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B955512"F.A.T.E.: They'll Never Be*3,LC,Promo, WB(PRO-A-100266), US, 00,  p14,00 Euro
X218112"F.P.I.Project: Going Back To My Roots*2+1, ZYX(ZYX 6256R-12), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H869212"Fabulous Thunderbirds: Tuff Enough +2, Epic(TA 6967), NL, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X15912"Falco: Vienna Calling(Metternich Arr.)+2, GIG(6.20484 AE), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C900612"Falvini,Gina: Shooting Star *3, Snowbird(608 358-213), D, 1986,  p12,50 Euro
E292112"Family Stand: Ghetto Heaven(Remix)*3, Atlantic(7567-86212-0), D, 1990,  p11,50 Euro
A713612"Fane,Gary: Wings Of Purity*2+2, RCA(PT 43 920), D, 90,  p14,00 Euro
B919812"FannyPack: Cameltoe*4,Promo,Flc, TommyBoy(TB-2414-OP), US,  p13,00 Euro
X683612"Far Corporation: Stairway To Heaven(9:45) +1, IMP(601 828-213), D, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E246712"*2Faray: Like The Way I Do *6, Polyd.(561 634-1), D, 2000,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X265812"Farian Corporation,Frank: Mother And Child Reunion/I'm Alive, Hansa(601 583-213), D, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B587412"Farm,the: Don't let me down*3, Interc.(125.311), D, 91,  p13,00 Euro
E49512"Farm,the: The Rising Sun *4(mix),LC, Promo, Sony(XPR 1789), UK, 1992,  p1 p21,50 Euro
C53412"Farnham,John: Age Of Reason*2+1, RCA(PT 42168), D, 1988,  p11,50 Euro
C832512"Farnham,John: Nothing's Gonna Stand In our way*2, Curb(INT 127.713), D, 1984,  p13,00 Euro
E411512"Farnham,John: Pressure Down*2+1, RCA(PT 41262), D, 1986,  p1 p21,50 Euro
E212612"Farnham,John: Two Strong Hearts*2+1, RCA(PT42304), D, 1988,  p1 p21,50 Euro
B867912"Farnham,John: You're The Voice+2, RCA(PT 41094), D, 1986,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C439712"Fashion T.: I Won't Forget*2+1, Teldec(6.20570 AE), D, 1986,  p13,00 Euro
E667112"Fast Eddie: YoYo get Funky *3/ Hip House, Dj Intern. BCM(12192), D, 1989,  p14,00 Euro
E230112"Fat Boys: Baby,You're A Rich Man *3, Polydor(871 525-1), D, 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
A969312"Fat Boys: Sexmachine*2+1, Teldec(6.20952 AE), D, 1986,  p14,00 Euro
E238212"Fat Boys: The Twist*3, Tin Pan A.(887 638-1), D, 1988,  p1 p22,00 Euro
E240912"Fat Boys & Beach Boys: Wipeout *2/Crushin', Polydor(885 996-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X547212"Fat Lawrence: Tina Tina (Have you seen her)*3,dub, Fourth Floor Rec.(FF 387), US, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A799712"Fatback: Lover Undercover+2,Flc, Atlantic(A 9638), UK, 85,  p14,00 Euro
F213612"Feadz: Forward4 EP, On All Four+3, LC, Bpitch Control(BPC107), EU, 2005,  p1 p27,50 Euro
A71212"Feargal Sharkey: A Good Heart+2, Virgin(602 041-213), D, 85,  p14,00 Euro
A431012"Feargal Sharkey: You little thief+1, Virgin(602 084-213), D, 85,  p12,50 Euro
F82312"Fearon,Phil: Ain't Nothing But A HouseParty*2+1, Chrysalis(608 711), D, 1986,  p13,00 Euro
C878812"Fearon,Phil & Galaxy: What Do I Do(carniv) +1, woc, 12 GOLD(OG4133), UK, 1989,  p13,00 Euro
H750512"Feddersen,Helga / Olli Maier: Die Lambada-Anstalt*2/Lärmbada, CBS(CBS 655464 6), NL, m-/vg+, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F880612"Felix & Jarvis: Jam the House*4, LC, vg+/m-, Quality(QUS 054), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X17412"Felix De Luxe: Blaue Wunder / Es war einmal, WEA(248 377-0), D, co, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H820212"Felix De Luxe: So Weit So Gut+1, co, WEA(248 277-0), D, 1987,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C981012"Feltus,Babs: Don't Worry My Baby*3, Fresh / DA.(17331),  p1 p23,00 Euro
B880112"Female Trouble: Shoot Your Shot*4, EW, D, 03,  p14,00 Euro
X611212"Fendrich,Rainhard: Macho Macho *2, Ariola(611 549), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H825312"Fendrich,Rainhard: Tango Korrupti*2, Ariola(611 779), D, 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H825512"Fendrich,Rainhard: Vü Schöner Is Des G'fühl+2,live, Polydor(883 354-1), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A694412"Ferro,Tiziano: Perdono*3, LC, EMI, I, 01,  p14,00 Euro
X526112"Ferry,Bryan: The Right Stuff*3, Virgin(609 449-213), D, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E865312"Fiat Lux: Blue Emotion/Sleepness Nightnare, Polydor(817 964-1), D, 1984,  p12,50 Euro
X700112"Figboy: Swpindoctors Dub / Sun shine+1, GUT(12DJGUT10), , 1997,  p1 p214,00 Euro
B917112"Final Excess: Rock Da Place*4, EW, D, 03,  p14,00 Euro
A797812"Fine Young Cannibals: Blue*2/Wade i t Water,Love for sale, London(886 005-1), D, 1985,  p1 p21,50 Euro
A364112"Fine Young Cannibals: Don't Look Back*2+1, 3-D, London(lonxg 220), UK, 1989,  p1 p27,50 Euro
F2712"Fine Young Cannibals: Ever Fallen In Love*2+1, Metronome(886 115-1), D, 1986,  p11,50 Euro
C812312"Fine Young Cannibals: Funny How Love Is +2, Metronome(886 048-1), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B923212"Fine Young Cannibals: I'm Not Satisfied*4, London(886895.1), D,LONX252, 90,  p13,00 Euro
H756812"Fine Young Cannibals: It's OK It's Alright*3+1, ffrr(869 129.1), , 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B920412"Fiorello: Azzurro*2,Promo,LC, Rise, I,  p13,00 Euro
B872912"Fiorello: Azzurro*4,Flc, DeepCultur, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
H987912"Firm,The: Star Trekkin'*3, Teldec(6.20775 AE), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X236912"First Patrol feat.Napoleon: The Streets Of Miami*3 - Vice Rap, ZYX(ZYX 5581), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E156012"Fischer-Z: Over Germany, 4 Tr., Liberty(062-83 101), D, 1979,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H926112"Fish: Big Wedge/Jack and Jill,FaithHealer, EMI(20 3655 6), EEC, 1989,  p1 p26,00 Euro
H175012"Fix und Fertig: Der Blonde Hans von der Bundesbahn, Teldec(6.20986 AE), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E434012"Fixx: Driven Out+2, RCA(PT49496), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E412512"Fizzarum: Series 500 EP,4 Tr., Domino, UK, 2000,  p1 p25,00 Euro
E13112"Flaming Mussolinis: My Cleopatra *2+1, Portrait(TX 6833), UK, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C848012"Flaming Mussolinis: Swallow Glass, m-/vg+, Portrait(A 12.6497), NL, 1985,  p11,50 Euro
B52612"Flash & The Pan: Down Among The Dead Man+2, Ensign(EASYT 2), UK, 83,  p14,00 Euro
X235512"Flash & The Pan: Midnight Man*2+1, Epic(EPCA 12-4847), NL, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C979212"Flash & The Pan: Something About You*2+1, Epic(EPC 656029 6), NL, 1990,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C857212"Flash & The Pan: Yesterday's Gone(ex) +1, Epic(EPC 651647 6), NL, 1988,  p13,00 Euro
B944512"Flavour feat.George McRae: Rock Your Baby*2, Fuel, D, 03,  p14,00 Euro
X268812"Fleetwood,Mick: Select.from the Visitor, 4Tr. Promo, RCA(DJL1-4106), US, m-/LC,  p1 p26,00 Euro
C894512"Fleischmann: Frei (Fett Brett-Mix+Album),Promo, Dragnet(DRASAMP 3104 6), D, 1995,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H827912"Fleming,Joy: Gypsyland / Funky Revolution, Rough Diamonds(RD 02283), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C98912"Flesh For Lulu: Blue Sisters Swing,5 Tr., Virgin(207 191-270), , 85,  p13,00 Euro
C96912"Flesh For Lulu: Idol/Life Of Crime/+2, BBQ(177), , 86,  p13,00 Euro
E10212"Flesh For Lulu: Siamese Twist *2+2, BBQ(BEG 184T), UK, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H973212"Fletcher Mundson Syndrom: Druckstau S.Ü.D.+1, Plusquam(56351-6), D, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X176812"Flim Flam: Joint Mix / Beats, Dum Dum(CEM 101/133540), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E873312"Flim Flam: REMIX, Italo Heat(Cem 101), D,  p15,00 Euro
F306612"Flim Flam Gang: The Best Of(Joint Mix)+1, LC, C.E.M. Records(CEM 101), D, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F306712"Flim Flam-Remixes: The Best Of Joint Mix+2, LC, Dum Dum,  p1 p25,00 Euro
A617212"Flirtations,The: Earthquake*2, Hansa(601 094-213), D, 84,  p14,00 Euro
B726712"Float Up Cp: Joy's Adress+1,feat N.Cherry, RoughTrade(RTT 150), m-/vg+, 84,  p13,00 Euro
F224712"Florent Renard: G-Net EP, Kompakt(K2/06),  p1 p27,50 Euro
F878012"Flowered Up: It's On, wh.Muster/Pre Cover, RoughTrade(RTD 081 T), UK, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E973912"Flowerpot Men: Alligator Bart E.P., 4 Tr., Compost(03), UK,  p13,00 Euro
A51812"Flowerpot Men: Walk On Gilded Splinters+1, Compost, F,  p17,50 Euro
H834312"Flying Pickets: Only You+3, 10 Records(601 135-213), D, 1983,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X60512"Flying Pickets: Who's That Girl / Remember Me, 10 Records(601 624-213), D, co, 1984,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C517612"Foetus,Jim: Ramrod (Screping Off The Wheel), Some Bizar, US, co, 1987,  p110,00 Euro
H456312"Fogerty,John: Rock and Roll Girls / Centerfield, Bellaphon(120 07 145), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C437812"Forcetracks: Diskonize Me+1, Force Inc, D,  p13,00 Euro
A5796LP+12"Fordham,Julia: Same,Lim.Ed.with Live 12", Circa(Julia 4), , 89,  p15,00 Euro
C57112"Foreigner: Lowdown And Dirty+2, Atlantic(7567-86018-0), D, 1991,  p14,00 Euro
C781912"Foton: Bamboo Curtain / The Game we play, Pinnacle Rec(128.711), D,m-/vg+, 1983,  p12,50 Euro
C262412"Four Tops: Hot Nights+2, Medley of Hits, Motown(ZT 40848), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C607912"Four Tops: Indestructable,ext,dub,Are Y.WithMe, Arista(611 510), D, 1988,  p11,50 Euro
H523712"Fox The Fox: Flirting And Showing+1,Ben Liebrand, CBS(12.4753), UK, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X233612"Fox The Fox: Precious Little Diamond, Liebr, CBS(CBS 12.3858), NL,vg+/m-, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H352612"Fox,Samantha: I Wanna Have Some Fun*2+2,FullForce, Jive(246 965-0 AE), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H820312"Franco Rastalini anned The Whirlies: I-Talian Reggae, vg+/vg+, Squarerecords(76.20105), D,  p1 p29,00 Euro
F889112"Frank and Walters: Walters Trip +3, Setana Rec.(SET807), UK, 1991,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X332912"Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Rage Hard,Slam Bam(12:10)+2, ZTT(608 434), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X133112"Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Two Tribes*2 / War, ZTT(601 325-213), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H356912"Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Warriors(turn of the knife) mix, ZTT(608 748), D, 1986,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X332812"Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Warriors*3,twelve wild DiscipipleMx, ZTT(608 615), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X637012"Franklin,Aretha: Freeway of Love, Arista(601 797-213), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E223212"Franklin,Aretha: Jumpin Jack Flash*4, Ariola(608 536), D, 1986,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X60712"Franklin,Aretha: Who's Zoomin'Who*3, Arista(602 090-213), D, 1985,  p1 p2
•Dance Mix / Dub Mix / Radio Mix
2,50 Euro
F129312"Franklin,Aretha & George Michael: I Knew You Were Waiting(For Me)*3, Epic(650253 6), NL, 1986,  p1 p21,50 Euro
A760412"Franssen,Stanny: Martian Metorite, 4Tr., Zenit2(718750468260), , 99,  p14,00 Euro
F226112"Franz Ferdinand: Do you want to*2, Domino(RUG 211T), , 2005,  p1 p26,00 Euro
F225912"Franz Ferdinand: I'm your Villain-mx by Lindstrom, Domino(DASTARDLY001),  p1 p27,50 Euro
F222512"Franz Ferdinand: Outsiders - JD Twitch.., Domino,  p1 p27,50 Euro
F225812"Franz Ferdinand: Outsiders, Ewan Pearson rmx, Domino(DASTARDLY002),  p1 p27,50 Euro
F225712"Franz Ferdinand: Outsiders, Isolee rmx/original, Domino(DASTARDLY003),  p1 p27,50 Euro
E11312"Freak Nasty: DA'DIP *2+2, Promo, LC, Power, US,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X262512"Freakaristic: Life(Tough World-Rough Times)+1, Injection(234.789), NL, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E978512"Freakaristic: Life(Tough World-Rough Times)+1, Injection(234.789), NL, LC, 1987,  p13,00 Euro
A638612"Freaky Fukin Weirdoz: Peggy Sue*3/Killer*2, Sub Up(SUBLP 15), D, 1992,  p14,00 Euro
A392612"Fred Banana: Stars From Above*2+1, Polyd., D, 88,  p12,50 Euro
X284012"Fred Banana: Time to cry*2+1, Polydor(887 462-1), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F224412"Fred Everything: Soulmates, FS-New, OM Rec.(199SV), , 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X643112"Free: My Brother Jake+3, Island(868 155-1), D, 1991,  p1 p27,50 Euro
F329212"Freee'z: Goes My Love, BBQ(600 986-213), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B875112"Freeway: Line'Em Up*3+3,Flc, Roc-A-Fell(DEFR 15573-1), US, 02,  p14,00 Euro
F699312"Freezer: I Just Follow *4, FLC, Suck Me Plasma(133-12), D, 1999,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H828012"Freitag,Thomas: Die Welt ist schön/This world is sc, Electrola, D, 1990,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C878112"Freur: Riders In The Night*2+1, CBS(A12.4184), NL, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H433312"Frey,Glenn: Smuggler's Blues/You belong to t.Ci, MCA(258 418-0), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B879312"Fridge,Ralph: Man On Mars*3, AlphabetCi(6937), D, 03,  p13,00 Euro
H828112"Friedel G.: Bruttosozialprodukt+3, Ariola(613 432), D, 1990,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X263412"Frizzle Sizzle: Talk it over*2, CNR(151.241), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X145512"Frl.Menke: Hohe Berge+3, Polydor(2141 516), D, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E947012"Full Fear: Movement,Promo,15min h.c.HipHop, Hamburg Hardcore(FFR 002), , 1994,  p15,00 Euro
E451612"Full Force: Alice,I Want You Just For Me*3, CBS(A 12.6640), NL, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
F462012"Full House feat.D.Wilson & R.Patter: Communicate*2, DJ International(D.J. 12-1012-40), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X92012"Full Metal Jacket: Full Metal Jacket*2+1, WB(920 787-0), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C55012"Full Speed: Star*2, EW(4506-98815-0), D, 94,  p14,00 Euro
H506712"Fun Fun: Give Me Your Love*2+1,orange vinyl, Teldec(6.20406 AE), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C218112"*2Funk & Drive: The Mixes,*4, Wired rec., , 94,  p14,00 Euro
F211812"Funk D' Void & Phil Kirean: White Lice, Soma(188), UK, 2006,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F816212"Funk You: The Hardest i.Funk+Rap Ever, vol.3, Metrovinyl(83/233), Lim.Ed,  p1 p27,50 Euro
E728012"Funkmeister: War Dance(under fire mix)/BatleBeat, Streetheat(STH 5502), D,  p14,00 Euro
X210212"Funtoms: Hoola Rap*2 (club mx/ext.), Jupiter(6.20249 AE), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X170512"*2Future Breeze: Smile - vinyl one & two, Alphabet City(ALPH0009-6/10-6), D,  p1 p27,50 Euro
E73012"Future Funk & Pauli Papa: GET IT ON/CRIMINAL/+1, LC, Kosmo(08-033613-20), EEC, 1997,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E984312"G.Dep: Child Of The Ghetto*3+3,Promo, BadBoy(BBDP-9409), US, 2001,  p13,00 Euro
C220512"*2Gadd,Eric: Wish I *7, WEA, D, 94,  p14,00 Euro
H644212"Gadzouk: Connexion*4, f.Charlie One (D&B), Revco(REVCT011), UK, 1996,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B870912"Gaia: 4 Elements*2,Flc, ClubCultur, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
X705012"Gall,France: Ella Elle L'A / Dancing Brave, Apache(248 287-0), D, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H571512"Gall,France: Papillon de Nuit + 2, co, WEA(247 641-0), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C182812"Galliano,Frederic & African Divas: Alla Cassi Magni*2, SS, F Communic, , 02,  p13,00 Euro
F1012"Galloway,Stephen: Deep / Deep instrumental, Promo, 3p, NL, 2000,  p12,50 Euro
E413512"Gap Band: Beep a Freak*2, FLC, Total Exp.(J-1000-R), US, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E191212"Gap Band: Not Guilty!,co, Passport(PB 4005), US, 1984,  p12,50 Euro
C867212"Gap Band: Party Train - mix, Total Exp.(814 683-1), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E238412"Gap Band: Straight fr.t.heart,sp.4Tr.(113bpm), Total Exp.(TE 20.01.01), D,  p12,50 Euro
H474712"Gap Band: Summertime Party Mix - non-stop, Total Experiance(TE 40.01.02), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A521112"Garbage: Breaking Up The Girl*4, remixes, Pias(Mush 101T), D, 02,  p19,00 Euro
E51912"Gardiner,Boris: I Wanna Wake Up With You, Chic(6.20641 AE), D, 1988,  p11,50 Euro
E130412"Garner,Chris: Lady we can+2, WOM(50112), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F251612"Garnier,Laurent: The Cloud Making Machine Reworks, F Communications(F233), , FS-New, 2005,  p1 p26,00 Euro
H912"Gary's Gang: Keep on Dancin' 1990,club mix *3+1, BCM(BCM 12470), D, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X223312"Gary's Gang: Makin' Music* 2 (long/dub), CBS(A 12-3788), NL, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E716312"Gary's Gang, Keep on Dancing: b.w.P.Hernandez,Born to be alive, Columbia(44H 06898), US, FLC, 1978,  p14,00 Euro
H55812"Gaultier,Jean Paul: How To Do That*3, TBI(872 727-1), D, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C515212"Gaye Bikers On Acid: Git Down +2, Virgin(609 521-213), D, 87,  p12,50 Euro
F933712"Gaynor,Gloria: Be Soft With Me Tonight*2+1, BCM(B.C.12-2019-40), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X628712"Gazebo: Lunatic*2, Baby(1654526), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X278112"Geier Sturzflug: Besuchen Sie Europa +2, Ariola(600 914-213), D, co, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F251812"Geiger: Out of Tune, 4 Tr., Firm Rec(FIRM14), D, 2005,  p1 p27,50 Euro
F81312"Geldof,Bob: This Is The World Calling+1, Mercury(888 117-1), D, 1986,  p12,50 Euro
C607212"Geldof,Bob: This Is The World Calling+1, m-/vg+, Mercury(888 117-1), D, 1986,  p1 p21,00 Euro
H844412"General: Bewegt Euch/X-Treme-X*2, Deep Groove(74321102981), D, 1992,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X262312"General Kane: Crack Killed Applejack*2+1, Gordy(ZT 40986), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B524612"General Public: Gen.Public(lg)/dishwasher(lg), Virgin(VS 659 12), UK, 84,  p13,00 Euro
X616412"Genesis: Spot The Pigeon, 3 Tr., blue vinyl, Atlantic(EP 1800), CDN, 1978,  p1 p26,00 Euro
X252012"Genesis: Tonight,Tonight,Tonight*2+1, Virgin(608 888-213), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C215012"George,Boy: Keep Me In Mind+2, Virgin(609 154-213), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
F191912"George,Boy: No Clause 28 *3, Virgin(611 550-213), D, 1988,  p14,00 Euro
X526412"Georgie Red: If I Say Stop,then Stop! *3, Ariola(601 597-213), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X523412"Georgio: Bedrock*3, Motown(ZT 41814), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A412512"Germaican Link Up !: Pen*2/Gunshot*3, WEA, D, 01,  p14,00 Euro
H680512"Gessinger,Nils: Angel *4, LC, 33rpm, MCA(MCT 33096), EC, 1995,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H680612"Gessinger,Nils: Ducks'n'Cookies *4, MCA(GRP52321), EC, 1996,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X569912"Gibb,Robin: Juliet 3:46 / Hearts on Fire, Polydor(810 895-1), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C955512"Gibbs,Melvin: Funky Stuff / Take It Back, Rhythm Attack, D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E36212"Giorbino,Andy: The Art Of Letting Go+2, Cash Beat(CB02), , 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
B586812"Gladiator: We Got The Juice*2+1, Promo,Foc, WEA(pro997), D, 1995,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C160512"Glanz fx: Das Drumherum*3/Das Richtig *4, Def Jam(588 888-1), EU, 2001,  p1 p22,00 Euro
A711112"Glashaus: Ohne Dich, 3p(0927-40699-0), D, 01,  p14,00 Euro
A670212"Glass Eyes: Star de Magazine, Ramshorn(3268), NL, 83,  p14,00 Euro
C608012"Glass Tiger: Diamond Sun+2, EMI(20 2541 6), D, 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E379612"Glass Tiger: Thin Red Line*3, Manhattan(20 1648 6), NL, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
F27712"Glen,Steve: Down Among The Dead Men+1, CBS(12.8969), NL, 1980,  p15,00 Euro
F211512"Glimmers: Cassette, one - sided, K7(7178 (EP)), EU, 2005,  p15,00 Euro
H798112"Gnags: Mr.Swing King*3/När Jeg Blir Gammel, Genlyd(GENS 1076-12), NL, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X633712"Go West: We Close Our Eyes, Chrysalis(601 661-213), D, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C512912"Goat: Good Times+2, Lim.Ed., BBQ(BEG 248), UK, 91,  p13,00 Euro
X522P12"Godhead: There You Go/the Answer+2, Marlboro Music, Picture 12, 1995,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B879812"Gold,Alex: L.A.Today*2, Xtravag., D, 03,  p13,00 Euro
E475712"Golden Bough: Modern Plastic/Hole In The Sky, Eulenspiegel(EUMS 904), D,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X207012"Goldsmith,Glen: I Won't Cry *2, mix, RCA(PT 41494), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C592212"Goldsmith,Glen feat.M.C.Hammer: You've Got Me Dancin*2+2, RCA(PT 43314), UK, 1990,  p14,00 Euro
H830512"Good Luck: Mister Bummbastisch*3+1, Coconut(74321 33889 1), D, 1996,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A409312"Good News: Australia*2, CNR, D, 79,  p14,00 Euro
C57312"Goodluck: Mister Bummbastisch*3+1, Coconut(74321 33889 1), EC, 96,  p13,00 Euro
X409012"Goombay Dance Band: Sun of Jamaica+1, Lim.Ed., CBS(CBS 12.7947), NL, 1979,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F344612"Goon Squad: 8 Arms To Hold You *3, Epic(A 12.6389), NL, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C900212"Gordon,Alistair: Touch And Go *2+1 ,colouredVinyl, Intercord(INT 125.228), D, 1985,  p11,50 Euro
X229012"Gordon,Lonnie: Gonna Catch You, EW (SUPET 185)(9031-74750-0), D, 1991,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C221212"Gordon,Robbie: Still Growing*5, Cloud Nine(CLD 9098 0), D, 1993,  p13,00 Euro
H767312"Grace Kairos: Love won't do no one no good+2, RCA(PT 42022), D, m-/vg+, 1988,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C980712"Grace Under Pressure: Make My Day 4 Mixes, Promo, (11-658118-20), D,  p1 p22,50 Euro
B894412"Grafiti: What Is The Problem?*4,Flc, 679 Rec., D,  p1 p2 p33,00 Euro
X225712"Graham,Jaki: Set Me Free*2+1, EMI(20 1306 6), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A433212"Gramm,Lou: Midnight Blue*2+1,BlueVinyl,spLimEd, Atlantic, D M-VG+, 87,  p12,50 Euro
B916612"Gran Purismo: Switzerland Tschorissos*3+3, be ruff/Nation Rec.(0061-1), CH, 2000,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C278112"Grand Agent: No Rest*2+2, LC, GrooveAtta, D, 03,  p13,00 Euro
F447612"Grand Daddy I.U.: This is a Recording*3+1, Cold Chillin, US, 1990,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B75112"Grandmaster Flash & F.5: New York New York*2, Flc, SugarHill(SH-457), US, 83,  p19,00 Euro
X15712"Grant,Eddy: Do You Feel My Love?+1, ICE(INT 126.102), D, 1980,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X55112"Grant,Eddy: I Don't Wanna Dance*2, Ice(INT 126.107), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B917012"Green Court feat.De/Vision: (Shining Remixes)*3, Logport, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
B945012"Green Court feat.De/Vision: Shining*2+1, Logport, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
B883312"Green Court feat.De/Vision: Take(My Breath Away)*2, Logport, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
B940512"Green Court feat.De/Vision: Take(My Breath Away)*2+1, Logport(DMD LOG2005-R1), D, 01,  p14,00 Euro
B940412"Green Court feat.De/Vision: Take(My Breath Away)*2+1, Logport(DMD LOG2005), D, 01,  p14,00 Euro
C295512"Green On Red: You Couldn't Get Arresteded *2+1, China(873 747-1), , 90,  p13,00 Euro
X548412"Green,Julius: Rock Your Baby, FLC, vg+/m-, Ariola(600 617), D, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E114112"Greenman (Sven Dohse): Discordia *2, Dritte Raum Rmx, Superstition(2089), D, 1998,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E114212"Greenman (Sven Dohse): Sidetrippin, 3 Tr., co, Superstition(575.2081.30), D,  p14,00 Euro
F882912"Grenzfrequenz: Kinder der Nacht/Burnout Syndrom, Prosolation/EFA(prosol 001), D, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H250712"Grönemeyer,Herbert: Kinder an die Macht/Lächeln, EMI(14 7147 6), D, 1986,  p1 p26,00 Euro
C810512"Groovin'with Lucy: That's Rock'n'Roll +2, Karbon(KAR 610-T), UK, 1988,  p14,00 Euro
C931712"Group,The: American/White Hammer, m-/vg+, Jive(6.20331 AE), D, 1984,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E428512"Grunwaldt: Springtime*2+1, Chrysalis(612 204), D, 1989,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X6112"Grunwaldt & Bley: Shout It Loud+1, EMI(2 02195 6), D, 1987,  p1 p22,00 Euro
E220512"Gucci Man: Me & You(Gettin' It On), BCM(B.C.12-2094-40), D,  p11,50 Euro
E298912"Guitar Army: Call Me Up *3+1, RCA(PT 44 550), D, 1991,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B121012"Guitar Army: Race With The Devil*2+1, RCA(PT 41764), D, 88,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E29412"Guru Josh: Whose Law *3/ Infinity,toasting mix, RCA(PT 43648), D, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A415012"Gus Gus: Dance you Down, Underw., UK, 02,  p15,00 Euro
F709212"Guthrie,Gwen: Ain't Nothin' goin' On But The Rent, Polydor(855 210-1), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
K857912"Güttler Trompetenensemble,Ludwig: Die Dresdner Hoftrompeten, Foc, Capriccio(C 12 425), D, 1985,  p1 p2
•Pezel / Fantini / Monteverdi / Händel
7,50 Euro
X644912"Gypsy: Gypsy Eyes*2, Clockwork Records(50-5978), D, 1987,  p1 p26,00 Euro
B799612"H-Blockx: Move, Promo, LC, SingSing(08 328 13 20), D,  p16,00 Euro
B468512"H.N.I.A: Happy Blues*3, 4AD,  p15,00 Euro
X631412"H2O: I dream to sleep *2+1, RCA(PC 68073), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B895812"H4P: Millionen In Einem*2+2, Negabass, D,  p14,00 Euro
E95312"Hagar,Sammy: Give To Live+3, Geffen(920 712-0), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X11812"Hagen Band,Nina: African Reggae+1, m-/vg+, CBS,Muster-stol(CBS 12.8200), NL,Lim.Ed, 1979,  p1 p220,00 Euro
H614912"Hagen,Nina: Punk Wedding, 4 Tr., Amok Rec.(EP 521), CDN, 1988,  p1 p245,00 Euro
A670012"Haig,Paul: Heavensent, LesDisques(600 817), UK, 83,  p14,00 Euro
C833012"Hall,Daryl: Dreamtime*2+1, RCA(PT 49816), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H985012"Hamburger Arroganz: Livin'In Hamburg*2, Teldec(6.20718 AE), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X235612"Hamburger Arroganz: Zeitgeist*2, Mercury(888 903-1), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B876512"Hamburger Hill: Langer Weg*3+3,Promo, WEA(PR 06842), D, 2002,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H266112"Hammond & West: Secrets Of The Night lg, +2, Ariola(608 998-213), D,m /vg+, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X587312"Hancock,Herbie: Hardrock (long) / TFS, CBS(A 12.4571), NL, 1984,  p1 p27,50 Euro
H688412"Hancock,Herbie: Vibe Alive, ext.danceMix/ Edited., CBS(651432 6), NL, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E98212"Hangover Brothers: Hangover Blues+3, Hangover(6620302), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X687412"Hannes Kröger: Es wird Nacht Auf St.Pauli*2/Kalle, Hansa,pinkVinyl,NoCover(612 372), D,Promo, 1989,  p1 p29,00 Euro
A869612"Hanselmann,David: Frontline(new Remix),Yellow Vinyl, Big Mouth(6.20425 AE), D, 85,  p12,00 Euro
H158712"Hanselmann,David: Frontline*2 new rmx,greenClearVinyl, Big Mouth(6.20425 AE), D, 1985,  p1 p22,00 Euro
E803012"Hardcastle,Paul: Don't Waste My Time+2, Essent.Well-, Chrysalis(608 138), D, 1986,  p12,50 Euro
A204412"Hardcastle,Paul: Don't Waste My Time+2, New Ext.Vers, Chrysalis(608 138), D, 1985,  p12,50 Euro
A868512"Hardcastle,Paul: Foolin'Yourself+2, Chrys.(608 338), D, 86,  p12,50 Euro
C811012"Hardcastle,Paul: Just For Money / Back in Time, Chrysalis(602 098-213), D, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E700012"Hardcastle,Paul: Walk in the Night, Chrysalis(PAULX4), UK, 1988,  p14,00 Euro
E947112"Harris: Grundkurs,Promo,6 Tr., Def Jam, , 2000,  p14,00 Euro
E352212"Harris,Simon Starring Daddy Freddy: Ragga House(All night long), BCM(12398), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X698912"Harry K.: Ego Buster E.P., Elektrolux(e10101), D, 1998,  p1 p27,50 Euro
C793412"Harry Lime's Gang: The Third Man/Vienna, Hansa(608 279-213), D, 1986,  p11,50 Euro
E303712"Harry,Debbie: Frenchkissin*2+1, Chrys.(608 585), D, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C949912"Harry,Debbie: Rush Rush *2 ("from Scarface"), Chrysalis(601 049), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E352512"Harry,Debbie(Blondie): Chrome/Under Arrest,,Promo, Chrys.(CHS-32-PD), US, 1981,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C814512"Hart,Corey: It Ain't Enough/Araby/At the Dance, EMI(20 0444 6), D, 1983,  p13,00 Euro
A968312"Hart,Larry: You got me Rockin'*2+1, White(609 984), D, 88,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X598712"Hartman,Dan: Instant Replay+3, Unidisc(SPEC-1433), CDN, 1978,  p1 p26,00 Euro
H835812"Hartman,Dan: Relight My Fire, vg+/m-,Promo-Stoc, Blue Sky(SKY 12.8104), NL, 1979,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C840612"Hartman,Dan: We Are The Young*3, MCA(259 230-1), D, 1984,  p12,50 Euro
X667612"Hashim: AL-NaaFiysh(The Soul)*2, Street Wave/Arista(MKHAN 4), UK, FLC, 1983,  p1 p223,00 Euro
X567812"Hasselhoff,David: Je T'aime means I love you*2+1, White Records(613 234), D, 1990,  p1 p212,50 Euro
C53212"Hasselhoff,David: Looking For Freedom*3, White(611 936), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H834512"Hauber Band,Peter: S'Karriere Trepperl+3, Talent(2141 633), D, 1982,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X154012"Haucke,Gert - ...und Sehn uns an,: bis wir ins Auge stechen +1, Pool(66.20260), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C982812"Hawkins,Sophie B.: Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover*2+2, Columb.(657735 6), NL, 1992,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C796412"Hay,Colin James: Can I Hold You?, CBS(650781 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C816712"Hay,Colin Jay: Hold Me, CBS(650297 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p21,50 Euro
F140412"Haywoode: Roses, ext./Tease Me, CBS(A 12.6069), NL, 1985,  p12,50 Euro
H6512"HB - Highlights: Surf-Fascination x 2(Ch.Bruhn), Teldec(66.20226-01), D, 1982,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A185012"Head,Murray: Picking Up The Pieces+1, Virgin, D, 85,  p14,00 Euro
E22012"Head-On: I Want Your Love*4(mix), Promo, XL Rec.(INT 193.123), D, 1995,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E409812"Heads,The: Damage I've Done,FLC, m-/vg+, MCA(12 55229), US, 1996,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E44712"Heads,The: Don't Take My kindness for weakness, MCA(MCST 48024), UK, 1996,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E20012"Healy,Jeremy & Amos: Stamp! (orig+rhythm+1), EMI(8 83276 6), UK, 1996,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E20112"Healy,Jeremy & Amos: Stamp! (orig+rhythm+1), Promo, Positiva(12TIV DJI 65), UK, 1996,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F869612"Heart Throbs: Bang/Sick at Heart/Naked Bang, RoughTrade(RT T 211), UK,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F881712"Heart Throbs: She's in a Trance EP, 4Tr., One Little Indian(70TP12), UK, 1992,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C773112"Heaven 17: ..(And That's No Lie)+2, Virgin(601 639-213), D, 1985,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H75112"Heaven 17: [we don't need this]Fascist GrooveT, B.E.F. Virgin(VS 400-12), UK, 1981,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H280712"Heaven 17: Come Live With Me +2, Virgin(600 907-213), D, co, 1983,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E639212"Heaven 17: Contenders*2+1, Virgin(608 599-213), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X439312"Heaven 17: Let Me Go!*2, Virgin(600 704), D, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F337512"Heaven 17: Sunset Now, 5 Track, Virgin(601 510-213), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E382312"Heaven 17: The Ballad Of Go Go Brown*3+1, Virgin(611 681-213), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C781312"Heaven 17 feat.J.Ruffin: The Foolish Thing To Do*3+1, Virgin(VS 859-12), UK, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B686412"Heavy's,The: Metalmarathon, Ariola(612 180), D, 89,  p15,00 Euro
B914812"Hecklah & Coch: Sizzo*3+3,LC, Rawzone(05-12), D, 02,  p14,00 Euro
F205412"Heil,Johannes: Freak R US /Aqarius, Klang Elektronic(105), D, 2006,  p15,00 Euro
H833712"Heino: Enzian(Acid Mix)*2/ Immer Wieder, Teldec(246796-0AE), D, 1989,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C987612"Heinrich Beats The Drum: When The Sun Goes Down, BSC(21557), D, 1991,  p1 p21,50 Euro
E221612"Hellmut & Hannelore: La Da Dee La Di Daa*2 / Saumagen, WEA(9031-75444-0), D, 1991,  p1 p22,50 Euro
A340312"Hendryx,Nona: If Looks Could Kill *2 +1, Facts, RCA(PT 49940), D, 85,  p12,50 Euro
X104912"Henry & Die Original Fischer Röhre: Seemann,Deine Heimat+2, Teldec(246 998-0), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A669812"Herion,Trevor: Dreamtime, Club mix, Interd.(12 IN 4), UK, 83,  p12,50 Euro
A669912"Herion,Trevor: Fallen Angel, ext.Mix, Interd.(12 IN 5), UK, 83,  p12,50 Euro
C429812"Hernandez,Patrick: Born To Be Alive/I give you rendez, Aquarius(JV 5555), F, 1976,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A896812"Hernandez,Patrick: Can't Keep It Up+1, Aquarius(6.20075 AE), D, 1980,  p12,00 Euro
X61012"Hernandez,Patrick & Herve Tholance: Back To Boogie/You turn me on, Avalanche(JV 110 705), F, 1979,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F883212"Heroina: The Cross, LC, Strange Ways Records(WAY 23), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A874312"Hey Fever: Sneezing Song *2 woc, IMP(601 660-213), , 85,  p12,50 Euro
C984912"Heymann,Birger System of Sound: Help Me +1 f. George Kranz, Bellaph.(120 07 181), D, 1985,  p12,50 Euro
C843412"Heyward,Nick: All Over The Weekend/Cry just a Bit, Arista(608 281), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E174112"Heyward,Nick: Laura +1, Arista(HEY 128), UK, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F707112"Heyward,Nick: Love All Day(And Night) +2, Arista(HEY 125), UK, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C752712"Heyward,Nick: Warning Sign*2, Arista(HEY 226), , 1984,  p12,50 Euro
B870412"HH 22047: Enjoy This Trip*2, ClubCultur, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
B917912"HH-22047: Enjoy This Trip*2,Flc, EDM, D, 00,  p13,00 Euro
C857312"Hi Tension: Rat Race(re)+sp.lim.ed., m-/vg+, ZYX(Bonus 1), D-one side, 1984,  p15,00 Euro
C55512"Hi-Definition feat.Anthony Woods: Saturday*3, DancePool(656754 6), EU, 91,  p13,00 Euro
H103612"High Performance: Do You Really Wanna Party? *3, Streetheat(STH 553), D,  p1 p27,50 Euro
X712512"Hill,Clara meets Vikter Duplaix: Paperchase*2, LC, Sonar Kollektiv(SK090), , 2006,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F707012"Hitchcock,Robyn: Eaten by her Own Dinner, m-/vg+, Midnight Music(DONG 2), UK, 5 Tr., 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A556912"Holly Johnson: Americanos*3, MCA(257 596-0 LB), D, 1988,  p12,50 Euro
E226212"Holly Johnson: Love Train*2 / Murder In Paradise, MCA(257 693-1), D, 1989,  p12,50 Euro
A553912"Holly Johnson: Love Train*2/Murder In Paradise, MCA, UK, 1989,  p12,50 Euro
A297212"Hollywood Beyond: What's The Colour Of Money?*2+1, WEA, D, 86,  p12,50 Euro
A663912"Honesty 69: French Kiss *3, BMC(12306), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H751412"Hong Kong Syndicate: No More Sorrow*2+1, Teldec(6.20797 AE), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H534912"Hongkong Syndikat: Berlin *2, ext.vers., vg+/vg+, Teldec(6.20312 AE), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C813912"Hongkong Syndikat: No More Sorrow, Teldec(6.20797), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X546212"Hongkong Syndikat: Too Much*2 ,greenyellow Vinyl, Teldec(6.20483 AE), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A175812"Hoodoo Gurus: Good Times+2, Chrys., UK, 87,  p14,00 Euro
X23912"Hooters: Johnny B / Lucy In The Sky.., CBS(CBS 650982 6), NL, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E13012"Hornsby,Bruce+the Range: Every Little Kiss +2, m-/vg+, RCA(PT 49798), D, 1986,  p1 p21,50 Euro
E449212"Horse: Sweet Thing+3, Capitol(20 3886 6), D, 1990,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X229912"Hot Chocolate: Girl Crazy / Bed Games, RAK(K052-64 760), D, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A560112"Hot Chocolate: Heartache No.9*2+1, RAK, EEC, 1986,  p14,00 Euro
E653612"Hot Chocolate: Never Pretend *2, Polydor(887 918-1), D, 1988,  p14,00 Euro
C879912"Hot Chocolate: What Kinda BoyYou'reLookin'for,girl, RAK(K 052-65 110), D, 1983,  p13,00 Euro
E993512"Hot Rox: Summer Fever*2, Ariola(601 373-213), D, 1984,  p13,00 Euro
H433912"Hot Shot: Love is to Love a Lover's Love/Midn, Teldec(6.20163 AE), D, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F886212"Hot Steppaz: Around my Dreams, 3Tr., Kontor, , 2003,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F191612"Hot Streak: Body Work*3, BCM(12755), D,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C258112"Hothouse Flowers: Don't Go+2, ffrr(886 301-1), D, 88,  p12,50 Euro
F23612"House Engineers: Hit The House*3, EMI(20 2814 6), NL, 1988,  p13,00 Euro
C979312"Houston,Cissy & Whitney: I Know Him So Well +2, Arista(611 904), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F984612"Houston,Whitney: How Will I Know*3, Arista(607952), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H974212"Houston,Whitney: I Wanna Dance With Somebody...*2+1, Arista(609 008), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B593012"Houston,Whitney: Queen of the night, DJ-Promo, , , LC,  p14,00 Euro
H397112"Houston,Whitney/Tony Carey/Kashif: One Moment In Time/Midnight Wind..., Arista(611 725), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F226612"Howie Beck: Sometimes/Lay Down/My Low, Ever(REVE01EP), D, 2006,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F764812"Hubert Kah: Limousine+1, Intercord(INT 125.544), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E347112"Hubert Kah: Military Drums+1,multicolored Vinyl, Blow Up(INT 125.583), D, 1987,  p1 p22,00 Euro
X192412"Hubert Kah: Sternenhimmel, Polydor(2141 637), D, 1982,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F214812"Hulkkonen,Jori: A Letter from Cardassia, FS-New, F Communications(F 204), , 2004,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F212612"Hulkkonen,Jori: Lo-Fiction*4, FS-New, F Communications(F224), , 2005,  p15,00 Euro
E319412"Hulkkonen,Jori: We are invisible,3Tr., F Communications, F, 2000,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F218112"Hulkkonen,Jori f. Nick Triani: Science, rmxs, F Communications(218), , 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F707412"Human League: Louise / The Sign(ext.Re-mix), Virgin(601 502-213), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H792812"Human League: One Man In My Heart*2+2,Promo, EW(SAM1530), UK,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A391212"Human League: These Are The Days*4,Promo, EW(SAM1529),  p15,00 Euro
B872612"Humphrey,Lamont: Fucking Nerve*4, DeepCulture.WEA,(PRP 6561), D, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E646912"Hurley,Steve'Silk': Jack Your Body*4, D.J.International(D.J. 12-1005-40), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B943012"Husan: Same*5,LC, EW, D, 03,  p13,00 Euro
F218012"Hystereo With Automatic & Silk: Gonna Love You, Soma(160), , 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F468312"I Big Cee: Acieed Razzle(U Can Do It)*2, Debut(DEBTX 3060), UK,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A186712"Icicle Works: Here Comes Trouble+3, BBQ(BEG220T), UK, 1988,  p15,00 Euro
H842012"Ideal: Monotonie 92 *2, 12" Remix / Dub, WEA(PRO 691), Wh.Muster, 1992,  p1 p29,00 Euro
B585912"Identity: Fele*2 / Rude Boy*2, FLC, Mango, , 89,  p14,00 Euro
B942312"Ill Cannabierie: Rauchende Colts*2+4,LC, Kabookie, D, 00,  p14,00 Euro
H297412"In House II: Love to Love you Baby *3, Flim Flam Rec.(FFR 1214), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A4381Do12"Incognito: Everyday*4,Flc,Promo, TalkinLoud(TLKDJ 88/89),  p16,00 Euro
C894012"Indeep: When Boys Talk*3,Flc, Sound Of NY(S.N.Y.5104), US, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A685312"Indeep: When Boys Talk*3,Flc, Sound Of N(811 992-1), D, 83,  p12,50 Euro
C220012"Indika: Baltic / Blog, FLC, Novamute(12 NoMu 29), UK, 94,  p13,00 Euro
B899512"Inessa & Dante Thomas: Guilty*2+1, EW(0927-43690-0), D, 01,  p14,00 Euro
A538312"Influx Datum - "So sweet": Narcosis- "Friday Night", 2on1, Industry(12ind 009), EU, 02,  p14,00 Euro
F252512"*2Inland Knights - V.A.: Family Duals, 2020 Vision(NRKLP019A), , 2005,  p1 p212,50 Euro
F252712"*2Inland Knights - V.A.: Family Duals, 2020 Vision(NRKLP019B), , 2005,  p1 p212,50 Euro
A772912"Inner Circle: Da Bomb*5, Remix by Jam X, FLC, WEA(0630-15854), , 96,  p14,00 Euro
E551812"Inner Circle: Discipline Child/Nosed Please, Island(600 177-213), D,  p14,00 Euro
H521412"Inner Circle: Sweat (a la la la la long)*3, Metronome(9031-77679-0), D, 1992,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C791812"Insisters: Just Another Star+1, Blue Vinyl, Toledo(INT 127.508), D, 1985,  p1 p22,00 Euro
F882112"Inspiral Carpets: This is how it feels, remix,No.2021, Mute(dung 7r), UK, 1990,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H520012"Interboro Rhythm Team: Watch the Closing Doors!*3,, RCA(PC-3699), D, 1984,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F893112"Intermission: Piece of my Heart*3,f.Grey+Frost, Edel(0147080ERE), D,m-/vg+, 2003,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F901012"International B.K.: Oh Pretentious Mo/250Miles frMoskau, Rebel(57-1440), D, 1985,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X236012"Inxs: Need You Tonight+1/I'm comming Home, Mercury(888 813-1), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X496512"INXS: What You Need+2, Mercury(844 414-1), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B882412"Ipanema: It's Time For Carneval*4, Clubland, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
F211612"Irfane Feat. Outlines: Just a Lil' Loving FS-New, Sonar Kollektiv(SK045), D, 2005,  p15,00 Euro
B907212"Iriepathi: Ganjaman*8, LNT, D, 01,  p14,00 Euro
B920112"Ironbase: Maschine Eisenbass*4, Euphonic, D, 02,  p13,00 Euro
B916512"Irv Gotti: Ride With Us*3+3,Promo, MurderInc.(DEFR 15615-1), US, 02,  p15,00 Euro
E404012"Ishino,Takkyu: Suck My Disco*3, Loopa(170.3796.01), EU, 2001,  p1 p22,50 Euro
B558512"Isidore aka Izzy Ice: Soul Man*3, Jive(ZT 43244), D, 1989,  p1 p22,00 Euro
B952012"Isley Brothers: Contagious*3, LC,Promo, Universal, EU,  p14,00 Euro
X664412"Isley Jasper Isley: Caravan Of Love, like new, Epic(EPC 26656), NL, 1985,  p1 p212,50 Euro
F213112"Isolee: I Owe You, FS-New, Playhouse(125), D, 2006,  p1 p25,00 Euro
F217912"J-Live: Harder *3/Do my Thing *3, Ryko(PR4163), US,  p17,50 Euro
E832312"J-Luv: D.U.T.(Dreckig Und Tight)*7+1, 3p, D, 2002,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B877912"J.C.A.: I Begin To Wonder*4, DeepCultur, D, 02,  p14,00 Euro
B875712"Ja Rule: Down A**Chick*3+3,Flc, Def Jam(DEFR 15494-1), US, 01,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A650812"Jack E Makossa: The Opera House / Afric.Mix, ZYX(5722), D,M-VG+, 87,  p12,50 Euro
E941512"Jackson,Janet: Because Of Love *6, Virgin(VST 1488), UK, 1994,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X563012"Jackson,Janet: Control * 3, AM(392138-1), D, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C592612"Jackson,Janet: Let's Wait Awhile+2, AM(392 167-1), D, 1987,  p14,00 Euro
C593112"Jackson,Janet: Love Will Never Do(Without You)*3, AM(AMX 700), UK Foc, 1990,  p14,00 Euro
C592012"Jackson,Janet: Miss You Much*3+1, AM(390 445-1), D, 1989,  p13,00 Euro
C591912"Jackson,Janet: Miss You Much*6, AM(390 465-1), D, 1989,  p13,00 Euro
E122212"Jackson,Janet: Nasty*3, AM(392098-1), D, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H972012"Jackson,Janet: Nasty,Cool Summer Mix Part 1+2, AM(392 124-1), D, 1986,  p1 p21,50 Euro
H9551P12"Jackson,Janet: Whoops Now,What'll do*2+1, Virgin(VSTY 1533), UK, vg+/m-, 1995,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H846012"Jackson,Janet: You Want This.Promo,6Tr., m-/vg+, Virgin(VSTDJ 1519), UK, 1994,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A874512"Jackson,Jermaine: Do You Remember Me*3, Arista(608 251), D, 86,  p12,50 Euro
H860312"Jackson,Jermaine: Dynamite*2/Tell me I'm not ..*2, Arista(601 451-213), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H436812"Jackson,Jermaine & Pia Zadora: When The Rain Begins To Fall+2, Arista(601 497-213), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C790712"Jackson,Joe: Right And Wrong+2 live, AM(392088-1), D, 1986,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H929212"Jackson,La Toya: Bad Girl*2+1, Teldec(246 857-0 AE), D, 1989,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H880012"Jackson,La Toya: Imagination*2,hot d.rmx/Private Joy, Epic(EPCA 12.7282), NL, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C964812"Jackson,La Toya: You're Gonna Get Rocked?,Promo, Teldec(6.20927), D, 1988,  p1 p2 p35,00 Euro
B27812"Jackson,Mick: Eveready+2, RCA(PT 42028), D, 88,  p14,00 Euro
H973512"Jackson,Pimpie: Homecoming Queen,4 Tr., Decktronic(51096-5), UK, 2001,  p1 p22,50 Euro
X208912"Jacques Band,Peter: Going Dancing Down The Street+1, Polydor(883 147-1), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H558412"Jaeneet and the New Dance: Feel the Energie*3, Neighborhood(NBD 002), US, CO,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C221612"James Bond: Dance Theme By Spectre,Promo,LC, MCA, D, 95,  p13,00 Euro
E229512"James,Freddie: Get Up And Boogie 8:18/Hollywood, WB(26 128), D, 1979,  p14,00 Euro
X631112"James,Tommy & the Shondells: Hanky Panky +3 ,Musterplatte, RCA(PC 60048), D, m /vg+, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C261812"Jannah,Denise: Halloween+1, Polydor(881 866-1), D, 85,  p12,50 Euro
X689212"Jarreau,Al: Moonlight*2+1, m-/vg+, WEA(258 406-0), D, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
X268012"Jarreau,Al: Tell Me What I Gotta Do*2+1, WEA(258 510-0), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B938312"Jason & The Scorchers: Shop It Around+3, EMI(12 EA 200), UK, 85,  p13,00 Euro
A539012"Jasper Street Comp.D.J.Spen pres.: Love Change, LC, Basem.B.R.(bbr-020),  p14,00 Euro
F299912"Jay-Z: Anything*4,Promo, Def Jam(JZPRO-1), US, 1999,  p1 p22,00 Euro
E379012"Jay-Z: Hey Papi*4,Promo, Def Jam(DEFR 15106-1), US, 2000,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H584812"Jay-Z: Jigga*3+3,Flc,Promo, Roc-A-Fell(DEFR 15491-1), US, 2001,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E426812"Jazz Butcher: Hard+3, Glass(12046), UK, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E427412"Jazz Butcher: The Human Jungle+2, Glass(12043), UK, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B882212"JDS: Nine Ways*2, ffrr, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
A914312"Jeffreys,Garland: Bring Back The Love,4 Tr., AM(AMS 12.7676), NL, 79,  p12,50 Euro
A271012"Jeffreys,Garland: Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll*3+1, RCA, D, 91,  p14,00 Euro
C54912"Jelleestone: Money(Part 1)*4,LC,green Vinyl, WB(9362 42425-0), US, 01,  p14,00 Euro
B392512"Jeremy Days: Are You Inventive?*2+1, Polydor(887 775-1), D, 1988,  p1 p22,00 Euro
H606012"Jeremy Days: Brand New Toy*2+1, Polydor(871 455-1), D, 1989,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C388312"Jeremy Days: Sylvia Suddenly*2+2, Polydor(879 301-1), D, 90,  p14,00 Euro
E746312"Jesus Jones: Info Freako*2+1, Food(20 3245 6), NL, 1989,  p12,50 Euro
F219312"Jet Set Inc.: Don't Stop The Dance*3, LC, Playground(Jet001), , 2006,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X216012"Jets: Crush on you /Right before my eyes, MCA(258 671-1), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X73012"Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers: Swing The Mood*2+1, BCM(12301), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F388312"Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers: That's What I Like(Ext.Twist Mix)+2, BCM(12350), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A502412"Jnr.Manson Slags: Silver Train+2, BlipVert(VERT 2 T), UK, 89,  p14,00 Euro
C215512"*2Jodie: Anything You Want*6,Promo, (MRXDJ423),  p12,50 Euro
C1712"Jody: Where the Boys are*2+1, Mercury(880 349), D, 84,  p13,00 Euro
C980112"Joel,Billy: I Go To Extremes+3, CBS(655501 6), NL, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B836612"Joel,Billy: Leningrad+3, m-/vg+, CBS, NL, 89,  p13,00 Euro
C983312"Joel,Billy: That's Not Her Style+2, CBS(656144 6), NL, 1989,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H939812"Joel,Billy: We Didn't Start The Fire+2, CBS(655300 6), NL, 1989,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H959412"John,Elton: I Don't Wanna Go On..*2+1, Rocket(870 325-1), NL, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C915312"Johnny Hates Jazz: Turn The Tide*2+1, Virgin(612 601-213), D, 1989,  p1 p22,50 Euro
B894812"Joineez: Adapter*2+3,Flc, Deck 8(51031-5), D, 99,  p14,00 Euro
F911612"Joling,Gerard: No More Bolero's*2+2, Mercury, D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X639812"Jolo: Violation / On Hold,Hülle ~~~, Megatone Records(MT-118), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X404712"Jones,Grace: My Jamaican Guy/J.A.Guys(Dub), Island(600 735-213), D,m-/vg+, 1983,  p1 p29,00 Euro
B628512"Jones,Howard: Life In One Day*2+1, WEA, D, 1985,  p14,00 Euro
E68812"Jones,Howard: No One Is To Blame*2+1, WEA(248 791-0), D, 1986,  p1 p22,00 Euro
A898012"Jones,Howard: Pearl In The Shell, WEA, D, 84,  p12,50 Euro
A119712"Jones,Tom: Situation*3+2,LC, Intersc., US, 94,  p14,00 Euro
H554912"Jonny Bumm: Wurstsemmeln*4,Musterplatte, Blush(87005), D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F216912"Joshua: The Sun, the Moon,the Stars, OM Rec.(OM-162SV), , FS-New, 2004,  p1 p25,00 Euro
A896512"Journey: Girl Can't Help It+1, m-/vg+, CBS(650 116 6), NL, 86,  p12,50 Euro
H425012"Joy Rider: Point of no Return*2, vg+/m-, CBS(650 108 6), NL, 1986,  p1 p24,00 Euro
B870712"Junkfood Junkies: The Journey*3,Flc, ClubCultur, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
B894512"K*rings Brothers: Wie Lange Noch*3+3, Peripheriq(LP-001-KB-0105), D, 01,  p14,00 Euro
C161412"K.G.B.: Respect Rap, BCM(12005), D,  p15,00 Euro
H843512"K.O.: Entzückend*2 / Banane, Magic Cube(860668), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B912912"K.R.: Hier Und Jetzt*2, Pro(6614), D,  p13,00 Euro
F213812"Kaito: Colors of Feels/As Time goes by, Kompakt(Kom119), D,  p17,50 Euro
X67912"Kajagoogoo: Ooh To Be Ah*2+1(Constr.Mix), EMI(12 EMI 5383), UK, 1983,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C848512"Kajagoogoo: Ooh To Be Ah*2+1, m-/vg+, EMI(K062-07 731), D, 1983,  p11,50 Euro
B458812"Kajagoogoo: The Lion's Mouth*2+1, EMI(2000696), D, 84,  p12,50 Euro
C866612"Kajagoogoo: Turn Your Back On Me(Ext.)*2+1, EMI(2001656), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X282512"Kalkowski: 'ne Ecke von Dir, Ariola(609 412), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A330112"Kamille: Day's of Pearly Spencer+1, Ariola, D, 87,  p15,00 Euro
X445812"Kamp: Arschkarten*3/Ihr Müsst Wissen*3, Overkill Records(OVK 002), D, 2000,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B954212"Kanastah: Stylebazooka,8 Tr.,LC, Crossroads, D, 00,  p14,00 Euro
C512712"Kane Gang: Brother Brother+2, Kitchenware(SK 5), D,  p11,50 Euro
C844112"Kane Gang: Don't Look Any Further(MantronicMx), Metronome(886 277-1), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B820012"Kane Gang: Gun Law, Metron.(882 044-1ME), D, 85,  p13,00 Euro
C847712"Kane Gang: Respect Yourself*2+1, Metronome(882 016-1 ME), D, 1984,  p1 p22,00 Euro
C260912"Kansas: Power*2+1, MCA(258 413-0), D, 87,  p12,50 Euro
C43212"Kante,Mory: Bankiero(Techno Roots Mix)+2, Barclay(879 071), , 90,  p13,00 Euro
C838012"Kante,Mory: Tama (7:20)*2+1, Barclay(887 7141-1), D, 1988,  p13,00 Euro
X76112"Kante,Mory: Yeke Yeke*2+1(remix+Single), Barclay(887 048-1), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
F221812"Kaos f. Captain Comatose: Boogie Boy, K7(175EP), F, 2005,  p1 p25,00 Euro
B918012"KAOS feat.A.P.C.: Fear*3+1, !K7, F, 01,  p14,00 Euro
K868512"Karajan,Herbert von: Die Zauberflöte-Overtüre'1938 &1980, Deutsche Grammophon(0626 642), D,DSCPromo, 1980,  p1 p215,00 Euro
F778812"Karibik Frank: Zieh Dein Ding Durch*4, FS-New, motion pictures records, D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E589912"Kasulke: Stop Telling Lies+1, long vers., MSA(ZT 40820), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F65112"Katrina & The Waves: Is That It?*2+1, Capitol(20 1125 6), D, 1986,  p13,00 Euro
X207212"Katrina & The Waves: Walking On Sunshine(Ext.Mix)*2+1, Capitol(006 20 0565 7), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F381312"Kay Cee: I Feel you, Remixes, Zeitgeist(153092), , 2001,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H518812"KC: Are You Ready+2, Epic(A 12-4141), NL, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H166112"Kc Flightt: Planet E*4,hiphop mx..AcidHouse rmx, BMG(8897-1RD), US,vg+/m-, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X228412"KC Flightt: Summermadness*3, RCA(PT 49336), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E395912"Kedki: Majick(Shake Body Mixes)*4, Moonshine(VGP 000146), EU, 1997,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C447312"Kee,James: Sounds Of The City*3,Flc, House Music(6.20738 AE), D, 1987,  p13,00 Euro
B987612"Kelis: Game Show*2+2, Virgin, EU,Promo, 00,  p15,00 Euro
E687012"Kelis: Get Along with you*5,green vinyl, Virgin, EU,Promo, 2000,  p14,00 Euro
E395412"Kenny G: Havana-The Ext.Mixes*4, Arista(74321 46629 1), D, 1997,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C835012"Kenny G: Hi How Ya Doin'?*2 +1, Arista(601 288), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E303212"Kenny G: Songbird *2/Midnight Motion, Arista(609 207), D, 1987,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E13212"Kenny G: What Does It Take*2+1, Arista, D, 1986,  p12,50 Euro
H836212"Kent,Peter: It's A Real Good Feeling +1, long, EMI(052-45 773), D, 1979,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A112512"Kershaw,Nik: Don Quixote/Don't Lie, MCA(NIKT 8), UK, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E615912"Khaled: Didi *3, remix, Barclay(2258), F, 1992,  p13,00 Euro
X265512"Khan,Morgan f.Jeffrey Guishard: The world is a Ghetto *3, Westside(WSRT 7), UK, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A539112"Khrome: Something In The Way*4, Island, EU, 01,  p13,00 Euro
H518712"Kid Creole & Coconuts: Don't Take My Coconuts, ZE Records/Island(601 388), D, 1981,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C981212"Kid Creole & Coconuts: I Love Girls *2+1, CBS, NL, 1990,  p1 p22,50 Euro
H44612"Kid Creole & Coconuts: The Lifeboat Party+2, Island(601 066-213), D, 1983,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C258212"Kid Montana: Still Color Waiting+1, Crepuscule(TWI 812), B, 87,  p12,50 Euro
A187612"Kidd,Jeremy: Petals+Ashes+1, Self-Drive, UK, 85,  p14,00 Euro
X528112"Kihn Band,Greg: Jeopardy (fun mix)/Re-United, LC, Beserkley(BZ 1203), US, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H839612"Kihn Band,Greg: Jeopardy*2( mix+instr), Beserkley(96-7932-0), B,m-/vg+, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A340912"Kihn Band,Greg: Tear That City Down*2+1, Beserkley(96-6991-0), D,  p15,00 Euro
A737212"Killing Joke: The Pandemonium Single,4Tr., Butterfly,  p17,50 Euro
E4912"King Austin: The Martian+1 (Soca), Charlie's(KK-008), US, 1982,  p14,00 Euro
C980312"King Bee feat.Michelle: Must Bee The Music*2+2, CBS(656552 8), NL, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C217112"King Kurlee: Crazy Rhythm*2+1,LC, RCA, NL, 94,  p12,50 Euro
B593712"King Kurlee feat Blackmore jr.: Smoke on the Water*3, WEA, D, 91,  p15,00 Euro
H161812"King Tee: Diss you *3, Capitol(20 4145 6), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E222812"King,Evelyn "Champagne": Action+1, RCA(pc 3683), D, 1983,  p11,50 Euro
C97212"King,James & Lone Wolves: Texas Lullaby +4, Thrush, UK, 83,  p13,00 Euro
F870812"Kingmaker: The Killjoy was here EP, 3 Tr., Chrysalis(3238346), UK,m-/vg+, 1992,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E570512"Kinks: How Are You+2, London(886 099-1), D, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X102912"Kinks: Lost & Found, London(886 139-1), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F871412"Kinky Machine: Going out with God+2, MCA(GASPT 9), UK, 1990,  p1 p26,00 Euro
F299812"Kinzmania: Feel Us Or Not*2/Love N Hate*2, G.B.Z.Imp.Vinyl, D,  p1 p22,50 Euro
E525712"Kirsch,Bud: Raining+1, FS-New, Constant(3333), D, 1987,  p1 p25,00 Euro
H430312"Kissing The Pink: One Step+2, Magnet(883 800-1), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H563312"Kitt,Eartha: Where Is My Man,6:24+1,vocal,instr., RCA(PC 69081), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H849812"Klaus & Klaus: An der Nordseeküste+2, Teldec(6.20458 AR), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
H849712"Klaus & Klaus: Der Eiermann*2+1, +7" Single, Teldec(6.20979 AE), D, 1988,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H850012"Kleiber,Michael "Holger": Mein Roter Manta*2+1, Ariola(614 104), D, 1991,  p1 p22,50 Euro
F222012"Klimek: Listen, the snow is falling, Kompakt(125), D, 2003,  p1 p27,50 Euro
F886612"Klonhertz: Three Girl Rhumba,ClubMx/Dub, Southern Fried Rec.(ECB57P1), UK, LC, 2003,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C900712"Klymaxx: Fashion (long), Solar(INT 126.009), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A832412"Klymaxx: I'd Still Say Yes+1, MCA(23725), US, 87,  p12,50 Euro
H430412"Klymaxx: Sexy *2 / Fab Attack, Solar(INT 126.005), NL, 1986,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A975012"Klyne,Casper: Keep on Klubbin'*3, Kontor(K090), D, 99,  p14,00 Euro
B953012"KMC: Breakout*2+2,Promo, Universal, D, 02,  p13,00 Euro
B946812"KMC: In The Club+1,Promo, Urban, D, 02,  p13,00 Euro
A338012"Knack: Good Girls Don't / Frustrat, Capitol(052-85 995 Z), D, 79,  p15,00 Euro
F250912"Knife, the: Marble House *4, FS-New, Rabid Rec.(VVR5040026), UK, 2006,  p1 p26,00 Euro
B894012"Knight,Beverley: Shoulda Woulda Coulda*2,Flc, Parloph., EU, 02,  p13,00 Euro
A869812"Knight,Gladys & The Pips: My Time, ext dance rmx, CBS(A 12-6104), NL, 85,  p12,50 Euro
A275712"Knight,Jean: My Toot Toot+1, Mirage, D, 85,  p14,00 Euro
B893912"Knoc-Turn'al: Knoc*5,Promo, Elektra, US, 01,  p14,00 Euro
B953812"Knoc-Turn'al: Muzik*4,Promo, Elektra, US, 02,  p14,00 Euro
C879012"Knopfler,David: Heart To Heart,Edit+2,colouredVinyl, Intercord(INT 125.225), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
X335612"Knopfler,David: Shockwave special mix,Blue Vinyl, Intercord(INT 125.231), D, 1985,  p1 p24,00 Euro
C754912"Knopfler,David: Shockwave,sp.mix+2,Blue Vinyl, Intercord(INT 125.261), D, 1985,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E103812"Knopfler,David: Soul Kissing +2, Peach River Rec.(BBPR7/12), F, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C844212"Knopfler,David: Soul Kissing +2, Intercord(INT 125.215), D, 1983,  p1 p23,00 Euro
E45312"Knopfler,David: The Hurricane+3,Yellow Vinyl, Intercord(INT 125.250), D, 1987,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F27412"Knopfler,David: When The Rain Stops+2,colouredVinyl, Intercord(INT 125.218), D, 1984,  p14,00 Euro
B879212"Knox,Ray: Sign Of Love*2, AlphabetCi(6967), D, 03,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F221912"Köhncke,Justus: Elan/Taste, Kompakt(113), D, 2005,  p15,00 Euro
E358712"Kon Kan: Harry Houdini*3, Atlantic(786 398-0), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
X236512"Kon Kann: I Beg Your Pardon*4, Atlantic(786 467-0), D, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
A676012"Kool & The Gang: Misled+2, De-Lite, D, 84,  p14,00 Euro
A228512"Kool & The Gang: Rags To Riches*4, Metron.(870 572-1), D, 88,  p1 p22,50 Euro
C222312"Kool & The Gang: Rags To Riches*4,Anpressung, LC,  p11,50 Euro
X173212"Kool & The Gang: Salute to the Ladies*4,f.J.T.Taylor, Edel/Curb(0078250CUR), D, 1996,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E675412"Kool Moe Dee: African Pride, Jive(1336-1-JD), US, 1990,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H166012"Kool Moe Dee: They want Money*3/Get the Picture, Jive(1215-1-JD), US,vg+/vg+, 1989,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E336912"Kool Moe Dee: Wild Wild West+2, Jive, D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
A714612"Koola News: Don't-Let Go!*3, Hansa(602 121-213), D, 86,  p14,00 Euro
B946112"Korrekt.Echnique: Entschuldigt Uns*3+2, Cypher 3, D, 00,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F892812"Kosmonova: Raumpatrouille,Dream/DJThoka mix, Dos Or Die(US001), Promo,D,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F214112"Kowalski,Alexander: Hot Spot, rmxs, LC, Kanzleramt(MDM 32796), , 2006,  p1 p24,00 Euro
F205512"Kowalski,Alexander: House of Hell *4, Different(DIFB 1052T), , 2006,  p14,00 Euro
B915212"Kraans De Lutin: Liebe Zum Rap*4+3,, D, 01,  p14,00 Euro
C781212"Kranz,Georg: Your Touch*2 / Waikoma, Pool(6.20346 ae), D, 1984,  p1 p23,00 Euro
C774612"Krebs,Diether & R.Schuricke: Capri-Fischer*3+1, dance mix, Ariola(74321 32100 1), D, 1995,  p1 p22,00 Euro
F764712"Kröger,Hannes: Der Blonde Hans*2+1, Hansa(611 520), D, 1988,  p1 p23,00 Euro
F287812"Krönung, die: This is W.I.L.*2,Eye Q rmx,Promo,LC, WEA(PRO 706), D, 1992,  p1 p24,00 Euro
E648812"Krush: House Arrest*2/Jacks's Back, Mercury(870 007-1), D, 1987,  p1 p24,00 Euro
H777912"Kunze,Heinz Rudolf: Mit Leib und Seele/Kadaverstern, WEA(248 618-0), D, 1986,  p1 p25,00 Euro
C782412"Kwame: Hell Hounds, woc, wol, RCA(PC 5914), D, 1980,  p13,00 Euro
B871912"Kyau vs.Albert: Outside(Remixes)*3, ClubCultur, D, 01,  p13,00 Euro
B870512"Kyau vs.Albert: Outside*4, ClubCultur, D, 01,  p1 p23,00 Euro
B920612"Kyau vs.Albert feat.Damae: Velvet Morning*2,LC, ClubCultur, D, 03,  p13,00 Euro
B880212"Kyau vs.Albert feat.Damae: Velvet Morning*3, ClubCultur, D, 03,  p13,00 Euro

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