,00 Euro
B877012"Lisi aka Purple Haze: Kommt Schon*5+2, Raw Zone(001), D, 01,  p1 p21,50 Euro
B94492*12"Live Element: Be Free*7, StrictlyR., D, 01,  p15,00 Euro
B850412"Living Colour: Ausländer*5, Facts, Epic(659173), NL, 93,  p14,00 Euro
H605912"Living In A Box: Living In A Box*2, Chrysalis(609 085), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B555612"*2Llorca: New Cover Mixes, LC, F Communic,  p15,00 Euro
H972812"Llorca feat.Lady Bird: My Precious Thing*3, F Communications(01347), D, 2001,  p1 p22,50 Euro
A46812"Llorca feat.Lady Bird: My Precious Thing*3,FS-New, F Communic, D, 2001,  p12,50 Euro
H644112"Llorca feat.Lady Bird: My Precious Thing*3,LC,Promo, F Communications, D, FS-New, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X8012"Llorca with Nicole Graham: Indigo Blues*4,Promo, F Communications(F 150), D, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E417912"Loeb,Caroline: A Quoi Tu Penses?+2, Barclay(885 836-1), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X101812"Loeb,Caroline: C'est La Ouate*2+2, Barclay(885 341-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E12412"Lofgren,Nils: Delivery Night +2, Towerbell(TOWT 76), UK, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A871512"Lofgren,Nils: Secrets In The Street/From t. Heart, Ariola(601 810-213), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F787212"Logan,Johnny: Hold Me Now+2, Epic(EPC 650893 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C795412"Logan,Johnny: I'm Not In Love*2+1, Epic(651022 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F893212"Lohen & Lomax: Perfect Harmony, m-/vg+, Bestboy-Recordings(B261639-01), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C856012"Lone Justice: Sweet,Sweet Baby(remix)+2, Geffen(A 12-6426), NL, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B88342*12"Lonyo: Summer Of Love*7, Kontor, D, 01,  p15,00 Euro
E113712"Loophole: Closer To Reality*6, Amber(576 489-1), D, 1996,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F231912"Lopazz: Blood *4, Output(OPR74), , 2004,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A819512"Lopez Project,Nino: Experience*3, Clubgroove(CGR 014-R), D, 2001,  p14,00 Euro
X100212"Lopez,Trini: Trini's Tunes On 45 / My Paraguaya, Polydor(2141 441), D, 1981,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E213612"Lorenzani,Neal: Lovethang *3, Club Tools(0066720CLU), D, 1999,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H505312"Love Club f.Marc Innocent: Get the Balance Right+2, RCA(PT 43812), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C215812"*3Love Happy: Message Of Love, Foc, MCA(WMCST 2040), UK, 95,  p1 p25,00 Euro
A23412"Lovesin,Johnny: (I Need A)Working Girl, AM, NL, 83,  p17,50 Euro
X637912"Lovin'Spoonful: Golden Oldies, 4Tr., RCA(PC60047), D, 1983,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H356712"Low Budget: The Summit *4, Cheyenne Rec(CYX 550), I, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X304212"Low,Gary: I Want You, m-/vg+, Hispavox(549 045), E, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X304312"Low,Gary: You Are A Danger *2, vg+/m-, Hispavox(549 005), EEC, 1982,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E484712"Lowe,Nick: I Knew The Bride...+2, F-Beat(ZT 40304), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A874812"Lu Lafayette's Wolfsmond: Auf Der Reise +1, Spiegelei(int 125.605), D, 83,  p16,00 Euro
F14412"Ludacris: Area Codes*4, Promo, Def Jam(DEFR 15342-1), D, 2001,  p14,00 Euro
F960512"Ludacris: MoveB***h*3+3,Promo, Def Jam(DEFR 15582-1), D, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E847612"Ludacris: Saturday(Oooh!Oooh!)*3+3,Promo, Def Jam(DEFR 15463-1), D, 2001,  p12,50 Euro
F14312"Ludacris: The Potion*2+2, Promo, Def Jam(DEFR 16235-1), D, 2004,  p14,00 Euro
C890812"Luka Leon: Trip Top, 3 Tr., Sony(663510 6), NL, 1996,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F382212"Luke feat The 2 Live Crew: Do the Bart*3+2, Global Satelite(614 273), D, 1991,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H382912"Lusthansa: Nix Neues in Poona+2, m-/vg+,WOC, Hansa(60 709-213), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H870312"Lutter,Robby + Anne Haigis: Zwischen den Fronten+2, Record/Jeton(4186081), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E68212"Luxuria: Beast Box Is Dreaming+2, BBQ(BEG233T), UK, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X638012"Lymon,Frankie & Teenagers: Golden Oldies, Why do fools...,4Tr., RCA,Musterplatte(PC 60049), D, 1983,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B12112"Lyn: Blenda, 6Tr., MingDynast(MD001), D,  p14,00 Euro
H266412"M: Moonlight and Muzak, LimEd., MCA(0932.001), D, stoc, 1979,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B5110Do12"M: Razzia'99*6, Nerve, D,  p14,00 Euro
F302412"M.C.Hammer: Let's Get It Started*2, FLC, Bustin'Records(BR 1987-3), US, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B370212"M.C.Hammer: Turn This Mutha out+1, Capitol(20 3416 6), D, 1988,  p14,00 Euro
B59112"M.C.Mike Mee: West Rap*2+1, DasStudio, D,  p14,00 Euro
X216112"M.C.Miker G & Deejay Sven: Holiday Rap*3+1, Rush(608 437-213), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E214212"M.Experience: The Tunnel *4,Promo, Orbit(818269), D,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C43312"M.T.: Die Macht *5,Promo, (914), , 91,  p14,00 Euro
X524012"M.T.R.: The Walk*2, ZYX(5636), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B871312"M.U.T.E.: Dial Me*3, CultureClu, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
B940612"M.U.T.E.: Missed Beat*3, ClubCultur, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
A378012"Maas,Timo: To Get Down*2, , D,  p14,00 Euro
B877812"Mabel: Bum Bum*3+1(The Club Mixes), WEA, D, 00,  p14,00 Euro
B955412"Mabel: Don't Let Me Down*4,LC, WEA, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
X563112"Mac Band: Roses are Red, MCA(257 859-0), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H418412"Mac Band: Stalemate*2, remix, MCA(MCAT 1271), UK, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F258012"MacLure,Pinkie & David Harrow: Bite The Hands That Feed you+1, INK(1210), , 1985,  p14,00 Euro
X3674*12"Maddkatt Courtship: I Know Electrikboy,33rpm, ffrr(3984 29244-1), D, 1999,  p1 p210,00 Euro
E344612"Madison Avenue: Who The Hell Are You*2, Vicious Grooves(669459 8), AUS, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X380312"Madonna: Don't Tell Me*3+1, Maverick(093624495505), D, 2000,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X219012"Madonna: Into The Groove+2, Sire(920 352-0), D, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H431212"Madonna: The Look Of Love +2, Sire(920 836-0), D, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H978212"Madonna: Who's That Girl*2+1, Sire(920 692-0), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H872112"Maffay,Peter & Tame: Same, 4 Tr., Teldec(6.26000 AG), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F888212"Magnapop: Slowly,Slowly +3, Play it ag(bias 257), NL,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A505912"Magnapop: Slowly,Slowly, White Vinyl, Play it ag, UK,  p15,00 Euro
F34312"Magnetics,The: Four On The Floor,Co,FS-New, Line(LIEP 3.00002), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X263312"Mai Tai: Bet That's What you Say *2, Injection(234.795), , 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C294612"Mainframe: 5 Minutes *2+1, Polydor(883 408-1), D, 85,  p13,00 Euro
C843012"Mainframe: 5 Minutes On.. +2, Polyd.(MAINF 1), UK, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B870312"Major League: Wonder*3+1, Flc, ClubCultur, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
H473212"Makossa,Jack E.: The Opera House-Acid, ZYX(5983), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X221712"Makossa,Jack E.: The Opera House/African mix, remix, Champion(CHAMP 12 50), UK, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F212512"Malheiros,Sabrina: Passa+3,Album Sampler FLC, Far Out, , 2005,  p14,00 Euro
B896212"Malik: Oh!No!*5+3, Sound Release, D, 2001,  p1 p22,00 Euro
E1812"Mallone,Bugsy: Belly To Belly, LC, King Jam(12KJ 089), UK,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C294712"Man Klan: Wanting And Waiting *2+1, WIRE(WRMS018), UK, 87,  p13,00 Euro
B915512"Manges: Tiefergelegt*3+3,LC, Kehlkopf, D, 02,  p14,00 Euro
E53912"Mango: We Don't Work No More+1, Metronome(0930.060), D, 1982,  p13,00 Euro
H872712"Mann,Martin: Meilenweit muß ich geh'n*2+1, Jupiter(614 098), D, 1991,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X220112"Mantronix: Got to have your love *6, Capitol(V-15521), US, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H798012"Mantronix: Take your Time/Got to have your lov, Capitol(20 3909 6), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F249412"Marathon Men: Blessings, mix/Funkaddiction, Chillifunk(12cf079), , 2006,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B944612"Marberg,Marc: Hackin'*2, Leaded, D, 03,  p13,00 Euro
B896012"Marburg Asozial: Ärschtritts*3+5, Deck 8, D, 00,  p15,00 Euro
B956112"Marc et Claude: I Need Your Lovin'*2,Vinyl 2,Flc, AlphabetCi, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
B944312"Marc et Claude: It's All For Love*3,Flc, Alpha+, D, 03,  p14,00 Euro
B919912"Marc et Claude: It's All For Love+1,Flc, Alpha+, D, 03,  p13,00 Euro
E584012"Marc et Claude: Loving You 2002*2, FS-New, Alphabet City(ABCD 0218-6), D, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B917712"Marc et Claude: Loving You*3,Vinyl 1,Flc, AlphabetCi, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
B917812"Marc et Claude: Loving You*3,Vinyl 2,Flc, AlphabetCi, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
A279612"Marc et Claude vs.Dr.Sam: A Tribute To Kraftwerk,4Tr., Orbit, , 98,  p13,00 Euro
H872912"March,Peggy: Where Did Our Love Go*2+1, Ariola(608 182-213), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C261712"Marchena,Guillermo: My Love Is A Tango+2, Teldec(6.20863 AE), D, 87,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X255312"Marcus,Jürgen: Liberation Day *2+1, AM(390311-1), D, 1988,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X673112"Mareen,Mike: Love-Spy*3, Night'nDay(30.1040), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B900712"Marie,Teena: Jammin(Dance,Radio,Fun) d.mix.Long, CBS(A 12.6226), NL, 85,  p13,00 Euro
H436412"Marietta: Fire And Ice*2+1, CBS(A 12.6827), NL, 1986,  p1 p22,00 Euro
H925712"Marillion: Garden Party + 2, m-/vg+, EMI(20 1190 6), NL, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H925412"Marillion: Market Square Heroes+2, EMI(12 EMI 5351), UK, 1982,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H925812"Marillion: Warm Wet Circles, Remix +2, EMI(20 2166 6), D, 1987,  p1 p25,50 Euro
F868112"Mark v.Dale with Enrico: Klubbheads Mix/Dub FoundationRMX, Club Tools(814203), , LC,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E170612"Mark,Money: Hand In You Head+2, AM(mw066), UK, 1998,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H872412"Markus: Ich Will Spass'95,4 mixes, Promo,LC, DancePool(2453-6), , 1995,  p1 p22,50 Euro
B589712"Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Good Vibrations*3+1, Intersc., D, 91,  p14,00 Euro
E832412"Marley,Damian: Still Searching*2+2, Promo, Motown, EU, 2001,  p13,00 Euro
E522912"Marley,Damian: Still Searching*2+2, Promo, FS-New, Motown, EU, 2001,  p15,00 Euro
C185512"Marley,Ziggy & Melody Maker: Good Time*2+1, Virgin(VUST 54), UK, 1991,  p13,00 Euro
A196712"Marley,Ziggy & Melody Maker: Look Who's Dancing*2+2, Virgin, D, 89,  p17,50 Euro
A969012"Marley,Ziggy and the Melody Maker: Tumblin' down, Virgin(611 623-213), D, 88,  p14,00 Euro
H554512"Marrow,Lee: Don't stop the music *2, Transparent(609 296-213), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H990612"Marrow,Lee: Shanghai*2,short,wxt., green Vinyl, Chic(6.20433), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H844912"Marrow,Lee: Shanghai*2,short,wxt., orange vinyl, Chic(6.20433), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X76312"Marrs: Pump Up The Volume+1,(anitina), 4AD(BAD 707), F, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B474712"*2Martha & the Muffins-Tribute to: Select Cuts from Echo Beach,rmx, SelectedC.(33412), EU,new/vg+,  p1 p27,50 Euro
C793112"Martin,George: Back Gammon*2, Polydor(883 896-1), D, 1986,  p13,00 Euro
B155112"Martin,Marilyn: Night Moves+1, Atlantic(786829), D, 85,  p13,00 Euro
A349612"Martin,Ricky: Amor*4,Promo, Sony, NL, 01,  p15,00 Euro
X541912"Martinelli: Cenerentola, rmx vocal/club,orangeV, Chic(6.20508), D, 1985,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
H173312"Martini Ranch: Reach, / Richard Cory, Sire(920 868), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X103012"Martyn,John: Lonely Love+2, Island(12 IS 272), UK, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X363712"Marx,Richard: Too Late To Say Goodbye+2, EMI(20 3740 6), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C440812"Masekela,Hugh: Lady+1, Jive(6.20442 AE), D, 1985,  p13,00 Euro
X407212"Masquerade: Guardian Angel+1(orign.vers.), Metronome(815 972-1), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E390712"Master Wel: When I Was A Sperm,5 Tr., Fourth & Broadway(12BRW316/854229), , 1995,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H354612"Masterboy: Dance to the Beat *3-Loca-House-Rmx, Polydor(877 403-1), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H354512"Masterboy: Dance to the Beat *3-sp.Dee Jay Mix, Polydor(877 069-1), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C512512"Mastino: Angst Erigiert,die Angst Regiert, L'Age D'Or, , 93,  p13,00 Euro
B811312"Matee,Mayte: I do I do *2, Polyd., D, 88,  p14,00 Euro
B873512"Mathee,Andy vs.B.J.Williams: Party Children*4,Flc, DeepCultur, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
H962912"Matt Bianco: Dancing In The Street*2+1, WEA(248 686-0), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B589412"Matt Bianco: Macumba*3, Warner(YZ 597 T), D, 91,  p14,00 Euro
X548512"Max Mix 5: Mike Platinas,Javier Ussia.., MAX Musik(LP 275-1), E,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B291712"Maxi-Jazz And The Soul Food Cafe: Brixton*2/SW2*2, FLC, Revco(CTO10), UK, 1996,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F214212"Mayer/Voigt/Davidovitc: Speicher 36, FLC, Kompakt(KOM EX 36), , 2006,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X217912"Mazelle,Kym: Useless *3, Syncopate(20 2976 6), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H614112"MC 900 FTJesus: The City Sleeps *4, Nettwerk(NET 037), NL, 1991,  p1 p26,00 Euro
E173912"Mc B. feat. Daisy Dee: This Beat Is Technotronic*2+1, Dance Street(DST 112 001), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E68312"MC B. feat.DAISY DEE: Crazy *3 (mix)/, Dance Street(DST 1015-12), D, 1990,  p13,00 Euro
F140512"Mc Crae,George: Rock Your Baby+1,Frankfurt Mix, Ariola(608 940-213), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C265512"Mc Crae,George: That's Love*2+1, Ariola(609 499), D, 87,  p12,50 Euro
E202312"Mc Donald,Malcolm: I Shot The Sheriff/Good Sheriff, EMI(11 8770 6), EEC, 1986,  p12,50 Euro
C752612"Mc Ferrin,Bobby: Good Lovin'*3, EMI(20 3149 6), EEC,  p1 p21,50 Euro
E106712"Mc Kee,Maria: Breathe / Panic Beach/+1, Geffen(GFST 1), UK, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B954012"Mc Knight,Brian: 6,8,12*4,Promo, Motown(MOTR 20237-1), US, 00,  p14,00 Euro
C983112"Mc Lachlan,Craig and Check 1-2: Amanda +2, Epic(656170 6), NL, 1990,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H424112"Mc Laren,M. & Bootzilla Orch.: Something's Jumpin' in your Shirt+1, Epic(655 129 6), NL, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C879312"Mc Laren,Malcolm: Duck For The Oyster+2, Virgin(MALC 412), UK, 1983,  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
C852112"Mc Laren,Malcolm: Duck Rock Cheer / Boys Chor, Virgin(602 081-213), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C184512"Mc Laren,Malcolm: House Of The Blue Danube*3,dub, Epic(WALTZ T4), UK, 89,  p13,00 Euro
X397612"Mc Laren,Malcolm: Madam Butterfly / First Couple Out, Virgin(601 503-213), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A439112"MC Lyte: Have U Ever*2,Promo, EW, D, 97,  p14,00 Euro
A440112"MC Lyte: It's All Yours*2,Testpressung, WEA, US,  p14,00 Euro
C265412"MC Miker"G": Don't Let The Music Stop*3, Rush(609 156-213), D,  p12,50 Euro
A358912"Mc Murray Show,Dave: Keep On Rising*5, WB, US, 96,  p14,00 Euro
A881312"Mc Night,Sharon: Kiss You All Over *3,Facts, ELISAR(SMN 1812), D,M-/VG+, 85,  p12,50 Euro
B945312"MC Paul Barman: How Hard Is That?*3+3, Matador, UK, 00,  p14,00 Euro
E81812"MDMA: Evidence/Wam Bam (live)/+1, Ecstatic(ECS 12001), UK, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X208712"MDMC: Haw About It, Bellaphon(120 07 074), D, 1984,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C847812"Meat Loaf: Nowhere Fast+ 2 unreleased, Arista(601 585-213), D, 1984,  p1 p27,50 Euro
C840512"Meat Loaf: Piece Of The Action+2, Arista(601 699-213), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A823012"Meat Loaf: Piece Of The Action+2, m-/vg+, Arista(601 699), D, 1985,  p12,50 Euro
C684112"Meat Loaf & John Parr: R'n'R Mercenaries*2+1, Arista(608 458), D, 1986,  p1 p22,00 Euro
H442912"Mechanical Man: Pressure Situation+2, ext.mix, Arista(MAN 121), UK, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B894912"Megablast: Spaces+3, Intonation, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
H878312"Mel & Kim: F.L.M.*3,Coloured Vinyl, Blow Up(INT 125.593), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X227012"Mel & Kim: Respectable*3, MultyGreenViny, Blow Up(INT 125.580), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H878512"Mel & Kim: Respectable*3,sp.rmx,MultyGreenViny, Blow Up(INT 125.589), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H998612"Melanie: Ruby Tuesday,sp.mx89/radio/Show you, Baierle(572 61 011 AD), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E615012"Mellow Man: La Voie du mellow *5, EW(CA 231), , 1995,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B95392*12"Mellow Mark: Feuer/Hunger,, D, 02,  p16,00 Euro
A543712"Mellow Trax: Mystery in Space,Lim Ed,orangeViyl, EDM, FLC,  p14,00 Euro
A439012"Melodic MC feat.J.Brown: Real Man*6,Promo, Virgin, EU, 97,  p15,00 Euro
B907012"Melodie & Rhythmus vs.DJ Bamba: Sandmann,Lieber Sandmann*3, WEA, D,  p13,00 Euro
F381612"Men in Progress: The Bustrip ,ext/dub, co, Who's That Beat(WHOS 18), B,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B179812"Mental As Anything: Don't Tell Me Now(ext.mix)*2+1, Epic(651122 6), NL, 87,  p12,50 Euro
E465412"Mental As Anything: Live It Up(ex) +2, Epic(650319 6), NL, 1984,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E408112"Mental As Anything: You're So Strong Remix+1, Epic(EPCA 12.7138), NL, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X470912"Merchant: Ah Coming too / Pain (Soca), Hot Vinyl(HVT 44),  p1 p24,00 Euro
H861212"Merchant: Rock it.../ Pan in Danger, (Soca), Hot Vinyl(POSPX 764), UK, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H982612"Mercy Mercy: It must be Heaven *2, Island(601 566-213), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A379112"Merrow: African Spirit*4, Organic, D, 01,  p14,00 Euro
X53112"Messer Banzai: Peace Is Wonder*2+1, Orange St(398 00010 16), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X528812"Mezzoforte: Garden Party / Funk Suite, Steinar(STE 1205), UK, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X646912"Mezzoforte: High Season 6:00*2/Magic, RCA(PT 43112), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X262212"Mezzoforte: Nothing Lasts Forever *2 /Joyride, RCA(PT 40980), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H961512"Mezzoforte: Spring Fever / Summer Dream, Steinar Records(STE 1220), , 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F852912"MFA, the: Zone Day, LC, Bpitch Control(BPC109), EU, 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X525012"MFSB: Love Is The Message / TSOP,FLC, Philadelphia(4ZH 06924), US,33rpm,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E275412"MG: Wo gehobelt wird..*2+1, FLC, RTD(113.2458.0),  p1 p2 p34,00 Euro
H429112"Miami Sound Machine: Conga*2(EuroMx,Instr.)/Mucho Money, Epic(EPC 650060 6), NL, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E206512"Miami Sound Machine: Falling In Love(Uh-Oh) +2, Epic(TA 6956), UK, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
F216512"Micatone: Trouble Boy ,Maurice Fulton rmx, Sonar Kollektiv(SK067), EU, FS-New, 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F602512"Michelle and t.Top Motion: World / Saxophon Games, Euro Musik(08-024897-20), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H423LP/12"Michl,Willy: Ois is Blues, Foc, Michl(MR 001/002), D,  p1 p212,50 Euro
X548012"Mico Wave: Star Search*4 rmx Sheep Pettibone, Columbia(44 07841), US, 1987,  p1 p26,00 Euro
C702112"Midler,Bette: To Deserve You*5,LC, Promo, Atlantic(DMD 2259), , 1995,  p1 p27,50 Euro
B293812"Midler,Bette: Wind Beneath My Wings+2, Atlantic(A8972T), D, 1988,  p13,00 Euro
B236812"Midnight Oil: Specises Deceases(4Tr.), CBS(466682 1), NL, 1985,  p14,00 Euro
X293712"Midnight Star: Operator(rmx/party mix)+1, Solar(TSR 320201), D,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E9712"Mighty Lemon Drops: Jenice Long Session +3, StrangeFru(SFNT 004), UK, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F248912"Miguel Migs: Check This Out, FS-New, OM Rec, , 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C637912"Mike & The Mechanics: All I Need Is A Miracle+2, remix, WEA(258 710-0), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E357812"Mike & The Mechanics: Hanging By A Thread+1, co, WEA(258 573-0), D, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C484012"Mike & The Mechanics: The Living Years+2, WEA(257 710-0), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B942212"Miles,Della: All My Life*5,LC, Coconut, EU, 03,  p14,00 Euro
A839612"Milk&Sugar: Higher and Higher, *3, Zeitgeist, D, 01,  p14,00 Euro
C984612"Milla,Roger: Sandy *2 / The Sandy Love, Columb.(656 735 6), NL, 1991,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C958212"Milles,Victoria: Just The Way It Is, Kriwet(67-5501-1), D, 1990,  p11,50 Euro
H511312"Milli Vanilli: Baby don't forget my Number*2+1, Hansa(611 841), D, m-/vg+, 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H509912"Milli Vanilli: Blame It On The Rain*2+1, Hansa(612 364), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H996912"Milli Vanilli: Girl You Know It's True*2+1, Hansa(611 014), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H996212"Milli Vanilli: Keep On Running*3+1, Hansa(613 813), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E529412"Millionadi: Watt Denn?*2+4, Tal Rec., D, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E104912"Mills,Stephanie: The Medicine Song(Ext.Club Rmx/Dub), Mercury(880 180-1 Q), D, 1984,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C980212"Minogue,Kylie: Better The Devil You Know+1, PWL(9031-71673-0), D, 1990,  p1 p22,50 Euro
A359712"Minogue,Kylie: Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi*2+1, PWL, D, 88,  p14,00 Euro
E123712"Minogue,Kylie: The Loco-Motian/I'll Stil, PWL(6.20925 AE), D, 1988,  p14,00 Euro
X45512"Minogue,Kylie & Jason Donovan: Especially For You+1, PWL(6.20994 AE), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C54712"Miracle: Oxygene*2+1, DancePool(DAN 659951 6), NL, 94,  p14,00 Euro
B899212"Miracle: We Ain't Scared*4,LC,Promo, Universal(UNIR-20257-1), US, 00,  p14,00 Euro
F305812"Mirage: Jack Mix+1, BCM(B.C.12-2009-40), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X220612"Mirage: No More No War, Metronome(881 874-1), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E648512"Mirage: Pump Up The...Jack Mix IV, BCM(B.C.12-2057-40), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X225012"*2Mirage: Pump Up The...Jack Mix IV+1, BCM(B.C.24-2057-40), D,Bonus12",  p1 p27,50 Euro
E667512"Mirage: Pump Up The...Jack Mix V, BCM(B.C.12-2057-R), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B470612"Mirage: The Jack Mixes, 4 Tr, BCM(12-2009-40), D,  p14,00 Euro
E214312"Mirrage: Pump Up The...Jack Mix IV, BCM(12-2057-40), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C805712"*2Mirrage: Pump up the..Jack Mix IV, BCM(24-2057-40), D,  p15,00 Euro
E443512"Miss Double D: Saxy Music*4, Lautstark, EU, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H845112"Miss Peppermint: Day by Day *3, FLC, Urban(150 018-1),  p1 p23,00 Euro
B806312"*2Miss Shiva feat.K: Just More*4, Promo,Foc, WEA(6925), D, 02,  p15,00 Euro
B886912"Missy Misdemea Elliott: Supa Dupa Fly (remixes), Elektra, D, 97,  p13,00 Euro
H884612"Mista-E: Don't believe the hype*2,(voc/dub), Urban Acid/Polydor(URBX 28), UK, 1988,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F221012"Mix Master Mike: Bangzilla *5, FS-New, Scratch Recordings(SCR003-1), , 2004,  p1 p29,00 Euro
E150912"Mixed Emotions: Just For You/Chiquita Renita, EMI(1 47379 6), EEC, 1988,  p1 p21,50 Euro
B157412"Mixed Emotions: You Want Love(Maria,Maria...)*2, EMI(14 7172 6), D, 86,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E12512"Models: Cold Fever, Geffen(920 494-0), D, 1986,  p12,50 Euro
X630012"Modern Rocketry: The Right Stuff x2 dub, Megatone Records(MT-123), US, 1983,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X683512"Modern Talking: Cheri,Cheri Lady*2, Hansa(601 950-213), D, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E412312"Modernist: Dali Bop Horizon*3+1, EMI, D, 1997,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F725012"Modjo: Chillin', promo ,one side, Barclay/Universal(0286), EU, 2000,  p1 p26,00 Euro
E191012"Modul (das): Computer Liebe / Rave Remix, Promo, Impulse(IMP 506), I, 1995,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A262712"Money,Eddie: Running Back+1, CBS, NL, 80,  p12,50 Euro
E173812"Monie Love: Grandpa's Party *3, Chrysalis(612 344), D, 1989,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E945512"Monie Love: Monie In The Middle*3+1, Chrysalis(060-3 23534 6), D, 1990,  p12,50 Euro
X226412"Monie Love vs Adeva: Ring my Bell mix *3, Cooltempo(1C 060-323632), EEC, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B716212"Monie Love, feat. True Image: It's A Shame x3, Chrys., D, 90,  p13,00 Euro
C392212"Monique & Tutti Frutti Girls: Super Europe*3, Edelton(EDL 2536-0), D, 90,  p14,00 Euro
B915112"Monkeytribe: Delaware*3,LC, Meteosound, D, 03,  p14,00 Euro
E947712"*2Mono Culture: Light of my Life *6, Nerve Rec./WEA, , 2000,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E655512"Monoloop III: Underwater Feeling*2+2, Fischkopf(FISCH 013), D,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E303112"Montana Blue: Zeb And Lulu/Trains Etc., Pinpoint(57291141 AD), D,  p1 p21,50 Euro
X226512"Montana Sextet: Who needs Enemies*2+1, Virgin(601 044-213), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C160912"Monty Burns: Feuertaufe+2+3Instr., Soundclash(084.054), EU, 2001,  p1 p22,00 Euro
H287612"Moody Blues: Sitting At T.Wheel+2,Remx Greenberg, Threshold(6.20258 AE), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H962412"Moody Blues: Your Wildest Dreams/Talking Talking, Polydor(883 906-1), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X693212"Moon: Hot Summer Night*4, Discomagic(12164), I, 1993,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E194012"Moon Martin: X-Ry Vision, Capitol(K052-86 489), D, 1982,  p12,50 Euro
E942712"Moonbootique -V.A.: Moonbootation+3, LC, Moonb.(moon 001), , 2001,  p14,00 Euro
F449412"Moore,Gary: Friday On My Mind*2+1, 10(609 080-213), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F760212"Moore,Gary: Ready For Love+2, Virgin(612 081-213), D, 1989,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B806512"Morcheeba: Love Sweet Love*2+1,Promo, China(00458), , 01,  p14,00 Euro
F251712"Morcheeba: Wonders Never Cease+3, G+G Rec.(ECSY164), , 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X534712"Moroder,Giorgio: Reach Out*2, CBS(A 12.4570), NL, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E383112"Moroder,Giorgio: Take My Breath Away*4,Promo, DJ Empire(CNF 021), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E247112"Morris Minor & Majors: Stutter Rap*2+1, 10 Rec.(609 751-213), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C182112"Morrison,Mark & C.Reeves: Best Friend*2,Promo, WEA,  p14,00 Euro
H877612"Moses P.: Can this be love/tEnd,rmx Liebrand, Logic(612 420), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H516812"Moses P.: Twilight Zone*3(twilight-A-Mix), Logic(611 943), D, 1989,  p1 p29,00 Euro
C897512"Moses,Rick: If I Could Just Fallinlove+1, Teldec(6.20516 AE), D, 1985,  p11,50 Euro
X236412"Moskwa TV: Tekno Talk(Bombing Mix), Westside(21014), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C829812"Motels: Shame *2 dance mix/Shame, Facts, Capitol(K060-20 0745 6), EEC, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H435712"Moti Special: Cold Days Hot Nights+1, OrangeVinyl, Teldec(6.20384 AE), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C987412"Moti Special: Cold Days Hot Nights+1,Green Vinyl, Teldec(6.20384 AE), D, 1985,  p12,50 Euro
F733212"Moti Special: Cold Days Hot Nights+1,Yellow vinyl, Teldec(6.20384 AE), D, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
F363012"Moti Special: Dancing For Victory*2+1, Polydor(873 955-1), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H844812"Moti Special: Don't Be So Shy(Ext)+1,green vinyl, Teldec(6.20444 AE), D, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E121712"Moti Special: Don't Be So Shy(Ext)+1,orange vinyl, Teldec(6.20444 AE), D, 1985,  p13,00 Euro
C963412"Motor Weirdos: Wicked + 4Tr.Soundtrack, Glitterhouse 0029(04463-90 EFA), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E44912"Movin'Souls feat. Daddy Freddy: Nonstop Jugglin'*6, Sony(664592), NL, 1997,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E774012"Movin'Souls feat. Daddy Freddy: Nonstop Jugglin'*8, DancePool(663505 6), NL, 1996,  p14,00 Euro
A391312"Moyet,Alison: Love Letters +2, CBS, NL, 87,  p12,50 Euro
H755012"Moyet,Alison: That Ole Devil Called Love*2/Don' b, CBS(A 12.6044), NL, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C29412"Moyet,Alison: Weak In The Presense Of Beauty*2+1, CBS(6504432 6), NL, 87,  p13,00 Euro
B106512"Moyet,Alison w. David Freeman: Sleep Like Breathing+3, CBS(651112 9), NL, 1987,  p1 p22,00 Euro
B585512"Mr. Lee f. R.Kelly: Hey Love, Jive(T 298), UK, 92,  p13,00 Euro
A321712"Mr.M.A.X.(Max Hhhhhhheadroom): Hit The Beat +2, Polydor(889 311-1), D, 89,  p14,00 Euro
H1647P12"Mr.Matey: Acid Party*2+1,Pictute Disc, Flim Flam(FFR 1205),  p1 p230,00 Euro
C67612"Mr.Mister: Broken Wings(ex)+2, RCA(PT 49946), D, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
F250512"Mr.Oizo: Nazis *2+1, F Communications(F239), , 2006,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C915512"Mr.President: I Give You My Heart *6, Flc, WEA(0630-15760-0), D, 1996,  p12,50 Euro
A86212"Mudhoney/Gas Haffner: You Stupid Asshole/Knife Manual+2, Empty Rec.(EFA 11352-02), D,  p17,50 Euro
H888212"Müller-Westernhagen,Marius: Freiheit(Live)+2, WB(9031-72533-0), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X673012"Müller-Westernhagen,Marius: Weil Ich Dich Liebe*2/Lieb mich, WEA(246 550-0), D, vg+/m-, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F319812"Münchener Freiheit: Ohne Dich(Schlaf Ich Heut Nacht..), CBS(A 12.6677), NL, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X118412"Münchener Freiheit: So Lang Man Träumen Noch Leben..*3, CBS(651247 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C900112"Munich: American Girl(sp.maxiVers)/Hot Skin, Intercord(INT 125.244), D, 1986,  p12,50 Euro
X76212"Münster's Old Merry Tale Jazz Band: Alle Jahre wieder..f.Audrey Motaung, Flop (Langnese)(Flop No.7), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B974812"Murphy,Eddie: Party All The Time*3, CBS(A 12.4457), NL, 85,  p12,50 Euro
H533712"Murphy,Eddie: Put your mouth on me *4, CBS(65500 6), NL, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C54312"Music Factory: I Only Movie For Money, Foc, MetroVinyl, D,  p13,00 Euro
B564012"Musiq: Girls Next Door*3+3, Def Jam(314 572 748-1), US, 00,  p13,00 Euro
B874412"Musiq: Medioloco*2+2,Flc,Promo, DefSoul(DEFR 15602-1), US, 02,  p14,00 Euro
X630612"Musix: X-Tra X-Tra(Autobahn 5), Bellaphon(120 07 101), D, 1984,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X61712"Muskat: Miami*2+4,, EU,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F874012"Mute Drivers: Boomtown+2, m-/vg+, Iradiated Rec.(12Red1), UK, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X235312"My Mine: Cupid Girl+1,multicol.Vinyl, Blow Up(INT 125.532), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F213912"My Robot Friend: Dial Zero *3, Soma(196), , 2006,  p15,00 Euro
B881712"Mya: Case Of The Ex*4,Flc,Promo, Universal, D,  p13,00 Euro
A349812"Mya: Free*4, Remixes, Ruffnation, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
C215312"Myles,Alannah: Love Is / Rock This Joint+1, Atlantic(A 8918 T), D, 89,  p12,50 Euro
X363112"Mysterious Art: Das Omen I*2,(6:57), CBS(654815 6), NL, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X222312"N+M, the Lady Rappers: School Rap*3, Injection/Polydor(885 354-1), NL, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C992012"N-Factor: Do Or Die*2/Berlin Story, Ariola(613 547), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A30912"N-Factor: It's Like That*4, Ariola(612717), D, 89,  p14,00 Euro
C982312"N.M.C.: Soll Ich Bleiben Oder Gehen, Columb.(656868 6), NL, 1991,  p1 p2
•Should I Stay or Should I go - Deutsche Version
3,00 Euro
C220412"N2deep: Toss-Up*4/Do Tha Crew*2,Promo,FLC, Profile, , 93,  p14,00 Euro
F49512"Naidoo,Xavier: Abschied Nehmen*4, Naidoo(050-66065), D, 2002,  p15,00 Euro
C442512"Naidoo,Xavier: Wenn Ich Schon Kinder Hätte*5, Naidoo(050-66055), D, 2002,  p15,00 Euro
C818212"Nail,Jimmy: Love Don't Live Here Anymore+1, Virgin(601 875-213), D, 1985,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C295912"Naked Prey: Live In Tuscon, 5 Tr., Fundamenta(Pray 10), NL,  p14,00 Euro
E449712"Name,The: Runaway+2, China, D, 1989,  p1 p21,50 Euro
F222212"Namosh: The Pulse, Bungalow(bung 120), , 2005,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B905112"Namusoke: Murder Time*3+3, Buback(BTT 72-6), D, 03,  p14,00 Euro
X211512"Nannini,Gianna: Hey Bionda*3, Metron.(887 663-1), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C879412"Nannini,Gianna: I Maschi , 11:45/6:05 (extra lg/lg), Metronome(887 211-1), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E695912"Nannini,Gianna: Sorridi*2+1, m-/vg+, Metronome(867 305-1), D, 1991,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E230312"Nannini,Gianna: Un Ragazzo Come Te*2/Revolution, Metronome(871 103-1), D, 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H437112"Napoli,Francesco: Balla Balla,Italian Hit Connect. +2, BCM(B.C.12-1002-40), D,vg+/m-, 1983,  p1 p22,50 Euro
F86912"Napoli,Francesco: Ma Quale Idea+2, white Vinyl, BCM(B.C.12-2055-40), D,  p13,00 Euro
B877312"Natalie: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, PRO 6931, D,  p1
3,00 Euro
B9552P12"Natalie: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes*2, WEA, D, 02,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B917612"Natalie: Don't Say Goodbye*4,LC, Oldhand, D, 02,  p14,00 Euro
E439P12"Natasha: Iko-Iko+2, Picture Disc, Towerbell(TOWX 122), US, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A470212"Natural Born Chillers: Rock The Funky Beat*4, EW, D, 97,  p14,00 Euro
B807712"Naughty By Nature: Feels Good(Don't worry..*3,Promo, TVT, D, LC, 02,  p1 p29,00 Euro
F883912"Ned's Atomic Dustbin: All I Ask Of Myself is that hold..., Sony/Furtive(661356 6), , 1995,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F887012"Ned's Atomic Dustbin: The Ingredients EP, vg+/vg+, Chapter 22(12 CHAP 47), UK, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F885212"Ned's Atomic Dustbin: Trust+2, Sony/Furtive(657462 6), UK, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H158812"Nena: Feuer und Flamme +2, CBS(A 12.6266), NL, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F403112"Nena: Mondsong*2+1, CBS(650224 6), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F220512"Neo Cortex: I want you *,Promo,LC, Pias,  p14,00 Euro
X524712"Neon: Fade To Grey*3, sp.electric rmx, BCM(B.C.12-2015-40), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E305112"Neon: Le Macho du Mambo*4(sp.BeatMix), BCM(B.C.12-2058-40), D,  p13,00 Euro
X101712"Nevil,Robbie: Back On Holiday*4, Manhattan(20 3022 6), D, 1988,  p1 p22,00 Euro
E347812"Nevill,Robbie: C'est La Vie*2(ext.remix)+1, Manhattan(20 1560 6), NL, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H850512"New Edition: Cool It Now(dub+1), MCA(259 235-0), D, 1984,  p1 p22,00 Euro
F191812"New Kids On The Block: You Got It (The Right Stuff)*3, CBS(653169 6), NL, 1988,  p14,00 Euro
E322912"New Power Generation,The: Good Life Maxi Single, Edel(0061510 NPG), UK, 1994,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C915212"New York Skyy: Givin'it(to You) *3, m-/vg+, Capitol(12 CL 401), UK, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X211112"Newcleus: Jam On It *2, Sunnyview(120 21 002), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F382012"Next: Too close/Butta Love, Arista, US, 1998,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E107112"Nicki: Koana war so wie du*2+1, co, Piccobello/Virgin(611 971-213), D, 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E107212"Nicki: Mehr Von Dir / Des Muß Liebe sei,co, Piccobello/Virgin(609 024-213), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E106912"Nicki: Wenn Du Bei Mir Bist*3,Hip Hop Mix, Virgin(613 414-213), D, co, 1990,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E106812"Nicki: Wie A Traum(sgl+dance)/+1, co, Virgin(613 055-213), D, 1990,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C842812"Night Ranger: Sentimental Street*2, MCA(259 046-0), D, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C937212"Night Ranger: Sister Christian+1, Bellaph.(120 07 096), D, 1984,  p12,50 Euro
X44912"Nighthawk: Eye Of The Tiger*2(Rocky 3), Ultraphone(6.20162 AE), D, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B805512"*2Nightmares on Wax: Know My Name, Part 1+2, Warp(wap 159/159R), UK, 02,  p1 p2 p39,00 Euro
F516812"*2Nihilist: Anabiosis+1,+1sided (cryogen12"), after 6 am(a6a 13), D, 1995,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X574512"*2Nihilist Spasm Band: ¬x~x=x, United Dairies(UD 016), UK, 1985,  p1 p225,00 Euro
B914612"Nina f. Coolmann Stylewarz: Lasst euch drauf ein*2, , D,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C439512"Nine,Sadie: Let's Work It Out*3, House Music(6.20729 AE), D, 1987,  p13,00 Euro
E943712"Nitzer Ebb: Fun To Be Had(Master Mix)+2, Mute(INT 126.942), D, 1990,  p14,00 Euro
B906912"Nivea: Don't Mess With The Radio*4,Promo, Jive, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
E379312"NK: Van Bellen Remix,1-sided,No.0384,LC,  p13,00 Euro
C9873P12"No Dice: Come Dancing, EMI(PIC 7), F, 1979,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X133012"No Doubt vs.Outcast a.Bounty Killer: Hey Baby*2, 33rpm,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C576112"No Exit: Let it Fall+3, Polar(NE 2), UK, 1992,  p14,00 Euro
F209512"Nocera: Tell us so*3, Sleeping Bag(SLX 40 135), CDN, 1987,  p12,50 Euro
A788412"Noel: I Want A Man+1, Virgin(600 046-213), D, 79,  p14,00 Euro
H418312"Noel: Like a Child*4, Island(906 908), D, 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X534112"NOFX: We ain't shit /drugs are good,colVi, Fat Wreck Chords(FAT 526), US, 1995,  p1 p265,00 Euro
F301912"Noise Boys: Mega Beat*3, Sound Of Belgium(SHM 88-4), B, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C771912"Noiseshaper: The only Redeemer*4, Quango(5008-1), US, 2002,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X218512"Nomad: I wanna give you devotion*3,remixes, ZYX(ZYX 6430R-12), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X229512"Nomad: Something Special*3, Foc, Rumour Rec.(RUMAX 35), UK,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B135212"Non Art Art: How You Won The War, Ideal(2573), D, 91,  p12,50 Euro
H889312"Norbert & die Feiglinge: Manta / Hallo Zoni+2, Glamour(M 90 003), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C992112"Norbert & die Feiglinge: Schönheitchirurgie, Glamour(M 90004), D, 1990,  p1 p22,00 Euro
E542512"Norby feat.Edinho Queiroz: Te Quero*4,Flc, DeepCultur, D, 2000,  p1 p22,50 Euro
B872412"Norlin & Sloop feat.Phoebe Hall: Free*4, DeepCultur, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
X495012"Norman,Chris: Midnight Lady +1, Hansa(607 961-213), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X232512"Not Real: Chiki Chika *3, Escape Pub(VR 01), E,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C52212"Noville,John: Purple Haze*2, Teldec(246 788-0 AE), D, 89,  p14,00 Euro
E699112"Novy,Tom: Back to the Streets *2, Kosmos Rec(KOS 2029), , 2001,  p14,00 Euro
C222512"NPG: Get Wild +2, NPG(6104-0), D, 95,  p15,00 Euro
H429012"Nu Shooz: I Can't Wait *3, Atlantic(786 828-0), D, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
A929312"NV: It's Alright*2, Sire(92-0133-0), D, 83,  p14,00 Euro
B882912"Nyce,Nicky: Lucky Star*4, WEA, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
C895412"O'Connor,Hazel & ChrisThompson: Push & Shove(ex)/Moments, Greepeace(883 294-1), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X364312"O'Connor,Sinead: Nothing Compares 2 U +2, Ensign(613 006), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C590212"O'Neal,Alexander: All True Man*3, Tabu(656571 8), NL, 1991,  p14,00 Euro
B337512"O'Neal,Alexander: Fake*2, ext.pattymix, Tabu(650859 6), UK, 88,  p13,00 Euro
C791312"O'Neal,Alexander: If You Were Here Tonight*2+1,m-/vg+, Tabu(A 12.6391), NL, 1985,  p11,50 Euro
C791412"O'Neal,Alexander: What's Missing*2+1, Tabu(TA 7191), UK, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A912012"O'Neil,Alexander: The Lovers*2, Tabu, NL, 88,  p11,50 Euro
B805212"Oakenfold,Paul: Hypnotised*2, Perfecto, EU, 03,  p15,00 Euro
E326412"Ocean,Billy: Calypso Crazy*3/+1, Jive(6.20894 AE), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A881212"Ocean,Billy: Love Is Forever/Suddenly+1, Jive, D, 1986,  p11,50 Euro
A73112"Ocean,Billy: Love Zone*3, Jive(6.20626 AE), D, 1986,  p12,00 Euro
C262712"Ocean,Billy: Mystery Lady+2, Jive(6.20470 AE), D, 85,  p12,50 Euro
H994912"Ocean,Billy: On The Run../Caribbean Disco, Metronome(881 957-1), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F27912"Ocean,Billy: There'll Be Das Songs+2, Jive(6.20562 AO), D, 1986,  p12,50 Euro
B157212"Ocean,Billy: When The Going Gets Tough..*3, Jive(6.20532 AE), D, 1986,  p12,00 Euro
E226012"Oceania: Kotahitanga*3(mixes by Rob B), LC,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B918912"Octagon Man vs.Depth Charge: I Dream+2, DC Recordi, UK, 03,  p14,00 Euro
C896112"Odyssey: Everybody Move*3,Promo, Interc.(INT 193.109), D, 1995,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X229112"Off-Shore: I Can't Take The Power(riva mx/dub), CBS(656034 6), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A719012"Oldfield,Mike: Crime Of Passion+1, Virgin(601 133-213), D, 83,  p14,00 Euro
X613112"Oldfield,Mike: Guilty +2 , long, blue vinyl, Virgin(VS 24512), UK, 1979,  p1 p222,50 Euro
F363112"Oliveira,Valdeci: Lambada-Move Your Body*2, Polyphon(873 155-1), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F907312"Oliver Maas: Non E Vero by Lady Lily, Papagayo(15 6059 6), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E827812"Olympic Runners: Get It While You Can / On Ya, Polydor(2141 049), D, 1978,  p13,00 Euro
B968312"Olympic Runners: The Bitch, woc, Polydor(2141118), D, 79,  p12,50 Euro
X261812"OMD: (Forever)Live And Die*2+1, Virgin(608 478-213), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X210612"OMD: Locomotion+2, Virgin(601 265-213), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E531112"OMD: Sailing On The Seven Seas+1, Virgin(VST 1310), D, 1991,  p13,00 Euro
C215412"ON: Warning Rain, Flc, WEA, D, 95,  p12,50 Euro
B584312"Onda del Futuro: Disperazione*2, BMG, , 93,  p14,00 Euro
A819612"One Love: I Don't Know*4, kontor(Kontor 152), D, 01,  p14,00 Euro
F583612"One Nation: My Commitment*2+1, IRS(EIRST 103), UK, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F263512"One To One: There was a Time, d.mix +1, Bon Aire/Ariola(601 823), D, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H553712"Online: Gell?!*3,Kohl Cut/Instr./BroilerDub, Chic(6.20906 AE), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B956312"Opa: Heile Welt*2+2, Zucker, D,  p13,00 Euro
F701212"Open Haus Presents Pash: Get Your Body Move, Music Mail(BIEN 018), D, 2000,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A350012"OPM: Stash Up*3+1, Atlantic, D, 01,  p15,00 Euro
E130212"Opus: Rock On The Rocks+1, Polydor(883 451-1), D, 1985,  p12,50 Euro
C792112"Oran'Juice'Jones: 1.2.1. +2, m-/vg+, Def Jam(650828 6), NL, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
A911912"Oran'Juice'Jones: Cold Spendin'My Money, Def Jam, NL, 87,  p13,00 Euro
A155012"Orange Juice: Never Gonna Loose*3, DancePool, , 96,  p12,50 Euro
C296112"Orbit feat. Carol Hall: All Shook Up *3, Quality(QUS 047), D, 83,  p12,50 Euro
F396912"Orbit,William: Barber's Adagio for Strings, Warner(8573 81498), D, m-/vg+, 1999,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F291612"Orbital: Are we here ? *3 (oral mix), internal(liarxdj 19), D, 1994,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E947412"Orbital: Funny Break(one is enough)Promo*3, London, UK, 2001,  p14,00 Euro
F889012"*2Orbital: Satan Live, m-/vg+, Internal(850 811.1), EU, 1996,  p1 p27,50 Euro
A902212"Orbital & A.Badalamenti: Beached, London, D, 00,  p16,50 Euro
A228412"Orellana,Raul: The Real Wild House*2+1, BCM, D,  p14,00 Euro
E364212"Organic Audio: Play To The Music*2,Promo,FLC, Tummy Touc(TUCH 043), UK, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E421012"Original Housemusikanten,Die: Mit Dem R-Volks Medley'90,3 Tr., Teldec(9031-71445-0), D, 1990,  p15,00 Euro
B876812"Originalton: Space Rangers*5,Flc, Zomba(103.3974.0), D, 02,  p13,00 Euro
H152812"Orlando Riva Sound (O.R.S): Fire On The Water+1, Ariola(600 230-213), D,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C217612"Oscar: I'm Calling You*4, Epic(659041 6), , 93,  p13,00 Euro
X548912"Osibisa: Celebration / Moving on, PRT Records(600 274-213), D, 1980,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F982312"Ottawan: Megamix*2, Hands up,D.I.S.C.O..5:20, Baierle(572 61 081 AD), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X577112"Out: Tough/Tough Enough, Metronome(881644-1 ME), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F222912"Out Hud: It's for you*3, K7(7187EP), F, 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F253012"Out Hud: Let Us Never Speak of It Again, Foc, K7/RTD(!K7177 LP), F, 2005,  p1 p2 p317,50 Euro
F217212"Out Hud: One Life to Leave, FLC, K7(7177EP), F, 2005,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B872312"Overdub pres.Echo Boys: Soul Cha Cha*5,Flc, DeepCultur, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
B584012"Overlords: Moontrap*3, AntlerSubw(AS 5019), B,  p14,00 Euro
C222212"P.A.: Lifeline *2, m-/vg+, Promo, MCA(CB4), US, 93,  p13,00 Euro
X364212"P.M.Simpson: Miss you so(Airplay Clubmix) +1, CBS(656403 6), NL, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H960612"Pachinko Fake: Push Me Before I *2+1, Strangeway Way 15(7147), D, 1990,  p1 p22,00 Euro
B124112"Pack,The: Muchas Gracias+2, disc AZ(/0 134), F, 81,  p14,00 Euro
E202812"Page,Tommy: The Shag*2+1, Sire(921 057-0), D, 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H783012"Palmer,Robert: I Didn't Mean To Turn You On+1, Island(608 328), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X697712"Neuzugang 2/3 
Palmer,Robert: Riptide+3, Island(602 132-213), D, 1985,  p1 p2
4,00 Euro
X697612"Neuzugang 3/3 
Palmer,Robert: What's It Take-Best Of Both Worlds, Isl.(600 085-213), D, 1979,  p1 p2
4,00 Euro
X102312"Palmer,Robert: You Are In My System/Deadline, Island(600 785-213), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B942012"Palomino: Perfect Accident(Ifeel Again)*3, WEA, D, 03,  p14,00 Euro
B941912"Palomino: Perfect Accident(Ifeel Again)*4, WEA, D, 03,  p15,00 Euro
C781112"Panama Cut: More, More, More*2+1, CBS(A 12.6039), NL, 1985,  p1 p21,50 Euro
A451312"Panaramna: In This World(Tatort)*2+1, Teldec, D,  p12,50 Euro
X546312"Pane,Marcel: Keep On / Little Lonely Lion, Telefunken(6.20024 AE), D, 1979,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B955012"Panjabi MC: Jogi*4, Superstar, D, 03,  p14,00 Euro
H450412"Pankow: Walpurgisnacht, one sided, LongTrain/MinusHaben(mhr 011), I, 1990,  p1 p29,00 Euro
B953412"Paragraph 858: Bekennerschreiben*3+3,LC, , D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E20212"Paralizer: My Generation *4, LC, Polydor, D, 1997,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H845812"Paratrooper: Kiss Myself, BMG(022), EU, 2000,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E54012"Paris Red: Ain't No Mountain High Enough *3, DancePool(657866 9), NL, 1992,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A559712"Parker Jr.,Ray: I Still Can't Get Over Loving You+2, Arista(601 153-213), D, 83,  p12,50 Euro
X57112"Parsons Project,Alan: Stereotomy*2 / Urbania (Instr.), Arista(602 140-213), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F381212"Party a la Mazon: If it ain't PLZ/Bad Person, m-/vg+, Juggler Music(JUG 0001), UK, 1992,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E20712"Party Boys: He's Gonna Step On You Again+1, Epic(651230 6), UK, 1987,  p12,50 Euro
X262712"Party Freaks: Let's do it, let's dance, Injection(234.785), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C831612"Pasadenas: Enchanted Lady +1, CBS(653155 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p21,50 Euro
C979412"Pasadenas: Reeling*2/State Of Shock, CBS(656087 6), NL, 1990,  p11,50 Euro
A338212"Pasadenas: Riding On A Train*2+1, CBS, NL, 88,  p12,50 Euro
H845412"Pasha Bros: You're My Sun*4, Unsubmissive(USM 040-6), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X491412"Paso Doble: Computerliebe+1, disco version, WEA(249 234-0), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B941712"Passi: Rap Bizness*4, V 2, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
C448512"Pat & Mick: Let's All Chant+1, PWL(6.20896 AE), D, 1988,  p13,00 Euro
F218512"Patrick and Eugene: Kylie and Beyonce, LC, Tummy Touch Rec.(TUCH 112), , 2004,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X334112"Patti,Guesch: Etienne*3 - Dance Mix, EMI(20 2215 6), EEC, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H437612"Paul,Bernie: Night After Nigt/Hot Line, Ariola(600 460-213), D, 1981,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B85812"Paul,Bernie: Oh No No/ I Saw You, Ariola(600 360-213), D,  p12,50 Euro
C939512"Paul,Owen - Jumbo-mix: My Favourite Waste Of Time+1, Epic(A 12.7125), NL, 1986,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C54512"Pause 4 Thought: You're Gonna Get All My Love*2+1, PWL(PWLT 49), D, 90,  p14,00 Euro
B878112"Peabird: Breakz-R-Zu+1, Sellwell(BRK002), D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
E667412"Pebbles: Girlfriends *3, MCA(258 083-0), D, 1987,  p12,50 Euro
F1112"Pelding: Days In Shades Of Grey+7, JazzFudge, UK, 2000,  p13,00 Euro
E976112"Penthouse 4: Bust This House Down*3, EMI(20 2735 6), D, 1988,  p12,50 Euro
F367212"People United: Reach Out I'll Be There /Proud Mary, K-tel(TG 2101), D,m-/vg+co, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
A404212"Pepsi & Shirlie: Heartache+1, Polydor(885 470-1), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E346312"Perfect Daze: Regular Jailbreak+3, Vinyl Solution(VS-11), UK, 1988,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E976012"Person To Person: High Time*2, Epic(A 12.4630), NL, 1984,  p12,50 Euro
X262812"Peru: Points Of The Compass pt.2, CNR(151.219), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X235812"Pet Shop Boys: Domino Dancing*2/Don Juan, EMI(20 2917 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X162412"Pet Shop Boys: Heart(discomix/dance)+1, Parlophone(20 2470 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X230512"Pet Shop Boys: Love Comes Quickly(dancemix)+1, Parlophone(12R6116), EEC, 1986,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X118612"Pet Shop Boys with D.Sprigfield: What Have I Done t.Deserve This*2+1, Parlophone(20 2001 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F217312"Petit Fours: Happiness is Free+3, FS-New, Naked Music(NMEP001), , 2004,  p1 p27,50 Euro
H973812"Petrel,Peter & Chica: How Do You Dance?, Jeton(42082), D, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F220312"Phonique: 99 and a Half f.Alexander East, Global Underground(GUSIN010), , 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E713712"Phono: Partyprima*2+2, Four(10 17 6000), D, 2001,  p14,00 Euro
E438412"Phunky Data: Fashion*4, Sekenze, D, 1999,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E637212"Pickett,Wilson: In the Midnight Hour,rmx 1987 vers., Motown(ZT 41584), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E447812"Piercy,Andy: 8-Ball In The Top Pocket+2,co, CBS(TA 3930), NL, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E5412"Pigbag: Getting Up+2, Y Rec.(Y 16), , 1982,  p14,00 Euro
B955912"Pimp Daddy Nash: Twin Blue Angel Buzz*3, Modul, D, 00,  p14,00 Euro
X186912"Pink Project: B.Project*2,MedleyBillyJea/Jeopardy, Ultraphone(6.20223 AE), D,vg+/m-, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C220212"Pinko: Crimson & Clover *2+1, Polyd.(579 645-1), D, 95,  p13,00 Euro
B989612"Pitos Y Palmas-Carmeniana: Love is Passion+1, Merc.(818 134-1), D,  p14,00 Euro
F699212"Piu',Mario & Mauro Picotto: Arabian Pleasure,Tuareg,Ghibli mix, Media Rec.(BXRG 1084-12), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C712912"Plan B: Beem Me Up Scotti-Remix*2+1, Ariola(612 530), D, 1989,  p14,00 Euro
F308112"Plattenpapzt feat.Die Firma: Für Die Strassen*4+2, Zomba, EU, 2000,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F48712"Plattenpapzt feat.MC Spontan: Willkommen Im Club*4+1, Jive(103.2452.0), EU, 2000,  p15,00 Euro
H972912"Plug & Thyme: Techno Macht Funken+1, Plusquam(56354-6), D, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C730712"Poems For Laila: Nights In Bordeaux*2+1, Polydor(879 909-1), D, 1991,  p14,00 Euro
E305212"Poindexter,Buster: All Night Party*4, RCA(PT49352), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E22112"Pointer Sisters: Automatic/Jump, Old Gold(OG4028), UK, 1987,  p12,50 Euro
C843712"Pointer Sisters: Back In My Arms (rmx) +2, RCA(PT 49866), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X85012"Pointer Sisters: He Turned me out*4,ext.danceMx, RCA(PT 49578), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F335412"Pointer Sisters: I'm So Excited(Remix) +1, Planet(FC-3858), NL, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H11512"Pointer Sisters: Jump(For My Love)*2+1,Long Version, Planet(FC 3781), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X524612"Pointer Sisters: Mercury Rising*3+1, RCA(PT 49638), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C848912"Pointer Sisters: Power Of Persuasion*3 (7:47),m-/vg+, CBS(652999 6), NL, 1988,  p12,50 Euro
F220212"Pole Folder: Salvation on Slavery Sins, Bedrock(Bed58P), , 2005,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C574812"Pooley,Ian: Cold Wait*3, V2, EEC, 1999,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H818012"Pooley,Ian feat.Esthero: Balmes(A Better Life)Vol.1*3, V2(VVR5016616), EEC, 2001,  p1 p26,00 Euro
C2912"Pooley,Ian feat.Esthero: Balmes(A Better Life)Vol.2*2, V 2, D, 01,  p17,50 Euro
F882212"Pop Will Eat Itself: Ich bin ein Ausländer*3+1, m-/vg+, Infectious(4T), UK, 1994,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C713012"Pop Will Eat Itself: Sweet Sweet Pie+1, m-/vg+, Chapter 22(12 CHAP 11), UK,  p1
•seam split on top of the cover
3,00 Euro
C115912"Pop Will Eat Itself: X Y & ZEE*3, RCA(PT 44244), D, 91,  p12,50 Euro
B875012"Pottpoeten: Egal Wie Weit/Passion Fusioniert, Flavamatic, D, 2001,  p1 p22,00 Euro
X262412"Power Machine: Soul Finger / Boogie 64, White Gold(GOLD 104), D,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B429612"Power Nation Feat.Kurtis Blow: Calling You*2,, FLC, Polydor, UK, 94,  p11,50 Euro
B942712"Premium Blend: Hand Hoch*2+2,LC, Jive, D, 03,  p13,00 Euro
C217012"Pressure Drop: Unify*3+1, Marlboro, , 93,  p12,50 Euro
B799912"Pressure Drop: Warrior Sound, Columb.(5099766971964), , 01,  p14,00 Euro
F398712"Pretenders: Back On The Chain Gang +1, Real(ARE 19T), , 1982,  p1 p22,50 Euro
A363312"Pretenders: My Baby+2, m-/vg+, WEA(248 415-0), D, 1986,  p12,50 Euro
C950212"Price,Alan: Changes/Jarrow Song(re)+1, Ari(609 911), D, 1988,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B874612"Price,Kelly: Someday*6,Flc,Promo, DefSoul(DEFR 15600-1), US, 02,  p14,00 Euro
B874712"Price,Kelly: You Shoul've Told Me*4,Flc,Promo, DefSoul(DEFR 15142-1), US, 02,  p14,00 Euro
A766212"Priest,Maxi: Groovin'In The Midnight*2, 10 Rec.(TENX 412), UK, 92,  p14,00 Euro
C178412"Priest,Maxi: Just Wanna Know,*6, LC, Ten(TENXDJ 416), UK, 92,  p13,00 Euro
X256512"Prince: I Wish U Heaven+2, Paisley Park(921 074-0), D, 1988,  p1 p26,00 Euro
C290512"Prince: Partyman,video mix/Feel U Up, WEA(W 2814T), D, 89,  p16,00 Euro
E19312"Prince & NPG: Cream/Horny Pony/+1, WB(9362-40213-0), D, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X7812"Prince & Revolution: Mountains(Ext.ver./Alexa de Paris, Paisley Park(920 465-0), D, co, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C949312"Prince Charles & City Band: I'll Be There For You*3, Metron.(887067-1), D, 1987,  p11,50 Euro
E306612"Prince Ital Joe f.Marky Mark: United*3, ultraphoni(4509-95917-0), D, 1994,  p11,50 Euro
F323412"Princess: After The Love Has Gone*2, Chic(6.20510 AE), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A72612"Princess: I'll Keep On Loving You*3, Chic(6.20591 AE), D, 86,  p14,00 Euro
F249712"Princess Superstar: Coochee Coo, rmx, K7(7185 EP), F,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F223612"Princess Superstar: My Machine/Sex,Drugs&Drugs, K7(7192EP), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F250312"Princess Superstar: Perfect *5, K7(7189EP), F,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E44812"Pro-Active: Straight On (percus+night), Suck me Plasma(SUCK81), , 1996,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E67412"Proclaimers: Make My Heart Fly+3, Chrysalis(CLAIMX 1), UK, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F301412"Projection: What's Your Problem*2, Jam Today(12CHIL8), UK, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X66912"Promises: Ooh Baby I Like It+1, EMI(052-77 039), D, 1979,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C215712"Prophecy f. Africa True: The Vision*3+1, m-/vg+, DancePool(658403 6), D, 92,  p12,50 Euro
X542112"Pseudo Echo: Funky Town x2/Lies are Nothing, RCA(PT 49706), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H418012"Pseudo Echo: Living In A Dream*3/Don't go, RCA(PT 49754), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E332612"PSY-PHY 6: Rollercoaster/Das Präparat, FLC, SpiritZone(02882-6), D, 1997,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A497612"Psychedelic Furs: All That Money Wants+2, CBS, NL, 88,  p14,00 Euro
C791912"Psychedelic Furs: Heartbeat *2 (New York Remix), CBS(A12.4300), NL, 1984,  p13,00 Euro
A335612"Psychodelic Furs: All That Money Wants +2, CBS(651638 6), NL, 88,  p13,00 Euro
X282812"Pudelko: Christine+2, WEA(247 815-0), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X283612"Pudelko: Weinen*2+1, WEA(247 973-0), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A439912"Puff Daddy & The Family: Been Around The World*2+2,Promo, Bad Boy, US, 97,  p15,00 Euro
C183612"Purity: Pollen / Adrenalin*3, TommyBoy(TBV 443), UK, 97,  p15,00 Euro
H892212"Purple Schulz: Verliebte Jungs / Schöne Zeit, EMI(147055 6), D, 1985,  p1 p22,00 Euro
B876012"Pyranja: Fremdkörper*2+3,Flc,Promo, Def Jam(562 989-1), D, 2000,  p12,00 Euro
F288612"Pyranja: Im Kreis*3/Nachtflug*3, Promo,FLC, Def Jam(572 711-1), D, 2000,  p1 p22,00 Euro
B875912"Pyranja: Reine Nervensache*2,Flc,Promo, Def Jam, D, 02,  p13,00 Euro
H696412"Pzazz: The Switch+1, Keytone(KyT 6727 M), NL, 1983,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C923512"Q-TEE: Gimme That Body*4BallisticBrRmx,FLC, Heavenly(HVN 4812P2), EC,Promo, 1985,  p15,00 Euro
X73612"Quadrophonia: The Wave Of The Future*2(rmx), ARS(656993 8), D, 1991,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F218812"Quark: Morte nuit*3/Les Ames Patent,FS-New, Naive/Oberkamp(NV48961), rmx#1,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X65412"Quartz,Jackie: A La Vie A L'Amour*2+1, CBS(650517 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E984412"R.Kelly & Jay-Z: Take You Home With My aka Body*3+3, Def Jam(DEFR 15533-1), US,Promo,  p13,00 Euro
F214012"R3Mote: She's Going out Tonight+1, Global Underground(GUSIN013), ,vg+/m, 2006,  p12,50 Euro
X524512"Rachel: Love Emergency*3,club/radio/dub, Atlantic(0-86620), D,33rpm, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X457312"Radio Movie: Do what you want*3+1,long,Inst,danc, Global(601 815-213), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H56412"Radio Zone: Radio House*2/Radio Acid, vg+/m-, KBC Records(30.1007), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X266012"Raff: Change Your Mind *3, Carrere(881 578-1), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H448512"Rags & Riches: El Watusi La Bamba, Disco Mix, Casablanca(812 394-1), D, 1983,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E977712"Rah Band: Falcon+1, DJM(0934.003), D, 1980,  p15,00 Euro
A549012"Rainbirds: Boy On The Beach, Mercury, D, 1988,  p14,00 Euro
X184812"Rainhard Fendrich - Cafe Europa: Es Ist So Fad Im Dezernat +3, Ariola(613 545), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X526812"Ram Jam: Black Betty*3(remix,orig.,rr remx), Epic(665430 6), NL,m-/vg+, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X457712"Randell,Peter: Lost in Tokyo *2, Global(601 933-213), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E170312"Rap Allstars: Last Christmas*2, What's Up(567 919-1), EU, 1998,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B894612"Rapsklusiv: Joker,6 Tr., Xtraz, D,  p14,00 Euro
E246412"Rapsody: Time For A Change *4,FLC, Mercury(562 616-1), D, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C409312"Raptile and Roger Rekless: Microphone igniter*4+4, Sub World, EU, 2000,  p14,00 Euro
B804412"Raptile and Roger Rekless: My Style is free., Sub World, EU, 01,  p15,00 Euro
A844612"Rattles: Hot Wheels*2+1, ACT(872 035-1), D, 88,  p14,00 Euro
E34512"Rattles: The Witch / Johnny-Johnny/+1, Mercury(872 533-1), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B871112"Ravelab: Push(Remixes)*4,Flc, ClubCultur, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
B940712"Ravelab: Push*2,Flc, EDM, D,  p13,00 Euro
E251412"Raw Stylus: Use Me*2+3, Poster, Sticker, London Underground(Boom), UK, 1993,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E402412"Ray,Nicole: I Can't See*5, EW(7559-63792-0), D, 1998,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B941812"Rayvon: 2-Way*4, Promo, MCA, EU, 02,  p13,00 Euro
X233212"Raze: Jack The Groove, BCM(B.C. 12-2005-40), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E647512"Re-Flex: The Politic Of Dancing(, EMI(2000116), D, 1984,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H235112"Rea,Chris: Touche D'Amour*2, sp.ext.rmx, Magnet(881 151-1), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A278312"Readymade: Live At The End*2,FS-New, F Communic, D, 02,  p14,00 Euro
F224912"Readymade: The Only One, vg+/m-, Peacefrog, , 2005,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H438112"Rebel MC: Rebel Music +2, Desire(WANT X 31), UK, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X232912"Rebel MC: Street Tuff *2, Desire(WANT X 18), UK, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F223312"Recloose: Cardiology(Isolee rmx), FLC, Playhouse(95), one-sided, 2006,  p1 p27,50 Euro
E639012"Red Box: Lean on me(dogmatix)+2, Sire(920 344-0), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B413412"Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: Chance+1, Red Rhino(RED T55), UK,  p19,00 Euro
X225112"Redhead Kingpin & F.B.I.: Do The Right Thing *3, 10 Rec.(612 639-213), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H473112"Redhead Kingpin & F.B.I.: Do The Right Thing *4, 10 Rec.(612 427-213), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B186712"Reed Network,Dan: Rainbow Child +3, Mercury(876989), D, 90,  p11,50 Euro
B989512"Reed,Lou: My Red Joystick+1,White Vinyl, RCA(PC 3928), D, 84,  p17,50 Euro
X87612"*2Reeloop: Important / Identification, Urban(019 724-1), EU, 2002,  p1 p27,50 Euro
E553512"Reemer,Xandra: Gold/Insanity, Teldec(6.20549 AE), D, 1986,  p12,50 Euro
E729212"Reeves,Christopher: Dinning at Dzerzhinsky's, Y Rec.(INT 126.622), D, 1982,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X647112"Reggie: Into the Groove/On the park,m-/vg-, Sound of the Future(12 S.O.F. 003), EEC, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H897212"Reim,Matthias: Ich hab geträumt von dir*2+1, Polydor(877 643-1), D, 1990,  p1 p22,00 Euro
H968912"Reim,Matthias: Verdammt Ich Lieb Dich*2+1, Polydor(873 905-1), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B896512"Reimheitsgebot: All You Gotta Do's...*3+1, A45, D,  p14,00 Euro
B896612"Reimheitsgebot: The Wickedest*3+4, MCA, D, 99,  p14,00 Euro
E172412"Rekord: Olympiapark *2+2, BMG(08-033697-20), EEC, 1997,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E251612"Rembrandt,Marc: Mind *2, Logic(74321 692551), EU, 1999,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F85112"Remmler,Stephan: Alles Hat Ein Ende Nur D.Wurst.*2+1, Mercury(888 337-1), D, 1986,  p1 p2
•Krause & Ruth Version
3,00 Euro
H897812"Remmler,Stephan: Keine Angst hat der Papa mir gesagt, Mercury(872 019-1), D *2+1, 1988,  p1 p22,00 Euro
E29212"Remmler,Stephan: Keine Sterne In Athen*2+1, Mercury(888 121-1), D, 1986,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C937912"Reo Speedwagon: Time For Me To Fly+2, Epic(A 12.6679), NL, 1984,  p12,50 Euro
C845912"Reo Speedwagon: Time For Me To Fly, m-/vg+, Epic(A 12.6679), NL, 1985,  p1 p21,50 Euro
C790612"Reo Speedwagon: Wherever You're Goin',remix+2, Epic(A 12.6850), NL, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B917212"Replique feat.Shirin: Such A Shame*2, DeepCultur, D, 03,  p13,00 Euro
E20312"Requiem: Pie Jesu / Recordare/Hosanna, EMI(20 0554 6), D,m-vg+, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E369112"Resolution: The Ghostwriter+1, Swim(Vwm2), UK, 1994,  p13,00 Euro
A950612"Revelation Time: South Africa*3, Ariola(611 654), D, 88,  p14,00 Euro
F329112"Rex Gimmick: I Don't Like Dancing *3, Chic(6.20701 AE), D, 1987,  p11,50 Euro
C293512"Reyes,Mario: What Ever Turns You On*2, DJ International(D.J. 12-1010-40), D,  p14,00 Euro
E992712"Reyne,James: Fall Of Rome*2+1, Capitol(20 2484 6), D, 1988,  p11,50 Euro
C447812"Reynolds Girls,The: I'd Rather Jack*2, PWL(246 940-0 AE), D, 1989,  p13,00 Euro
H897412"Rheingold: Fan Fan Fanatisch+1, EMI(K 052-46 530 Z), D, 1981,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B908612"Rhymez & Prok: Heimatliche Laute*3+4, RawZone(04-12), D, 02,  p14,00 Euro
X224612"Rich Nice: The Rhythm, The Feeling *4, Motown(ZT 43458), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B122312"Rich,Richie: If*3+3,Promo,Flc, Def Jam, US, 98,  p15,00 Euro
H398912"Richard,Cliff: My Pretty One, EMI(20 1832 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X669112"Richard,Cliff: We Don't Talk Anymore (6:45) +1, EMI(052-07 076), D, 1979,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C794912"Richenel: 50/50(Makes A 100%)*2+1, Epic(650899 6), NL, 1987,  p13,00 Euro
C790012"Richenel: Don't Save Your Love*3, Epic(EPC 650844 6), NL, 1987,  p13,00 Euro
H611912"Richenel: L'Esclave Endormi, vg+/m-, Megadisc(MD 125293), , 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E975712"Rififi: Accelere Mon Amour*2+1, Cool Groove(2024176), D, 1988,  p12,50 Euro
X3020P12"Rififi: Acid..SmileyDr.acid+Mr.House, BCM(17148), D,vg+/vg+,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F301112"Rififi: Dr.Acid And Mr.House*3+1, BCM(12148), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B76112"Riggs: Ready Or Not +3, 33 Rpm Promo, WB(PRO-A-1010), US, 82,  p110,00 Euro
X234012"Righeira: No Tengo Dinero+1, Teldec(6.20267 AE), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C219212"Right Said Fred: Bumped! *3+1, TUG Rec.(int 125.630), D, 93,  p12,50 Euro
B456212"Riley,Teddy feat.Guy: My Fantasy*3, Motown(ZT42946), D, 1989,  p1
•Music from 'Do The Right Thing' by Spike Lee
4,00 Euro
X262612"Ritchie Family: The Best Disco in Town,rmx 87 +1, Injection(234.808), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X230912"Ritmo Latino: Está Loca*4, ZYX(ZYX 6253-12), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B942112"Riva feat.Dannii Minogue: Who Do You Love Now?(Stringer)*4, Alien/Unit, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
B882812"Riva feat.Dannii Minogue: Who Do You Love Now?(Tringer)*2, Alien/Unit(RIVA001), UK, 01,  p13,00 Euro
B896712"Ro Kallis aka Rotz von DCS: Rodyssey 2001*2+6, BeatzAusDe, D, 01,  p15,00 Euro
C979812"Roachford: Get Ready!(ext.vers.) +2, Columb.(656705 6), NL, 1991,  p1 p21,50 Euro
C849012"Roachford: Kathleen(2xfemi-m)+1, CBS(653199 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C856912"Rob'n'Raz f.Leila K.: Got To Get*3, Arista(612 696), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A185112"Robertson,Robbie: Fallen Angel+2, Geffen, D, 87,  p14,00 Euro
H442712"Robey: One Night in Bangkok*2+1, sp.disco, Metronome(881 750-1), D, 1984,  p1 p25,00 Euro
A748812"Robinson,Smokey: Hold On To Your Love/TrainOfThought, Motown, D,Facts, 85,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C97612"Robinson,Smokey: Just To See Her+4, Motown(ZT 41148), D, 87,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B121312"Robinson,Tom: Never Gonna Fall In Love...+1, EMI(052-62 923), D, 79,  p14,00 Euro
A187412"Robinson,Tom: Prison*2+2, Castaway(ZT40020), UK, 85,  p14,00 Euro
C265912"Robinson,Tom: Riki Don't Lose That Number+1, Castaway(TRT 2), UK, 84,  p12,50 Euro
E832212"Roc The Mic/B.Sigel & Friends: State Property*4,Flc,Promo, Roc-A-Fell(DEFR 15476-1), US, 2001,  p12,00 Euro
X430312"Rocci,Rosanna: Mister Mister *2+1, Teldec(9031-71365-0), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X528312"Rock Aid Armenia: Smoke on the Water/Paranoid,stoc, Life Aid Armenia Rec.(Armen T001), F, m-/vg+, 1989,  p1 p26,00 Euro
H844212"Rocky IV: Fanfare by First Patrol+1, Rush Records(RR 12025), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F6305P12"Rocky IV: Fanfare From Rocky 4,by FirstPatrol, Rush Records(RR 12025), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E445612"Rocky V: Heart And Fire*3, Capitol(060-20 4156 6), NL, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A948212"Rodriguez,Jose & his Manbo Orch.: Mambo No.8+5,mix,Clear Vinyl, Blow Up(INT 125.743), D, 88,  p13,00 Euro
X439112"Rofo: Flashlight On A Disconight, FLC, BMC(BMC 3520), B, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B208812"Rolling Hits: Rolling Hits Medley+1, vg+/vg+, LC, Mercury(6302 169), NL, 81,  p1
•Bad condition, playable
5,00 Euro
X86112"Rolling Stones: Harlem Shuffle*2+1, CBS(A 12.6864), NL, 1986,  p1 p26,00 Euro
E917112"Rollins,Henry with Hard-Ons: Let There Be Rock, Vinyl Solution(VS 30), UK, 1991,  p17,50 Euro
E991412"Rose Of Avalanche: Too Many Castles In The Sky+2, Fire Records(Blaze 9), UK, 1986,  p15,00 Euro
E472312"Rose Of Avalanche: Velveteen+4, Fire(BLAZE 19EP), UK, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X523512"Rose Royce: Car Wash( 5:08) +2, FLC, 33rpm, Omni, m-/vg+(SPEC-1358), CDN, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E345012"Rosenberg,Marianne: Ich Denk An Dich *2+1, Ariola(612 627), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E206312"Ross,Diana: Chain Reaction(Sp.Dance Mix)+1, Capitol(20 0996 6), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E285212"Ross,Diana: Eaten Alive*3, Capitol(GOOD 80), AUS, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A868912"Ross,Diana: Pieces Of Ice*2, Capitol(1867136), D, 83,  p14,00 Euro
F812"Ross,Diana: Pieces Of Ice*2+1, Capitol(12 CL 298), D, 1983,  p12,50 Euro
B441812"Ross,Diana: This House*2+1, EMI(20 3606 6), D, 89,  p13,00 Euro
E539712"Ross,Diana: Up Front+1, vg+/vg+, Capitol(12 CL 306), US, 1983,  p1 p21,50 Euro
E941612"Ross,Diana: Upside Down Remix'93, FLC, (860 093-1),  p12,50 Euro
X632712"Rotane,Celvin: Back Again! club mix/future magnum, Orbit Rec.(0056), D, 1997,  p1 p25,00 Euro
A9748P12"Rotane,Celvin: Back Again!, Picture Disc,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X99012"Rother,Michael: Katzenmusik*2, m-/vg+, SKY(101), D, 1979,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X229612"Round-One(Rocky): Theme fr.Rocky,Rival Mix+Tiger Beat, Italoheat(ITH 003), D,Lim.Ed., 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A186312"Rowland,Kevin & Dexy Midnight Runne: The Celtic Soul Brothers+2, Mercury, D, 83,  p15,00 Euro
X565712"Roxette: The Look*2+1 ( Headr-Drum-Mix), EMI(13 6333 6), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B197912"Roxx: May Be*2+1, Explorer(exp003-7), UK, 1990,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H164812"Royal House: Can you Party *3(Todd Terry..rmx), Bellaphon(120 07 299), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B584512"Rozalla: Are You Ready To Fly*3, Logic, D, 92,  p12,50 Euro
X632812"Ruback: Gotta get you into my Life dee-ah-o, Ariola(KD-51432), US, LC, 1996,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B847712"Rudder,David & M.Menezes: Dark Secret+1, London, , 90,  p13,00 Euro
X408112"Rudolf Rock & die Schocker: Das war der Star Club / Dieter, Star Club(6202 010), D, 1979,  p1 p29,00 Euro
X163912"Rush,Jennifer: Destiny(special Version 7:15)*2+1, CBS(A 12.6574), NL, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E254112"Rush,Jennifer: Flames Of Paradise*2+1, FS-New, CBS(49 06829), NL, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C687012"Rush,Jennifer: Heart Over Mind*2+1, CBS(651102 6), NL, 1987,  p13,00 Euro
A864212"Rush,Jennifer: I Come Undone*2+1, CBS(650 380 6), NL, 1987,  p12,50 Euro
F356512"Rush,Jennifer: If You're Ever gonna..guitarmix, CBS(A 12.6776), NL,3Tr., 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C807012"Rush,Jennifer: Keep All The Fires Burnin *3, CBS(653159 6), NL, 1988,  p13,00 Euro
E606212"Rush,Jennifer: Ring Of Ice+2, ext.mix, CBS(A12.4745), NL, 1984,  p13,00 Euro
C987512"Rush,Jennifer: The Power Of Love+2, CBS(A 12.5003), NL, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E608212"Rush,Jennifer(Duet with Elton John): Flames Of Paradise*2+1, CBS(650865 6), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H802912"Ryan,Frank: Fire in the Dark*2/Runaway, EMI(1C 060-14 74316), EEC, 1989,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E136012"Ryder,Mitch: We're Gonna Win+2, FLC, Line(LMS 3013), D, 1980,  p1 p22,50 Euro

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